Beauty Review: EcoTools brushes

Hi darlings!

I am already getting ready to pack my cosmetic bag for my trip to L.A. next week. Yes, I am excited and glad that I finally have travel size cosmetic brushes. I had the opportunity to test drive EcoTools earth-friendly brushes.

Honestly, I have nothing but good things to say about these brushes. I don’t have ONE bad thing to say about them.

-Earth friendly
-Great quality
-Um, did I mention affordable?!

I mean, check out how many products you can get for a little under $30.

Ching ching! Not bad considering some brushes cost $30 alone.

I have already packed my 5 piece travel brush set. How darling are the bamboo handles?

Okay, I only have four sitting here but when I tell you these brushes are incredibly soft, I’m not lying! I have been using the blending brush religiously. Not bad for only $9…for all 5 brushes, I mean.

And then there’s my favorite product out of the bunch, the darling kabuki brush.

Made with recycled aluminum, this retractable kabuki brush retails at $7.99. Ohmigooodness, the bristles are so soft. Even softer than my MAC 182 brush retailed at $45. No exaggeration here, kids. This brush is PERFECT for powder and blush application. And honestly….on days that I don’t wear anything on my face, sometimes I just run this brush on my face because it just feels so good against my skin.

And then there are the cute bamboo mini brushes, powder puffs and sponges. All ranging between $1.99-$3.99 I have these packed in my cosmetic bag too.

I am so impressed with EcoTools, the company and the products. You can snag these babies at any drugstore. I have already hauled some other goodies from EcoTools. I am truly a fan.

Have you ever tried anything from EcoTools?

Stay beautiful….and green,

Costal Scents Brushes: Video Review

Why am I just now getting around to reviewing these? I actually did a video awhile back but forgot to create a post and upload.


I was too lazy to go through the Windows Movie Maker editing mess, and I didn’t realize how dark I was but oh well.

To see my original post about the CS brushes, click here.

Coastal Scents brushes

There has been a lot of buzz in the online beauty world about Coastal Scents brushes. I’ve seen Kia over at Yummy411 give a review, Kenya at Virtuous Blue did a wonderful video review of the brushes and my online make-up guru/teacher, EnKore has been raving about these brushes for awhile.

I can’t believe I’ve been snoozing on these, folx!!

Not only are the brushes are affordable (think $2.99) but many are saying that they are comparable to MAC brushes in look and performance. Now that sounds good to me and I’m sure to my other broke beauty sistas of the world.

I love brushes but I don’t feel as if I need to have 2 or more of the same thing so it was rather difficult trying to find a brush that I actually “needed” from Coastal Scents. But here’s what I ended up getting:

Pink Kabuki ($4.99)—Now granted I have the MAC 182 ($45) kabuki and I adore it. I find that it works great with blushes and mineral foundations. I even use it with my bronzers and I love how I can squeeze it to change its shape. But who can beat a pretty pink kabuki brushes? How gorgeous is this? I just haaaaaad to order this.

Deluxe Buffer Brush ($4.25)—These brushes are great for those that use mineral foundations; which are my foundations of choice. I have been going foundation-less for some weeks now and will be until I get my face in check BUT….I can’t wait to start using this with my mineral powders. And if it doesn’t work, chile….I won’t even care because it was less than $5.00.

Pink Kolinsky Lip Brush ($2.79)—Kenyah over at Virtuous Blue says that this is a great brush. I only have one lip brush that I hardly use but I would love to have a retractable one. Can’t wait to see how this works out.

My Dear Newbies, if you have been trying to invest in brushes without breaking your wallets, I’m thinking this is the way to go. I will be sure to do a review of my brushes the minute I get them. For those of you that own them or have heard great things about them, let a sista know!

You can find more brushes and other affordable finds by Coastal Scents by clicking here.

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So a sista has been gone for a minute and I do apologize. But I do come back to you as a COLLEGE GRADUATE!!

