Amor de Lacquer: You can grow long nails!

Welcome to another post of Amor de Lacquer….the series all about nail polish and nail care! Send me your requests, suggestions and ideas at

I didn’t plan this post but I just had to share some posts that 2 of my favorite nail bloggers have done. Polishing your nails is one thing but taking care of them so that they grow nice and long (if that is your preference) is another thing.

  • Steph over at Nail Juice was a chronic nail biter for 17 years and now you can’t even tell! She drops some tips on how you can keep your nails growing long…and beautiful like hers.
  • I would have never thought that Katee at E-Polishblog ever had shorter nails, but she did! She too drops some tips (including my favorite: wear rubber gloves when cleaning) on how you can go from little nubbies to longer and more beautiful nails.

What kind of nails are you rocking? Short? Long and witch like? Acrylic? Non-existent? Tell me! I’ve always had freakishly long nail beds that are pretty sturdy so that’s one gene that I thank the parentals for.

And you know that no post is complete without a NOTD (nail of the day).

China Glaze’s Romantique collection doesn’t come out until January of 2009 and I really had no intentions of snagging anything from it until I saw Katee’s swatches. I ordered Harmony and Joy and here is the beauty that is Joy.

It only took 2 coats from this metallic iced grape color to come out perfectly. I topped it off with Seche Vite top coat and it lasted for a good 2 days. It looks a little bling-y inside but outside it is more subdued and just perfect.

What do you think about this color? Not your style? A must have?

Polish Pretty,

Sista Show-Off: Latina Beauty Bloggers

Welcome to another post from the Sista Show Off series! In this series I like to show some love to other companies, blogs, businesses, organizations or just regular ladies like myself who are paving the way for women everywhere! Let me feature you! Shoot me an email at

I recently came across some dynamite Latina beauty blogs. I find this to be a rarity in the beauty blogosphere. My African American and Asian ladies are on lock when it comes to beauty blogging but finding a Hispanic beauty blogger is a little more difficult. Hey, chicas….where yall at?!

I am ecstatic to have come across two new ones!


Erica from Lali Amora is a MAC lipstick lovin’, Sinful Colors polish wearin’ chica like myself. She blogs about the higher end products, as well as the cheaper alternatives. Swatches? Reviews? You got it!

Cafe Beautique

Take a coffee lover with a passion for cosmetics and you have the beautiful Bella over at Cafe Beautique. She’s a baby blogger with only a few posts but I am already loving her reviews and representation of the Hispanic ladies. Pero no matter who you are, you will feel like a hermana vistando su pagina.

….and since I’m talkin’ about Latina beauty bloggers, I would be remiss if I didn’t show love to one of the best in the game:

Beauty Logic

Dominican Enigma is no stranger to beauty blogging. She’s just as obsessed with nail polishes as I am and is constantly droppin’ the reviews for body, hair and face. You go, DE!

Know of any more Latina beauty/fashion bloggers? Let me know.

Stay tuned for a post later today announcing the contest winner for the Karmin Titanium Hair iron and a new giveaway.

Stay beautiful,

Tagged, mon!

I got tagged by one of my lovely blog sisters, Funky Blak Chik. I love this chick…she keeps me rollin’ over at Twitter and has a fab blog. Thanks for the tag, fam!

6 Random Facts About Moi


I have never watched an episode of Sex in the City. *gasp* I know, I know. Actually, I haven’t watched a lot of popular shows: 24, Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl…never watched any of them. And I’m not sure why. Hmmm..


I’ve lost 17 lbs since July of this year! The “right” way….by working out and monitoring what I eat. 13 more pounds to go and I will be where I want to be. Stay tuned for Before and After pictures!


I was in a bowling league when I was 5 years old. How random is that?


I can not stand clutter. I mean, at all. Aside from being a neat freak…I don’t like having a TON of anything. Even 20 email messages in my inbox is too much for me. The only things that I have A LOT of are books, nail polishes and pictures.


