Mascara Monday: Prestige My Waterproof Lashes mascara

Lemme tell you something…want your lashes to grow longer? Stop wearing mascara. Yep, I said it. I went a week without wearing mascara and I’ve found my lashes to be far more plush. That means if I stopped reviewing mascaras, I’d have super long and amazing lashes! Whoooo knew? Buuuut, since I’ll never stop reviewing mascaras for you ladies ‘n gents, I will keep my mediocre lashes.

Aren’t I a doll? I know. Now here’s a brand that is making its first appearance on Clumps of Mascara. Say hi to Prestige Cosmetics! And say another hi to the mascara they call Prestige My Waterproof Lashes mascara.

Price: $9.95 at and you may spot it at Ulta stores.
Packaging (brush wand): 3 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5

What It Claims: “With all the benefits of our MY BIGGEST LASHES MASCARA Intense long lasting color NOW with WATERPROOF protection! My biggest lashes now paired with our new limited edition waterproof version for a special value.” (source)

The Truth: Well…it’s a darn good waterproof mascara.

What I Loved About It: It lasts allllll day.

What I Didn’t Like: It was just so so in the volumizing department.

Overall: So while this is my first time actually reviewing something from Prestige Cosmetics, I’ve seen the brand around for quite some time. When I go beauty stalking at Ulta, I always spot Prestige but haven’t had the nerve to buy anything from them yet. Why? I dunno know, girl. These things happen. I’ll pass over a brand without even knowing that using their products could change my life.

Or something less dramatic than that. ;)

So yes, Prestige is around and the next time you’re in Ulta, I urge you to take a peek. You may or may not see this mascara riding solo. It came in a set with its sibling My Biggest Lashes mascara. My Waterproof Lashes is actually the SAME thing as My Biggest Lashes except it’s waterproof. Confusing? Yes. But that’s why I’ve got ‘yo back in this mascara world.

Zee wand…

Not bad but nothing to write home about. I’ll tell you one thing though, I think it’s a fabulous lengthening wand which is interesting because it’s a volume mascara. I usually see volume mascaras with those plush wands that some may argue are too big. Not the case with this one. And that’s okay. You can still get away with volumizing the lashes with ease. A perk is that if you wiggle through the lashes, you won’t have any problem getting some added length too.

I wouldn’t say the volume outcome is all that spectacular. I found it to be decent at best. For those who prefer natural and the “I’ve just got a wee bit of mascara on.” looks, this will be just fine. But for those of us who look at the lashes of drag queens as inspiration…not so much. But while I wasn’t too impressed with the volume of this baby, the longevity blew me away. This mascara lasts for hours and hours without one bit of flaking or smudging. Wow! I found this to be impressive; even for a waterproof mascara.

So yeah – the wand makes application easy, the formula is nice AND it lasts all day. Not a mascara I’d grab if I wanted insane lashes but if I need my mascara to last ALLLL day and then some, I’d be pulling this out of my stash.


Bare Lashes

Lashes after 2 coats

Do I recommend it?: Sure! Especially if you’ve been looking for a great waterproof mascara.

Any Prestige fans in the house? Have you ever tried any of their mascaras?

The Lipstick League: Weekly Links, Volume 58

Gorgeous polishes from Essence!

Yay for another post from the The Lipstick League! We are a group of beauty bloggers, bound together by the desire to save the world with beauty, one post at a time!

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Beauty Junkies Unite – Get Amber’s official breakdown of the new READY Foundation SPF 20, a solid mineral foundation from bareMinerals!

Clumps of Mascara – has found the world’s most interesting eyeshadow quad. It’s quite reminiscent of alien aircraft!

Gouldylox Reviews – This lash curler actually fits the shape of my eye, perfectly. I didn’t know what I was missing by settling for my Shu.

Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by Lipglossiping – My favourite post of the week comes in the form of this little number from A Touch of Blusher who has me craving the new Paul & Joe collection like a reformed smoker at a Marlboro convention.

Question of the Week:

Who makes the best mascara?


B says, “Are you kidding me?! No way can I answer that question!”

Okay mascara lovers…who makes your favorite mascara?


See you next week!


Baby Clumps: 19 Weeks + Being The Mom With A Life

Talk about a belly that grew overnight, uh? I’m actually okay with the fact that I didn’t really pop until close to my 5th month. As a woman who has always tried to lose weight and not gain, gaining too much too soon would have put me in the nut house. For awhile I thought something was wrong with me because I didn’t look pregnant. Like the old saying go, “Be careful what you wish for.” My overnight belly is reminiscent of my boobies. I went from undershirts to double DDs in like…a night. I’m not even kidding. I always tell the joke that one day I woke up and a boob plopped on the floor.

