So…what do you think?

Happy Saturday, sweetums!

I am up super early to head out in the streets to run. I love running outside and can only do it on the weekends. I have been unofficially training for this 5K and lemme tell y’all…if I can do it, anyone can. This coming from a chick who at one point could bar

ely run for 5 seconds.

But I’ll save that talk for a 50 Million Pound challenge post.

What I really need is your opinion and advice.


Do you like Clumps’ new layout? Or do you hate it? What would you change? What do you love? Or miss? Click on the preview below to be be taken to our little survey. Be honest. It is completely anonymous. You all’s opinions mean A LOT to me. Help me help you.

And a very happy birthday to my sister Courtney who turns 20 today!!

Ciao for now, kiddos! Have a great weekend.

FOTD Friday: Power Words

Hi my darlings,

I am skipping the regular face-of-the-day post for this week. I hope you don’t mind. I thought I’d share some random quotes I’ve been tweeting all week.
I am finding that putting out positive vibes does so much for me as it does for others. You should try it.
Remember….Clumps of Mascara is more than just beauty behind mascaras and blushes. Y’all know inner-beauty trumps all of that.
All of these little quotes came from me (unless otherwise stated) and I decided to toss in some throwback photos just for fun.
Peace sisters and happy weekends to all!

Yes, I know it’s a Monday, but you better find something
to be happy about. It ain’t THAT bad.

We really are in more control than we think we are.
Think about it.

Life is short. Follow your passion. And then figure
out how you can get paid for it.

(heard this on the radio!)

Life ain’t fair. This is a fact. You have the ability to do
WHATEVER you want .This is also a fact. Live it and do it, people.

Unless you’re willing to attempt to alleviate it, stop complaining
about the issues in your life. Put up and shut up or change it!

If you have any words or inspirations, feel free to share them!

And if you’re in the TV watchin’ mood–check out how fierce this little lady is!

FOTD Friday:The Bahamian Edition

Happy Friday!!

[Really quickly—I just wanted to send out my thoughts and prayers to the Jackson family. Michael Jackson’s music was a staple in my household. He is a legend. And the beautiful thing about legends is that they live on forever. I believe in remembering the past and celebrating the present (Sankofa). He will join Luther Vandross, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Marian Anderson and others. This PYT will always love you, MJ!]

It just occurred to me that I never posted photos of my trip to the Bahamas. And since my skin is currently enduring burns in 3 places (brown skin DOES get sunburned….I’ll spare you the photos) I didn’t that that doing a FOTD would not be a good idea.

So let’s do a POTD–Place of the Day.

Welcome to Nassau, Bahamas.

I’ve been here once before but really got to explore the city THIS trip.

The first two days were nothing but this…..

I know. Uneventful, right? It rained. And rained. And rained. And rained. Somehow, it didn’t bother me. Being able to sleep beyond 6 a.m. was vacation enough for me! And then around the 2nd day we were there….the sun came out!

Hey there Carnival!

View from my hotel room.

Outside of Atlantis…

….and then inside. The designs are breathtaking.


The sisters posing…

Every single time I travel, I ALWAYS have a hard time taking pictures of everything. I am too busy “taking in” the sites to even think about snapping shots. *sigh* More of a reason to return!

Off to the streets!

Thank you, Courtney for being natural in this photo..

Here goes my Dad…

“Hey Brit, look….there’s a MAC.”


But I didn’t buy anything. Wait….now that I think about it, I didn’t get any souvenirs from the Bahamas. Mannnn….

Senor Frogs!

This photo is currently the background on my laptop. Loves it! And I loved the conch fritters there. I will say the BEST conch fritters eeeever are at The Conch Shake in Provos, Turks. Amazing!

Look! It’s ClumpsTV. Or Clumpsivision. LOL! Yes, I spent $14 to check good ole’ Clumps and to tweet. It was hard being Blackberry-less for almost a week.

More random shots!

What to wear on Paradise Island? A color liner, mascara and a glittery Dazzleglass. That’s all! LOL @ what I was listening to.

Sister shots….

opps, forgot to “smile with my eyes”. Next time, next time.

These chicks are clearly loving their desserts. LOL!

Of course the nails STILL got polished everyday. I’m rockin‘ Diamond Cosmetics’ Hot Summer Pink!

….and then back to Miami. We stayed at the beautiful Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach. A terrible storm hit and what happens? Lights go off in the hotel. And they don’t come back on. For hours. And hours. We ended up being forced to leave.

The horror.

The commotion….

But what’s any family vacay without some random “something” happening?

Oh! I also swam with dolphins which was an amazing experience that everyone must do once in their life.

Another great trip!


Back to NYC and definitely Vegas.

Doing any summer traveling? Take me with you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tagged 3/10/09: What I’m Using Right Now

I was tagged by my blog sister Jaimie over at Just Kiss & Make-up. I almost did the Bankhead bounce again, yall. It seems like it’s been ages since I have done one of these.