I love cheese. I mean I realllly love cheese. Feta, cheddar, mozzarella, swiss, brie, asiago, aged organic goat cheese, parmigiana, Gouda and of course cream cheese. I loooove them all!


I just adore Christmas time. I go all out. From playing Christmas tunes to passing out Christmas cards, I spend the majority of November and December smiling for no real reason. Christmas lights, hot cocoa, watching The Christmas Story with the fam, and sucking on Spearmint flavored candy canes…..I just love it and can’t wait to pass down the joy AND purpose of Christmas to my babies. ;)

I’m tagging:
-Browne Lovely
-Luxe Tips
-Secret Life of a Beauty Addict
-Honey Brown Sugar
-Diva 4 Less

And I’ll end this post with my FAVORITE Christmas song eveeeeer.

FOTD Friday: Halloween Look!

Happy Friday, beautiful people! Ohmigoodness, this week has been an amazing one! Between yesterday’s Breast Cancer Awareness contest, gas goin’ day and just being alive, I can’t complain! This week’s FOTD goes in conjunction the Jaimie from Just Kiss ‘N Makeup‘s Halloween contest.

I loooove doing this! Last year I did two.

I love doing looks with pops of color! This year I wanted my look to have a story behind it.

Yeeeep, go ‘head and pull up a chair.

LOL, I’m just playin’…I won’t be long. I am in LOVE with all things African. The culture, the music, the food, the history, the garments..I just love my heritage. But as an African American with untraceable roots to the African continent, I often find a hard time “connecting” to my lost background. When I first jumped on the “Halloween Look” bandwagon, I immediately knew I wanted to do an African look. Here was my inspiration:

I loved it! That green goes beautifully against her dark skin. Green eyeshadows, actually have a special place in my make-up stash. Meet the family…

Altogether I used a combination of ALL of those greens so should you need specific names, just ask. :) I even tried some false lashes for the first time. They were great for the look but I can’t see myself ever wearing those things regularly. My eyes were just a waterin’.

For the lips, I decided to go with a 14K color so I used some of my MAC Golden Lemon pigment and mixed it with a clear gloss (N.Y.C. Cosmetics, holla!).

To make the green pop even more I bronzed my face down with Cargo Bronzer. I love how it didn’t make me ashy but gave me “glow”. The lining of the mask comes from Urban Decays 24/7 eyeliner in Envy. So here’s the look!

Sometimes I get TOO
ANTM in my pictures, uh? HA!

Do yall know I walked around my house like this?! I just felt good with the make-up and the wrap and the clothes! Loved it! Why not a scary look? I’m not a big fan of Halloween to begin with and I don’t really like scary stuffs. Hence why I can’t watch the nightly news.

I kid! Not really but kinda. :)

There’s my submission for the contest! What do yall think?

Be honest, be honest…

Have a wonderfuuuul weekend!!

(photo source)

Politically Pretty: The Look!

Finally–my Politically Pretty submission. It is no surprise that I love having FUN with make-up. While I am conservative (uhhh, not politically) throughout the week because of work, I enjoy nothing more than doing crazy, funky and out of this world looks.

Now the story behind my look: It just makes sense to show tribute to Barack Obama. While I can’t pretend that I agree with every statement that he has said, I would be remiss if I did not show my pride for this man. HE is what I dreamed about but thought would never happen. To think that little Black girls may grow up in the White House…I just—can’t express how happy this makes me.

And no, I don’t think Obama can save America. No, I don’t like him just because he’s Black. To be honest, I have never been extremely patriotic; I think it’s because I know my history. But that’s a blog post for RoaR blog. ;)

Anyway…that was the inspiration behind my look. And since I love the logo, I decided to run with that.