I’m so inappropriate, y’all. Poor Bean. She’s going to have to endure crazy stories like that for a lifetime.

What the babe is up to this week….

“Your favorite womb-hijacker is suddenly huge, at 10 inches in length! This week your lil’ fetus will start digesting the extremely appetizing diet of amniotic fluid and baby wee, as they are now capable of swallowing, digesting, and passing the fluid as far as their tiny “large” intestines.” (source)

How do I feel? GREAT! I really don’t have many complaints. My back hurts all the time but I try to get up and move throughout the workday. Nausea still greets me in the morning and early evenings (whether I snack or not) but I’ve learned to just deal with it. I remind myself of Filbert from Rocko’s Modern Life.

Aside from the nausea, I do okay day-to-day. I thought I’d be free from heartburn but I get that daily too. It’s manageable though. Annoying? Yes. Worse than 1st trimester sickies? No. And for that reason, I don’t complain about much.

So today’s random topic is something that is quite controversial and I may step on a few toes. Not intentionally of course but when pregnancy and motherhood is discussed, things get a little funny. So here’s the thing…

I wasn’t one of those little girls who pictured herself being a mother. I had baby dolls and Barbies but they were more accessories in my girldom than actual toys that foreshadowed my future. Even in high school and college, I knew I wanted to be married and have kids, but it was never something that I actively worked towards. I didn’t have that maternal clock that many of my friends seemed to have. In fact, in my early 20’s, motherhood seemed to be more of an inconvenience than anything else. I pictured myself having to swap everything I loved to become a Mom. I thought I’d have to loose my self-identity, friends, hobbies and passions to raise a child. I’d seen friends do this and just knew that being a Mom closer to to my 30’s was the only choice for me. I wanted to really LIVE before becoming a Mom. And so lived I did.

Esposo and I made the decision to become parents because we thought we were in a good place in our lives to do so. Plus we both genuinely wanted to be parents. Now with being just a few months away from being a Mom, I still have this fear that I’ll be so consumed with motherhood that I will loose myself. I have no problem dedicating my life to raising my children but I want to ensure that Esposo will still continue making music a part of his life. And that I will still blog, travel, volunteer and workout like I’ve been doing before pregnancy. We don’t live near relatives so I can’t rely on grannies as nannies and cousins who will babysit while I go to the gym. I’m sure it’ll be a challenge to even crank out a blog post every day. While battling this fear, I run into spurts of “You know what…we can do this!” And that’s what keeps me going. There are plenty of women who have managed to find a balance between parenting and running businesses, working outside of the home, enjoying their hobbies and spending time with their friends.

Bean will gleefully be #1 in our lives and there’s no doubting that but I will try my hardest to be that Mom with a life. Is that okay? Is it okay that I want my children to be integral parts of my life without making them my entire life? My friends with kids say that ‘things will change’ when Bean is born and I’m sure but that’s not the kind of discouraging comment a first time mom wants to hear, ya know?

Quick Bean Stats!

Weight Gain: 9 lbs! I freaked out for a minute but then realized that I lost a significant amount during first trimester. Midwife confirms that I’m right on track but thinks that Bean may be a week or 2 ahead of schedule. I’ll be scheduling an ultrasound to see.

Strangest Symptom: The other night I noticed my tummy beating as if it was my heart. So weird!

Maternity Photos?: Yep. They’ll have a comic book spin, I’m sure. We won’t be doing any bare-bellied pics. I kinda hate those…

Baby Registry: Finally got ‘em done! My Mom and sister did everything. I didn’t realize how clueless I was when it came to baby essentials.

Last person to touch my belly: So I’m on the elevator and this random man asks me if I’m pregnant and then proceeds to try and touch my belly. Men do this?! I don’t want any stranger touching me but some creepy man? Eww!

Goals for Upcoming Week: Prenatal yoga this weekend! The goal is to do it at least once a week. I also need to finalize a venue for the shower. Oh! And drink more water. I get down 60 oz a day but the midwife says I should be doing more. Oh boy…


Any gals out there who aren’t moms but want to be one day and can relate to the fear of potentially loosing yourself in motherhood? Is there a sure way to combat these feelings? 

