Halloween is Comin’ Up….

Soooo I tried some new stuff yesterday and actually had the balls to post it on Specktra’s FOTD page. *gulp* Everyone and their pro skills and then little ole me. Ahhh well. I liked the look so we’ll see what other ladies think.

Here’s what I used:

UDPP—my mofo BFF!
Rubensque as a base (sp)
Acid Orange pigment
Off the Radar pigment
Carbon e/s
Vanilla pigment
Plush Lash mascara (okay, I’m diggin’ it…)

And here’s what I got…..(let’s see how bad Blogger will F up the photo placement!)

Okayyy….so not too bad, uh? I could have blended a little better but what good would this blog me if everything I did was absolutely PERFECT? Hehe….and I swipped some NARS Taj Mahal….just a little…on my checks and I love it!

Let me know what yall think. Don’t be nice. Be honest.
But hey…if your honest is raving my new look…heyyy, I can dig it. :)

Ummm, also, need some help in the eyelashes department.
Has anyone ever used a Shu Uemura or Shiseido eyelash curler? Hmmm, I am seriously thinking about investing in one of these. The prices aren’t too steep….$16-$20 from Sephora. That’s not too bad. I tend to get that 90 degree angle when I use my drugstore curlers. It’s awfuuuuul. So we’ll see about gettin’ that. Hopefully today.

Peace and beauty, my loves!

My stash

My stash…an over-due post showing what I’m workin’ with—terms of make-up that is. Hehehe.

I knowwww, it’s nothing compared to all of the other make-up folx out there but let’s keep in mind that I just started purchasing MAC in June 2007. That and I ain’t bankin’ like that to be spending a crap load of money on make-up. Not when I got student loans to pay back. HA!!!! But I digresssss….here we go.

This is where the make-up and jewelry section lives. It ain’t too jazzy because I’m only going to be staying here for a year.

This is my collection of eyeshadows. The majority are MAC, you see that one NARS (I’d have more but damn they’ll break yo wallet!) and 2-3 are Milani.

I invest in a mess-load of samples 32 to be e exact. I forgot to shoot a pic of them. The 3 purchased that I have purchased though, I love with a passion. Especially Vanilla!

The only 2 blushes I own. And I know….that one of the right is Fashion Fair. And of course someone gave me that because no one under 30 purchases Fashion Fair. LOL, just kidding. But seriously….I actually really like that color.

The brush collection. Need to upgrade. MAC SE brushes are…..um, not as good as the real thing. I wish someone would have told my ass that before I went out and purchased it them.

The lippies. My lip exfoliant stuff isn’t showing but that’s a MUST every night. See that Wondershine? Loved that stuff so much, I bought a back-up.

Bases and liners.

The only MAC face stuff I use.

Pencils and liners. I hate the way this Blogger picture thing loads so my apologies f or it lookin’ like a hot mess in this post. Blogger is pretty terrible in the picture uploading.

Soooo…that’s pretty much it. I’m missing my “tools” department and MAC paints and some other products, but I think you get the idea. I’m gettin’ there!

What I’ve learned

Okay, so I’m back!

This is going to be a picture-less post. I want to list my top 10 lessons/findings since I’ve been on my little beauty blog hiatus. Here we go….and please if you have any tips, suggestions, proposals….please help a sista out!

(1) Leave the eyebrows alone. I’ve decided to leave them the hell alone! At one point I got obsessed with trying to get “the perfect brows”. I really don’t care anymore. They aren’t perfect and I’m fine with that. I’m sick of trying to make lines and color them in and create arches and all of that mess. It’s time consuming and rather unnecessary to me. So no more drawing brow lines. I am learning to tweeze them myself—which I think is going rather well. But aside from tweezing every once in a while and trimming them, I’m leaving them alone.

(2) Time to learn how to apply blush. I really don’t know how! Call me crazy but once upon a time, I thought blushes were only for non-Black women. Silly me! But now I’ve discovered a whole new world of blushes via NARS. Beautifuuuuul. I copped Taj Mahal from a friend and now I’m peering at Crazed. Exhibit A is fab too. These colors are nice and all but I need to learn how to correctly apply blush. And MSF. I still don’t know what that stuff is for.

(3) Don’t be anti-foundation. I tried foundation. Then I gave up on it. Well, now I’m hip to it again. I think I’ve found something better. MAC StudioFix is the devil in powder foundation form. StudioTech is better. And now that I’ve found the correct shade….I find myself really liking how it looks on me. Sometimes. I don’t ever want to get to the point where I wear foundation everyday. I know it sounds crazy, but I really have no problem with my skin in all of its flaws. And it’s not like I have a busted face. I don’t mind my LA smog-created pimples. I wish they’d go away but I think it takes too much time to conceal them and my uneven coloration. I have really accepted my skin in its natural state. So foundation on only special occasions.