I used:

MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW45
CoverGirl Queen Natural Hue Minerals Bronzer
Stila Convertible Color in Rose

MAC Technakohl liner in Graphblack
Milani Lip pencil in Bonfire
NYX pencil in Sapphire
Urban Decay Glide-on liner in Lucky
MAC Eyebrow pencil in Stud (brows)
NYX pencil in White

MAC Tendertone in Hot ‘N Spicy

There it is!

Check out Danyelle’s!

While my intention is to not infuriate fellow beauty bloggers and readers, I can’t help but feel so much pride in my candidate of choice. But I’m not the only lady cognizant of this election and politics in general. Check out these other blogs and the looks that these beautiful women of come up with!

Election Day Pride on the Nails

The following blogs will be participating in our Beauty Challenge:

Yesss!! I am so excited to see so many fellow beauty bloggers joining in and participating in our 2nd Beauty Challenge. It is not too late to register (lol at register…like it’s a conference or something). Post a link to the post staying that you want to participate and Yummy411 and I will add you to the list!

Once again, the rules are simple:

1. Create a political-esqe FOTD (face of the day) that represents voting rights, a party of your choice, democracy or just the political times…

2. Post this look on your blog on Friday, October 3!!

3. Tell us the inspiration behind your look and the products you used. Don’t forget to display the links of the participating bloggers in your post.

Are you excited yet? I know I aaaam! I still haven’t even thought about what I am going to do. Non-bloggers/blog hoppers, you people are in for quite a treat. And I like assume that most of us are but if you or someone you love isn’t please….

A friend and I were talking about a “patriotic nail look” that she wanted to create to rock to the polls on Election Day. I just love how this election has igniting a spark in the younger generation. While I stay glued to the happenings of BOTH campaigns (*looks around*) I can’t help but merge politics with beauty. Why not? We got to thinking about our favorite reds, white and blues. Check out my favorites that made the cut!

RED: Essie Turning Heads Red
WHITE: OPI Fit For a Queen’s Island
BLUE: Misa A Sin Worth Committing

Essie Turning Heads Red

Aside from Essie being my #1 polish of choice in terms of performance, I just loooove this fire engine red. Can you believe that this was only one coat? I remember not being able to wear red polish as a little girl (okayyy, I know I wasn’t the only one) but this polish just screams “Sexy Lady”!!

OPI Fit For a Queen’s Island

When most of us think of white polishes we usually think of the white tips on French manicures. I’ve actually rocked that kind of white on my nails before and it’s just a tad bit harsh. Fit For a Queen’s Island provides a beautiful opalescent finish with pink undertones. The downside? It is extremely streaking but after 3 coats you are able to achieve a gorgeous and elegant look.

Misa A Sin Worth Committing

I can’t say enough about this beautiful navy blue. With just a tinge of shimmer it provides an intense blue look with just one stroke. The finish is amazing and actually “looks blue”. I get so annoyed when dark polishes in colors other than black still end up looking black. I own at least 7 blues and this is my absolute favorite! In fact, I am really impressed with the brand Misa altogether. I will definitely be order 1 or 2….or 12 more polishes from them. Thanks to my site!

What are your favorite political polishes? Got a favorite red? A craaazy white? Or an out of this world blue? Tell me!! Where are all of my nail polish obsessed people at?

Beauty Challenge: Politically Pretty

Yess! Another Beauty Challenge! Every once in awhile (okay, we’ve only done it once) us beauty bloggers like to unite through challenges. Our very first challenge was an 80’s challenge in which we had to create an 80’s look.

The turn-out was amazing! 14 bloggers participated and we all had a wonderful time sharing our creativity with each other and our blog readers.

The time has come again for us to bring forth yet another challenge!!!

In the wake of one of the most historic presidential elections ever, we challenge you to a political-esqe FOTD (face of the day). Whether you want to represent suffrage/voting rights, a party of your choice, democracy or just the political times… interpret that theme in a make-up look. Be as creative as you want, use any products and don’t feel as if you have any limitations. Do whatever comes to you! Don’t forget the details and explain what your sentiments/reasonings were behind the look.