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The Lipstick League: Weekly Links, Volume 57

Yay for another post from the The Lipstick League! We are a group of beauty bloggers, bound together by the desire to save the world with beauty, one post at a time!

EauMG – EauMG reviews a fruity perfume inspired by Sauvignon Blanc.

Gouldylox Reviews – I’m really bad at math, but I think I figured out how committing this beauty sin will impact you for the rest of your life.

Nouveau Cheap – It’s easy to dismiss drugstore Halloween makeup, but if you turn your nose to it this year, you could miss out on this gorgeous $3 matte red eyeshadow.

Prime Beauty – test drives bareMinerals new READY SPF 20 Foundation! It even made her stop using the “F” word–find out how!

Phyrra – Phyrra brings the makeup brush that revolutionized foundation application for her to the next Makeup Wars! Do you own it?

Vampy Varnish – Wishes she didn’t love the new Estee Lauder Metal Mania Pure Colour Nail Lacquers so much because they’re so expensive!

we heart this – neon tribal, diagonal dots, gold French tips and glitter that is Liberace-worthy; with It’s So Easy nail art is precisely that!

Clumps of Mascara – is still obsessed with red lipstick and glosses. This likely won’t change any time soon. Check out the newest red lippies to her stash!

Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by EauMG – My favorite beauty/fragrance blogger, Gaia of The Non-Blonde, reviews a perfume from one of my favorite indie lines, Providence Perfume Co. Divine Noir.


Question of the Week:

What compelled you to start a beauty blog?


B says, “I was about to graduate from college, was freaking about what the future held, fell in love with beauty products and wanted to start logging my journey. That was 5 years ago and I’m still freaking about what the future holds. HAAAA!!!”

If you’re a blogger, what compelled you to start blogging?


See you next week!


It is an eyeshadow quad or alien spacecraft?

Remember back in the day when beauty lovers never considered getting eyeshadow from drugstores? A lipliner, lipstick and blush…maybe. But many of us beauty snobs people rigidly judged drugstores and assumed that their eyeshadow selections just weren’t on par with what the higher-end and department stores. Welp. Those days are gone, y’all. I actually find myself drawn more to drugstore cosmetics than the ‘spensive higher-end stuff. Take this Nuance Salma Hayek Beautiful Blends Eye Quad for example…


…this CVS-exclusive alienesque piece of coolness not only has the packaging that would appeal to beauty lovers of all skill levels but its performance is stellar too. Oh! And it costs less than $9. Which rounds out to like $2 and some change per eyeshadow. Wicked.


Packaging alone is enough to warrant a passerby to be curious enough to pick this up. And why?

  • It’s in a box.
  • It’s got an “interesting” design.
  • It’s in a box.

I’ve seen it all in the beauty world but I’ve never seen a quad in a box.



I love when beauty brands have the little “apply by number” diagrams. It’s SO helpful for beauty newbies. It’s also helpful for people like me who look at a palette and don’t know where to start.


When using this quad, I ended up not really paying attention to the diagram. I just applied whatever where ever. Because I’m a G like that. Ha! The quad itself is such an interesting little contraption.


I don’t necessarily love it but I don’t hate it either. I’m not sure how travel-friendly is since it packs a bit of bulk but it looks super cool on a vanity. I don’t think it’s practical for everyday display though because it’s easy to knock down and scoot over. More than anything, it is definitely a conversational starter. While I think it may be a bit bulky for tossing in a suitcase, it fits nicely in the hand.


Opening it up to reveal the shadows is a bit tricky but on each side of the quad, there is a little indention that makes popping it up open easy. See?


And bam – you’ve revealed the glorious shadows.




Pretty cool, uh? That little thingamajig in the middle is a little eyeshadow sponge.


It’s not something I’d use but I’m not taking it out because I find it to aesthetically pleasing. I know. I’m weird like that.

Swatches-wise, I found the shadows to be amazingly buttery and smooth. It appears that each shadow has the same formula (frost?) and while I like that formula, I would have loved to see a matte thrown up in there.

DSC_3886(L-R Toasted Almond, Shimmering Bronze, Champagne Gold, Frosted Blush)

Not too shabby, uh? I found Toast Almond to be a little too frosty for my liking but I managed to crank out a quick look using all 4 shadows anyway.


The next few times I use this quad, I’ll be sure to use a colored base underneath. I used just a simple primer and I think the look would have POPPED more if I used a gold eyeshadow base. There’s a lot of experimenting that I can do but overall, I’m pretty impressed with the quality and performance of the quad.