Yess yessss, I have walked the stage and it was so wonderful that I want to do it again. LOL, seriously. After my AmeriCorps service I’m headin’ on to someone’s grad school. So yep yep, that’s that.

Aaaaand, I got a digital camera as a gift so now there will be more updates with better quality photos. The only one I have today is:

Yesss, I was beyond excited. My eye make-up was “ehhh….” Nothing to brag about. The look here was my favorite pigment combo…

-Melon on the lid
-Coco beach on the crease
-And I took out my ex-BFF Vex as my highlighter

….and then I put on the StudioFix because I knew I was going to be taken a ton of photos. It lasted pretty well. But then a day later, I noticed freakin’ small bumps all over my face. (sigh) Could be a coincidence, but whatever. I’m thinking I need to completly retire that StudioFix and try StudioTech…or somethin’ else. It clearly isn’t for me.

Over the past week or so I’ve been to 2 MAC stores, 2 MAC counters, an outlet, Ulta and Sephora. So I’ve been out and about. Got some new stuffs and got some reviews.



The Novel Twist basic brush set is such greatness….well, for me at least. This is the most I’ve spent on brushes. I think it’s great for a beginner like myself. The entire set costs $48 and includes smaller handles of the 129, 190, 224, 242 and 266. Now of course it came out ’bout a month ago but I was waiting until I copped some graduation money before I got it. Hehehe…..anywho the 224 is an amazing blending brush. And the 242 is GREAT for eyeshadow application.

Still playing around with the others. And then I purchased a 222 brush from an outlet for only $11. It’s the white tip blending brush that I haven’t played around with much and only purchased out of excitement. Any ideas on how to use this one?

Okay noooow…..


Anyone familiar with this one? It stuck out on me for some reason and I think it is so divine. MAC describes it as ash brown with bronze cast. As a veluxe pearl, it goes on very nicely….especially with Woodwinked.

Chrome Yellow
Purchased this because I want a diverse make-up collection. And uhh…I’m not too sure if I like it just yet. It takes a looong time to get it to do what you want it to do. I’m assuming this will only be GREAT with a primer similar to its color. Other than that I wasn’t too big on it. But I think it’s great to have nonetheless. I also pulled Humid and finally Woodwinked. Which is 10x better than that bright ass Amberlights, I might add.

My “to be purchased soon” shadows:
Flashtrack-what I’ll do this this royal blue, I don’t know…but it calls my name EVERYTIME I go into MAC. Next time I’m getting it. It’s sooo pretty.

…and Star Violet, Sushi Flower and Parfait Amour.


Hush Color Cream Base
Has anyone used MAC’s CCBs before? Wellll, this is my first and last purchase of these kids. The artist did warn me that CCBs are NOT for folx with oily lids. Welll….I never considered mine to be so oily, but apparently they are. A few hours after having put this on, the whole “where you blink your eye” crease part was completely jacked up. I mean, I had NO make-up there. It looked awful. Definitely not for me. So what have I learned from this? Urban Decay’s Primer Potion is the best…better than CCBs, shadesticks and paint. The end. I should probably mention that MAC says this product has many uses so perhaps I’ll find something else to use it for. But for the lids…nooooope.

….I got some other stuff like Elaborate Lip glass (not to be worn alone…too much glitter)….my beloved MAC Vanilla piggie (plan on order more samples before I move to LA) and some non-make-up goodies like Carol’s Daughter hair oil.

Tis it for now…..look for mo betta photos!


It’s comedy hour here at Clumps of Mascara. Click on the pic below for some laughs.

I can laugh at this terrible look now ONLY because I know better. But in October 2006, you could not have told me that I didn’t know ’bout blending. But boooooy, if only I knew then what I know now.

I’ve come across a great reference/resource for blending. I just recently got back on MySpace (I deactivated my account 3-4 months ago when it got hacked into. So sad) and found a sista who does some bomb ass blending! I mean, her skills are impeccable….please check her work.