Leave your name either in this comment box or over at Yummy411 so that we know you are participating.

Deadline to post FOTDs is Friday, October 3, 2008!!!!! That means participants not only post their looks on October 3, but also provide links to the pages of other participants as well. You can see an example of this by the “80’s challenge” link above.

What if I don’t have a blog?

No problema! You can still participate. Of course you would have to email your photo(s) and statements to us. And then we would showcase them in a separate post on October 4, 2008. Please make sure to send us your photo(s) and snippets by Thursday, October 2!!!

What if I am not in the United States?

Still no problem….show us an FOTD sportin’ your country’s colors and/or designs. Don’t forget to tell us what everything means so we can learn a little somethin’ too.

Get your brushes out and VOTE!!!!!

Can I just say how excited I am about this? I don’t know whether to dress up as Michelle Obama (j/k…kinda) or paint an American flag on my face. *shrieks* Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Sista Sites: The Letter S

Sista Sites

It’s time for another edition of Sista Sites in which we showcase blogs from my Beauty Marks blogroll. I have also gotten in the habit of showing a piece of Black Art with each Sista Sites post. When I was younger I visited a ton of African American museums and I would just be in awe of the beautiful paintings. And when I visited the Smithsonian museums….well, I pretty much fell in love.

Smithsonian. Hmm….. S!!

Let’s feature beauty and fashion blogs that begin with the letter “S“.
Do you feel like you’re watchin’ Sesame Street yet?

  • Scandalous Beauty: Awww, my girl, Erin. I love her! She was one of the first Black beauty blogs that I read. If Clumps of Mascara had a sister, it would be Scandalous Beauty. Her expertise and experience taught me a lot and I’ve pretty much watched all of her YouTube vids. Seriously, if you are stuck with trying to figure out how to complete a look, want to know how pinks look on darker skin or annoyed with your natural hair, check out Erin’s videos. I love how she connects with her readers and has that “she could be my friend” aurora that somehow shines from the internet. Plus, we are hair twins! Yay for the Scandalous Beauty movement!!
  • Shake Your Beauty: All hail one of the vanguards of Black beauty blogs; well, at least to me. Tia Williams isn’t only a blogger, but a published author as well. She gets mad respect from me! She features product reviews for Black women and her humor is just delightful.
  • Silver Lips Beauty & Musiq Haven: Another Brown skinned beauty blogger with beautiful techniques and reviews. I love blogs that have cute little features SlvrLips’ doesn’t stop with dazzling us with her fabulous blending skills…but she takes it a step further and introduces us to the hottest new tunes. Loves it!
  • Specktra Beauty Blog: I’m really a fan of Specktra the site more so than the actual blog. And if you’ve never visited or had a short obsession with, I really don’t know how you are livin’. However, what I do like about the blog is the up-to-date pieces of information we can get from them about upcoming collections and lines. Get your sneak peek and swatches of MAC Collections that haven’t even been released yet. It’s so overwhelming that you start making a list of what you want before even seeing the actual products. It’s a sickness, I swear.
  • Stephienese: I just adore this little lady here. I remember discovering her blog around the same time I discovered Specktra. Her skills are fierce! I remember lemming over every product she purchased. Get it, Stephie!

I’m off to Miami this weekend, lovelies. Which unfortunately means I won’t be able to update. But no worries….next week I will be sure to crank out the posts. You can look forward to the following:

-Dr. Miracle’s and Miss Jessie’s Curl Pudding.
How do they hold up for the napptural sistas?

-Sunscreen for Women of Color (and a giveaway hosted by Palmer’s)
-Brown & Blushin’. Cheap and beautiful drugstore finds.
-But Black Women Can’t Series (pinks anyone?
Submit your photos to

-Of course Mascara Monday

…and some more thangs.

Enjoy the weekend!! And as always, you can email me.
My new Blackberry has me crazy excited to do every little thing.