What I’m Using Right Now….


I don’t use shampoo. Yall know that. I have been a faithful no poo-er the majority of the time I have been natural….4 years next month!


My loctician usually washes my hair but I twisted my locs once and am still religiously using Trader’s Joe Conditioner. Oh…and Oyin’s Honey Hemp Conditioner.

Styling products:

For moisture: Homemade oils that my Mom, the herbalist makes. For loc twisting: My own personal blend of shea butter, olive oil and aloe vera.

For shine: South African Lavender Body Glaze (also for hair) from Darcy’s Botanicals.

Shower Gel:

Victoria Secret’s Pink Body Organic Soothing Organic body wash. This stuff is amazing! Review coming soon.


Olay Complete SPF 15 by day

Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion by night


Degree somethin’….lol, I don’t know. It works and that’s all that matters.

Fake Tan:

I’ve got that natural tan if you haven’t noticed


Dr. Bonner’s Magic soap in Peppermint for break-outs

Clinique’s Liquid Facial Soap for every day
Eye makeup remover:

Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Make-up remover

Jojoba oil…or olive oil.


Homemade scrub….brown sugar, jojoba oil and essential oils


Don’t wear it.


Don’t use it.

….oh wait, I am reviewing a foundation by for Clinique’s Insider club called Even Better Make-up SPF 15. It is foundation that actually repairs your skin. It is working very welll. The color works and I’ve even photographed with it. Review coming soon.

Foundation brush:

MAC 187 Duo Fibre brsh


MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45


Sometimes I use MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish in Dark. I wish I could find something better because I swear skin loathes MAC products on my face….minus their blushes, of course.


Fashion Fair Warm Sand

NARS Dolce Vita


I’ll bust this out in the summer.


N.Y.C. Chroma Face Glow in Sunset

Eyeshadow base:

Always and forever Too Faced Shadow Insurance


Of course, I have a TON of colors but I am constantly grabbing these:

For lid color– Too Faced’s Mocha Meteor, Cargo’s bronzer in medium

For crease color-MAC’s Handwritten, MAC’s Sketch

For highlight-Clinique’s Almost Peach, NARS Albatross blush


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils


When I’m not testing one I am going back and forth with the following:

Maybelline Lash Stiletto, Maybelline Sky High Curves and CoverGirl Lash Blast


MAC’s Tendertone in Hot ‘N Spicy

Nail Colour:

Goodness….wear to start. I am currently rocking Barielle’s Cotton Candy. Last night was Barielle’s Grape Escape. And tonight I will probably play around with Nfu-Oh 51. I polish my nails once and sometimes twice day. I know, I know….lol!

And now, I am going to tag…


I haven’t done any of those in a quite some time so that was fun! Feel free to share with me some of the products you are rocking. Or what products of mine do you absolutely loathe?

Tell me!

FOTD Friday: Minus the FOTD

Happy Friday, family!

Don’t hate me but I don’t have a FOTD (face of the day). I know, I know….2 weeks in a row. My skin is still attacking me like crazy. I will make up for it next week, I promise. And maybe with another giveaway too?

Hmm…what do yall think?

I thought I would do a “end of the week” questionnaire (sent to me by Lauren. Thanks mama!).

I am going to fill it out and then….you fill it out. Or comment on whatever silliness you read from mine. Whatever works. Ready?

Here we go!

The best thing about this week: Realizing that I am closer to my weight loss goal.
The worst thing about this week: Not managing my time after work.
Next week I am going to finalize my itinerary for my trip to LA.
This weekend I am going to do A LOT of blog/business work.
I really miss the days when I used to sleep in.
I can’t wait to go back to Cali.
The best purchase this week: Orly’s Confetti nail polish. Beautiful!
I love the Clumps of Mascara family and working out.
I can’t stand not getting enough sleep.
I am glad that it’s the weekend!

That is all! You should do the poll too. But if you’re too lazy, how about watchin’ a video? This should have posted with Eyeliner 102: Applying eyeliner to the waterline post but YouTube was apparently on drugs that day and I had some difficulties posting.

But here it is!


And a reader brought up a good point…you should ALWAYS check to see if the pencils you are using on your waterline are indeed eye safe. Thank you for bringing that up, reader.

Anybody doing anything exciting this weekend? Getting married? Having a baby? Moving in a new house? Shoot…something. Let me live through you! Well..not the having the baby part. I’m not quite ready for that. HA!

Have a great weekend!!!

Stay beautiful,

This Day in Black History:

1869-Congress adopted the 15th constitutional amendment,
making it illegal for the US or any single government to deny or
abridge the right to vote “on account of race, color or
previous condition of servitude.”

The Best of Clumps of Mascara 2008!

I know, I know. This is a tad bit behind.

But I wanted to wait until everyone was back from their blog hiatuses, vacations and holiday busyness. That makes sense, right? Hehehe…. At any rate enjoy my top finds/buys of 2008. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about any of the mentioned.