(4) Time to invest in MAC skincare products. This whole make-up thing is fun for me, but also very difficult. I used to be an “all natural” girl in terms of skincare products. But noooow, I’m stepping outside of the box. Wow. So, for the past 5 years or so I’ve been using Black soap, Aveeno (so not all natural), jojoba oil, cocoa butter and other natural oils that my Mother has made. I got a sample of MAC’s Green Cleansing Oil and my face loves it. It’s amaaaazing. And LA smog pimples are starting to go away because of it. So it’s time to go with what works. And so far it seems to be MAC skincare products.

(5) Find the perfect neutral look. I’ve played around with different colors and I’ve liked my findings. But I want the perfect neutral eye. So off to research what other brown ladies are doin’.

(6) Tame the eyelashes. They are getting a little less unruly but not where I want them to be. That and find a fab mascara that gives me amazing lashes. PlushLash is pretty decent but I know there is something better! And false lashes are fun but I want to create lengthy and full natural lashes.

(7) Create a portfolio. Just for fun. I want to have pictures of all of my looks with the products I used. For no reason. But since I’m into this make-up thing right now in my life, it would be nice to show something for it—-besides entirely too much money in products.

(8) Don’t get too caught up in MAC lippies. I know, they are beautiful. We can all attest to that. But them mofos cost too much money. I’ve become spoiled now and don’t even look at non-MAC lip products. It’s time to head back to Walgreens, CVS and other drugstore brands that were just as good before I distracted. I so blame MAC in 3D’s Wondershine.

(9) Blend like a mofo. And keep blending like a mofo. Because, to me, it truly is one of the most important make-up rules.

(10) Go make-up free at least once a week. And not on a bum day either. I want to continually reinforce how beautiful I SHOULD feel without the use of products. And prove to the world that I can be fab with or without make-up.


So ghost!

Scuse me and my absence. I have made it to LA safely and working as an AmeriCorps volunteer at Nativity Catholic School. I am a librarian, tutor and basically run around here doing whatever needs to get done. It’s very rewarding, but very difficult. I am extremely homesick and miss East coast living like something crazy.

But I needed to do this. Sooooo, no regrets.

Anywho, my Dad is supposed to be sending me a laptop, since mine broke prior to me coming so hopefully when I get that, I’ll be able to do more updates and show my discoveries. Can’t say that I have many but still…

Peace, blessings and pretty faces to you all.


So a sista has been gone for a minute and I do apologize. But I do come back to you as a COLLEGE GRADUATE!!

Yess yessss, I have walked the stage and it was so wonderful that I want to do it again. LOL, seriously. After my AmeriCorps service I’m headin’ on to someone’s grad school. So yep yep, that’s that.

Aaaaand, I got a digital camera as a gift so now there will be more updates with better quality photos. The only one I have today is:

Yesss, I was beyond excited. My eye make-up was “ehhh….” Nothing to brag about. The look here was my favorite pigment combo…

-Melon on the lid
-Coco beach on the crease
-And I took out my ex-BFF Vex as my highlighter

….and then I put on the StudioFix because I knew I was going to be taken a ton of photos. It lasted pretty well. But then a day later, I noticed freakin’ small bumps all over my face. (sigh) Could be a coincidence, but whatever. I’m thinking I need to completly retire that StudioFix and try StudioTech…or somethin’ else. It clearly isn’t for me.

Over the past week or so I’ve been to 2 MAC stores, 2 MAC counters, an outlet, Ulta and Sephora. So I’ve been out and about. Got some new stuffs and got some reviews.



The Novel Twist basic brush set is such greatness….well, for me at least. This is the most I’ve spent on brushes. I think it’s great for a beginner like myself. The entire set costs $48 and includes smaller handles of the 129, 190, 224, 242 and 266. Now of course it came out ’bout a month ago but I was waiting until I copped some graduation money before I got it. Hehehe…..anywho the 224 is an amazing blending brush. And the 242 is GREAT for eyeshadow application.

Still playing around with the others. And then I purchased a 222 brush from an outlet for only $11. It’s the white tip blending brush that I haven’t played around with much and only purchased out of excitement. Any ideas on how to use this one?

Okay noooow…..


Anyone familiar with this one? It stuck out on me for some reason and I think it is so divine. MAC describes it as ash brown with bronze cast. As a veluxe pearl, it goes on very nicely….especially with Woodwinked.

Chrome Yellow
Purchased this because I want a diverse make-up collection. And uhh…I’m not too sure if I like it just yet. It takes a looong time to get it to do what you want it to do. I’m assuming this will only be GREAT with a primer similar to its color. Other than that I wasn’t too big on it. But I think it’s great to have nonetheless. I also pulled Humid and finally Woodwinked. Which is 10x better than that bright ass Amberlights, I might add.

