StudioTools Skunk brush for $4?

I love my dual fiber skunk brushes. I have two. I think they are the perfect brushes to lightly apply bronze and blushes on the cheeks.

One beautiful day in Twitterhood, I saw a tweet about Target having some kind of sale on StudioTools brushes. Now to my lovely ladies who reside in Canada, the UK, Australia, the Philippines, Germany, Singapore, the Netherlands, France, Jamaica (I could go on and on, lol), I’m not sure if you all have StudioTools.

Within days of reading the tweet about StudioTools’ sale, I had to run out and check it out or myself. Guess what I found?!

It’s a skunk brush, kids! It’s was under $4. Insane, I tell ya. StudioTools is one of my favorite brush brands. They are affordable and great quality. They come highly recommended from me. And how does this brush compare to my other two skunk brushes? Let’s seeee…

To the left we’ve got my most commonly used skunk brush by Eco Tools. And to the far right we’ve got my first skunk overpriced skunk brush from MAC. Is there a difference among the three?

Hmmm….well, I will say that the EcoTools and MAC brushes are a wee bit softer than StudioTools. It leans on the stiffer side. Can your cheeks tell the difference while you’re applying your favorite foundation, powder or blush?  I don’t think so.

But who really needs three skunk brushes? Not I, said the cat. And so I gave that good ole’ StudioTools skunk brush to my friend. Run fly or skip to your nearest Target!

EcoTools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set

                                                     Not my car. I rented this darling buttercup for a road trip. 

Happy Earth Day!!!! I hit the road a lot. I’m traveling at least 2-3 weekends out of a month. It may have something to do with finally having a car that is reliable enough to take on the highways and byways. But see…my trips are usually crazy spontaneous. Meaning, I’ll decide on Thursday evening that I want to pack up my car  and head 4 hours South or 9 hours North. To prevent myself from forgetting the necessities, I always have a pre-packed bag. Somethin’ like this…

 Lately I’ve been tossing this inside…

It’s baby EcoTools brushes!

These are darling. They are about an inch smaller than the full size EcoTools brushes.

That makes them big enough to hold and grip when applying make-up but small enough to fit in your pocket, purse or cosmetic bag. Each brush is printed with its name. Oh, you didn’t know that “certain” brushes do certain things? Yes ma’am!

This is great for the make-up newbie! And since we’ve come to expect the best from EcoTools, they don’t skimp in the packaging department either.

 Not a bad buy for $7.99, uh? Oh! And EcoTools has pretty cool tutorials on YouTube now. This one talks about how to achieve the cat eye look.

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Eye shadow Brushes for Newbies: The video version

Lately I have been getting a quite a few emails about eye shadow brushes for newbies. I remember when I was first getting into make-up and had NO idea what kind of brushes to buy. It’s overwhelming to say the least. I did a post about that here but here are some more tidbits:

(1) Do not feel like you have to spend a ton of money on brushes. Girlfriend, you better take your behind in CVS, Target, Walgreens, Longs or Rite-Aid and cop some cheap brushes.

(2) You don’t need a WHOLE bunch of brushes if you are just starting out. A lid application brush, blending brush and highlighting brush is all I think the average newbie needs. When you find yourself wanting to do more detailed and intricate looks, then invest in more brushes. But for the time being..3-5 brushes should suit your eye shadow needs just fine.

(3) Wash your brushes regularly!

….peep the video to find out more.

Acne Sucks: Keep those make-up brushes clean!

It’s one of those things that, we SHOULD know. I mean…it makes sense. Dirty brushes on a clean face equals pimples galore, right?


Don’t forget to clean your make-up brushes on a regular, ladies. This is a task that I have never really been good at, but I’m getting better. In between clean-ups, I like to use baby wipes or make-up wipes.

Just a quick gentle swipe on the brushes and viola!

I like to do a deep cleaning of the brushes at least once or week or so.

I gently massage baby shampoo in the bristles, rinse and lay them out to dry.


How often do you clean your make-up brushes? Do you find that when you don’t your acne is worst?

EcoTools Bamboo Bronzer brush


I love EcoTools, yes I do. I love EcoTools, how ’bout you! Don’t give me that cyber-eye. I know I wasn’t the only kid that said that little chant.

Uh, I actually said that yesterday about popcorn. HA! EcoTools does it again with another brush that I’m wondering how I lived without. Their retractable kabuki is a staple in my travel bag. The bronzer brush is quite similar to it and I have been using it daily.

But before we talk about the brush, look at the packaging! 

I didn’t think about it until using it, but I suppose you COULD re-use the pouch. They also give a Green Tip on each of their products. Loves it!

A closer look at the brush…


This is now my go to brush for sweeping Sweet As Cocoa from my hairline to my cheeks.


You can snag this brush for $9.99 at drugstores, Ulta, Target and anywhere EcoTools products are sold.

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EcoTools bags designed by Alicia Silverstone

Sooo, my ever so favorite EcoTools has come out with some darling eco-friendly (of course) cosmetic bags designed by the fabulous Alicia Silverstone.

I most remember her as Cher from Clueless. I know that movie word from word. Don’t judge me. I grew up in the 90’s and that was so one of the hottest movies. Ha! Let’s talk about the bags…

Overnight Bag

This is perfect! When I travel, I usually have a cosmetic bag and a bag for lotion/deodorant type products. I can toss everything in this one bag.

Cosmetic Brush Bag

This limited edition bag features a skunk brush that works beautifully on the cheeks. This bag is a MUST have.

Train case

This baby sits at my office and holds those “What if I have to freshen up?” goodies.

EcoTools has done it again. Great quality with eco-friendly high quality brushes and bags? And they’re affordable? EcoTools, will you marry me?

Okay, I got ahead of myself. My bad. You can find these kids where ever EcoTools products are sold including your favorite drugstore and Ulta stores.

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The Makeup Show NYC, Installment 5-Crown Brush spotlight

Yes ma’am! Don’t give me the cyber side-eye. I am STILL doing The Makeup Show NYC installments. I promise to stop at 10. I can’t help but feel like I need to share with my readers virtually EVERYTHING I experienced while in NYC. Which, I know is kinda sorta impossible.

So next time there is another show, ya’ll will just have to come along with me, mmmkay?

Let’s rap about Crown Brush.

Goodness.gracious.wowsers.good.googla-moogla! I love these brushes! I first discovered them at The Makeup Show LA and was SHOCKED at how cheap they were. I’m talkin’ no more than $5 for a decent make-up brush. I’m serious!

And these aren’t some rinky dink cheap-o creep-0 raggedy brushes either. They are pretty decent as far as durability and quality goes. I can’t say much about the face brushes, though. Most of the Crown Brushes that I have are for eyes.

I HIGHLY suggest checking out these brushes if you are a newbie, make-up artist or just a regular make-up lovin’ chick or chap that loves a variety of brushes.

Click HERE to check out their Studio Series brushes. These are my favorites!

[NOTE]: I just know someone out there is going to inquiry if Crown Brush and Coastal Scents are the same company. Or if one owns the other. To be honest….I’m not sure, muffins. Some of my beauty bloggin’ sisters and I scratched our heads trying to figure this out. My guess is this: Crown Brush sells brushes to “private labels”. Coastal Scents is a private label and has purchased some of their brushes from Crown Brush. Hence why they look the same. However, I could be wrong. Feel free to add to the discussion. Ya’ll know I’m one big ole’ clump of mascara so don’t hesitate to correct me!