The Best of Clumps of Mascara 2008

The best foundation:

I’m not a foundation wearer but I tested CoverGirl’s Natural Hue Minerals and loved it!

The best eye shadow color:
Too Faced’s Cocoa Mocha (I did a FOTD using it here)

The best eye shadow palette:
NARS Bridal palette. Amazing! (I did a FOTD using this palette here)

The best mascara:
Max Factor Volume Couture (read the review and watch the video here)

The best bronzer:
Cargo Big Bronzer

The best blush:ItalicNARS Dolce Vita (review and swatches here)

The best lip gloss
Clinique and Stila make the BEST. I love their formulas.

The best lip stick:

MAC’s Girl About Town makes me so happy!

The best make-up remover
Lancome’s Bi-Facil. Worth EVERY penny.

The best drugstore buy:
Skin cleansing and moisturizing products.
Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion is a cheap staple for me!

The best higher end buy:
Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencils. Worth every penny! I managed to snag the travel kit for the low, though.

The best make-up collection:

MAC’s Cult of Cherry. I only hauled two lippies from this collection but the concept/selections were hot!

The best hair product:
Oyin Honey Hemp Conditioner (review here)

The best hair company:
My Mommy’s (and all other smaller independent hair companies that keep sulfates out of their products)

The best nail polish color:
OPI’s Sheer Your Toes
China Glaze’s LOL
China Glaze’s Recycle
OPI’s Can You Dig It?
China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps
Zoya’s Zara
Zoya’s Tart
Sinful Colors’ San Francisco
….I have a dozen more but I’ll stop here.

The best nail polish company
Zoya, China Glaze, O.P.I., Sally Hansen and Sinful Colors

The best online beauty resource:


The best e-tailer: and

The best product for a newbie:

Too Faced Shadow Primer
Sonia Kashuk face and eyeshadow brushes

The best product for women of color:
BLUSHES! Any color.

The best beauty fad of 2008:
Gray nail polish!!!

The best innovative beauty product:
Spinning mascaras! Whether they worked or not is another story.

That’s that! What were some of your “bests” of 2008? Any particular product or collection that you went crazy over. Digame chicas!

Con Todo Mi Amor,

Merry Christmas from Clumps of Mascara

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! I happen to be one of those annoyingly happy Christmas-y people so this is my favorite time of the year. For those that celebrate it, may you continue to understand the true meaning of this holiday. I will take a mini-break and will resume posting on this upcoming Monday.

Stay beautiful,


Last Christmas I got a ton of MAC goodies. Interesting now since I’m a crazy MAC fan anymore. Back to watching 24 hours of A Christmas Story I go. Ciao fam!

(photo credit)

Clumps’s Blast from the Past!

It’s Tuesday, family!

A friend of mine goes, “Why do you often call readers ‘family’ on your blog?”.

“Because they are!” I reply.

Yall have been there with me through it all. The dramatic brow incident. Me cutting off all of my hair (again). My baby steps in lipsticks. Clumps of Mascara readers/subscribers/fellow blog sistas are the best. And I plan on showing you kids just how much I love yall through giveaways and features that YOU have requested. 2009 will bring great things. Just you wait!

I got a little caught up with packing for my trip home for the holidays and was unable to put up the post that I REALLY wanted to put up so instead I thought I’d do some “Blast from the past” posts.

  • Politically Pretty—ahh yes the challenge that Kia from Yummy411 and I colloborated in. And who says you can’t mix beauty and politics?
  • Purple on the cheeks—now exactly what I was thinking? Can yall believe this? Who remembers this craziness here? LOL!
  • MAC’s Bing—Remember the super dark lippie? This was back when I had the nose ring and longer hair. Ahh….the memories.
  • Hair Hair Hair Hair–Wow! Look at the changes my hair went through. I can’t look at that big fro picture too hard. I almost miss it!

And who was reading back when I
was a AmeriCorps volunteer in Los Angeles living in a convent?

I so miss those days.

Random tidbits:

1. I didn’t know of any beauty blogs prior to starting Clumps of Mascara.

2. The blog was initially a goal called “Perfect make-up designing” at

3. Clumps of Mascara means “beautiful imperfection”.

4. I did my first post in my university’s library when I was supposed to be studying for an exam.
5. My closest friends didn’t know about Clumps of Mascara until it became a dot-com site.

6. Clumps of Mascara is nicknamed Clumps and

Whether you are a Clumps of Mascara veteran or a newbie, I love you to pieces! Do you have any Clumps memories? When did you first start reading the blog? OMG, who remembers me awful pale pink layout? Yikes!

Stay beautiful,

Check in later. The winners for the Chapstick True Shimmer giveaway will be announced!

Waited until the last minute? Free Overnight Shipping at! Just Order by Dec. 23, 1:00 PM EST and enter Offer Code Free1Dayls.