My “to be purchased soon” shadows:
Flashtrack-what I’ll do this this royal blue, I don’t know…but it calls my name EVERYTIME I go into MAC. Next time I’m getting it. It’s sooo pretty.

…and Star Violet, Sushi Flower and Parfait Amour.


Hush Color Cream Base
Has anyone used MAC’s CCBs before? Wellll, this is my first and last purchase of these kids. The artist did warn me that CCBs are NOT for folx with oily lids. Welll….I never considered mine to be so oily, but apparently they are. A few hours after having put this on, the whole “where you blink your eye” crease part was completely jacked up. I mean, I had NO make-up there. It looked awful. Definitely not for me. So what have I learned from this? Urban Decay’s Primer Potion is the best…better than CCBs, shadesticks and paint. The end. I should probably mention that MAC says this product has many uses so perhaps I’ll find something else to use it for. But for the lids…nooooope.

….I got some other stuff like Elaborate Lip glass (not to be worn alone…too much glitter)….my beloved MAC Vanilla piggie (plan on order more samples before I move to LA) and some non-make-up goodies like Carol’s Daughter hair oil.

Tis it for now…..look for mo betta photos!

Pigments and more…



Now let’s rap on pigments for a quick second.

I absolutely love them!!! Their versatility is amazing. I have found so much success is virtually all of the pigments I’ve played around with…

Pigments are sooo much fun and you can use them everywhere! Eyes, lips, face, nail polishes, etc. My top 3 favorite so far are:

1) Vanilla….I love this heavenly color. I’ve used it as a highlighter, dabbed it on my lips and even sprinkled some in my lotion for a summer shimmery look. It’s a amazing.

2) Coco Beach…the BEST crease color I’ve come across so far. It blends amazingly with my knock off 224 brush. An absolute gorgeous color.

3) Melon…I loooove this color. In the jar it looks a bit bright, but when applied on my skin, it is a little more toned down. This on my lid with Coco beach as my crease is such a GREAT neutral color. My Mom, who is NC35 looks amazing with this color too.

:: I’ll post pics soon of my pretty piggie combos.

…..I’m still playing around with some other MAC piggies that I have such as Kelly Green, Cornflower, Fuchsia, Golden Lemon, etc. And of course I have the SAMPLE sizes of pigments. I highly suggest purchasing samples instead of spending a whooping $19.50 on a jar of pigment that you won’t use in a lifetime. A little really goes a looong way.

Where can you get samples?
Once upon a time, I believe Ebay users could sell samples, but that has recently stopped. I found a great seller through Specktra who not only has a great selection of pigments, but has GREAT prices, as well. Shoot Cheryl an email at Cher65@sbcglobal.net and she’ll email you a list of her colors and prices. She’s amazing for business, friendly and her service is fassst. She lives in Cali, I in Florida and I got my pigments in 3 days! Get up on it!

I think I’m more in love with MAC pigments than the eye shadows. I find myself grabbing for a piggie daily now instead of my palette.

Check out my Wish List:
-UPDD Primer Potion (on sale @ Ulta..buy 2, get 1 free. I need to stock up for Cali)
-Naked Lunch
-Novel Twist Basic Brush set
-A brown lip pencil. Probably from Jordana 2/$3. I love this cheap brand!
-Vanilla pigment (don’t have time to order out, so I’ll prolly have to buy the whole thing!)
..that’s it!

Look at the lippie stuffs stash from my purse. Ain’t this sad? Love ’em all too. All under $4. Except that MAC Jellybabe which came in a gift set that I got as a gift. That MAC in 3D has me gettin’ excited so let’s hope it’s worth the hype, ZDazzle. No amazement since C-Shock here!

Guess who is graduating? Me in 10 days? How I’m going to wear my hair is quite the wonder. Someone mentioned a weave or wig. Okay….looks good on some, but I’m not the type to wear styles like that. Plus, I’m kinda big on my natural hair so to hide it on a big day would be such the contradiction to me. Any ideas? I look dead in this pic, but what about a headwrap UNDER the cap? No?

New look!! If I’m not in the mood to go all out on the eyes, I simply do…eyeliner, fluidline and mascara! That’s it. I’m lovin’ it! What’s goin’ on in your make-up world? Any new finds and whatnot?

Soooo….here goes.

I created this blog to log my experience, research, findings and photos as I ease my way into make-up artistry. Now, I don’t want to become a make-up artist, but this is a new obession that I planned on spending very little and time on—-clearly, it’s become a HUGE obsession, that requires a lot of time. But I’m okay with that…..I am self-taught. Have no experience. So this should be fun! Stay tuned!


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