Way to go Nuance Salma Hayek! Another stellar product from the brand. I’ve also reviewed the Facial Cleansing Towelettes and the AMAZING Ulta-Defining mascara. I’m making my way around the Nuance goodies and I haven’t been too disappointed yet. Woot!

Where To Buy: CVS stores and

Cost: $8.49


Have you tried anything from the Nuance Salma Hayek line? How cool lookin’ is this quad?

The NEW Clarisonic Aria. My wallet groans…

I have a love/hate relationships with Clarisonic. And I’m not ashamed to admit this either. We all know why I LOVE the brand. I’ve publicly bragged about them  more times than I can count. I’ve purchased the Mia, played with the Plus and swooned over the Mia 2’s newest colors. Any time I’m asked about my favorite skincare products, I tell folx to save their pennies and get a Clarisonic.

So how I can hate Clarisonic at the same time? Because these magicians keep coming out with MORE Clarisonics that I feel like I HAVE to purchase. And just how in the world do you justify having more than one Clarisonic? How? You can’t. And for that I both scoff and jump for joy every time I see a Clarisonic doused in a new shade. And in this case…an entirely new brush.

Her name is Aria. A beautiful name for such a beautiful device. These press photos don’t do her any justice but she’s a beaut. And she’s glossy. Glossy! That’s like a synonym for glitter. Beauty lovers love glossy and glittery packaging.

Check out some of the specs of Lady Aria herself…

  • three speeds make for a variety of customizable cleansing options
  • an illuminated bezel indicates speed selection as well as pause and charging modes
  • a USB enabled p-Link charger allows you to recharge Aria
  • the convertible drying stand, which can be used on your sink or in your shower, converts into a charging cradle by simply attaching the pLink charger
  • beautifully modern high-gloss finish
  • two-year warranty ensures longevity


Dude, this chick is fancy yo. She comes with a USB charger and an illuminated bezel? I mean…wow. Priced at $199, she sits comfortably between the Mia ($119) and the Plus ($225). *sigh* I hate that I feel like I need it. I hate that I’ll be dreaming about this bloody thing until it’s in my possession. But I love that it exists.

The Clarisonic Aria is currently available online and in Sephora stores. For Clarisonic lovers who are like me and can never say “no”, give my condolences  to your wallet.


Amor de Lacquer: Essence’s pretty new bottles!

I freaking love Essence nail polish. Always have. Even though their bottle sizes freaked me out a bit (come on, Essence…you know they were too small) I was always in awe of the beautiful colors that they released. Very rarely do the affordable brands of nail polish come out with groundbreaking nail polish colors. I mean, it happens, but not every often. I can count on TWO sets of hands the gorgeous shades that Essence has. And now they’ve got larger and chic’er new bottles.


Cute, right? I’ve got 3 shades here but I’m pretty sure I’ll be hoarding more. I am so in love with the bottle design, redesigned brush and beautiful shades.

L.O.L. is one of those Shrek greens that have been pretty popular. I’ve seen similar shades like this and if you’ve always wanted to snag one but didn’t want to spend a mess load of money on them, get L.O.L. It’s pretty, creamy and such an “interesting” shade that all nail polish lovers need to have in their stash.

Ultimate Pink is a hot pink and it’s a pretty awesome pedicure color.

Let’s Get Lost is more of a aqua blue but of course my camera is being nutty. As much as I love blues like this, I very rarely wear them because they always end up staining my nails no matter what I do. Grr.

Comparing the old Essence bottle to the new Essence bottle…

The newer bottle is just a bit taller but is obviously wider than the old bottle. Do you get as much product as say a bottle of Zoya?

Not really. But then again, this Essence nail polish is only $1.99. Oh! And then there’s the new wide brush.

…you’ll either love it or hate it. I actually really like brushes like these because I’ve got long and wide nail beds so I find them to be perfect in helping me achieve a smooth and even coat with just one stroke. I know I’m in the minority with the freakishly long nail beds so I’m pretty sure many nail polish lovers are not happy with the change.

But overall, I’m loving the updated look of these Essence nail polish bottles. They look classy, quirky and fun. I’m not sure if the update means they’ll be getting rid of the shades of the old bottles. I hope not because I’ve got some beautiful polishes in the old packaging that I don’t want them getting rid of. Time will tell… These babies are currently in Ulta stores and online too!

Any Essence nail polish lovers in the house? Whatcha think about the new bottle design?