Her designs blew me away. She spotlights her products, techniques and tools. And what I’m amazed to find out is that she uses Sonia Kashuk brushes!! Whaaaat?! With blending this good, I’m thinking she’s goin’ bankrupt purchasing expensive brushes. But nope….good ole’ Sonia again has saved the day.

She also touched on the fact that practice, practice, practice is crucial when it comes to blending. I have to keep remembering that. Sometimes I get discouraged when my looks don’t look as good as I want them to but practicing is very important.

Anyone else got any tips, suggestions or anything to add on the topic of blending? Perfecting blending, to me, is so very important. It’s the difference between make-up application and make-up ART.

Blend on my sistas….

Paint, brushes, Flashtronic

Greetings to whoever is reading this randomness of mine.

Life has been relatively good. I went through the hassle of moving everything out of my apartment into storage and it was a pretty terrible experience, but with the help of my ride-or-die best friend and some cute male counterparts, it was done! So I’m grateful for that.
So of course..that Flashtronic/Rushmetal/Novel Twist stuff dropped and everyone is actin’ all crazy about it. I’m not super impressed. I’m really not. I mean the colors from Flashtronic are actually niiiice, but not nice-nice. I didn’t feel the need to buy them ASAP. Maybe I’ll change my mind.
But I did cop some new finds and have some small reviews.

I was on a mission for the longest trying to find a neutral look. Well, after speaking with a great MAC make-up artist, I think I’ve found a nice everyday look. I’ve also learned how to adequately use a blending brush. I won’t tell you how I was using it before….you may laugh.

(1) Neutral look:
I purchased my first paint. The picture you see is not the same color as the one I picked up, so don’t get confused. I purchased Bamboom. It’s a great “neutral” look for my NW45 lids. I’m still working on how to apply it though. The make-up artist said use some number brush, but I’m not droppin’ $30 on no brush no time soon, lol….so I use a concealer brush from Target for $1.99 that uhhh….works very nice.
With Bamboom paint all over the lid, I then apply Sketch (a look that MAC describes as an intense burgundy-plum flecked with red shimmer) on outer lid and crease. I blend with my blending brush and apply Bamboo as my highlighter. I’ve come to discover that while I love Vex, it contributes to the “too much”ness that I loathe at work. Bamboo is a great neutral highlighter. It’s enough without being too much.
The end result? I like it….I tried capturing a pic with the camera phone. Ugh, the lighting is off. But it’s a nice look. Of course, I need to keep practicing to perfect it. Sketch in moderation is a pretty nice color.
(2) Lip stuffs
I almost purchased Flashtronic lipglass but then I realized it’s the same thing….or something simliar to jelly babe, except it has a little more shimmer. And then I realized that spending that much money on lip stuff is a mess. But that’s just my opinion. I splurge on eye stuff, but good and cheap lip chap (lol!!) can be found anywhere!ht

(3) Novel Twist Brush Set

Sooo as I’m sure MAC addicts know, Novel Twist stuffs dropped at Nordstrom’s on the 20th. I checked out the colors but was realllly considering getting the brush set. There are 2. One is a basic set and the other, professional. I talk a lot of trash about spending a ton of money on brushes…buuuut, I may cop the basic brush set. My wonderful Targe Sonia Kash(whatever the name is) brushes and watercolor paint brushes have not failed me yet, but maybe I’m falling into the “cause it’s MAC” mentality. Especially that 224 blending brush. I may get it. The entire set is only $48. A 224 brush alone costs $28! So this really is a deal. Hmmm….should I?
Ohhh, I purchased a 15-color palette. My collection is growing! Still need to perfect certain areas. Still need a steady hand for fluidlines. And still need to keep curling my lashes. They are all over the place. Still not wearing freakin’ StudioFix or anything on my face. The condition of my face is “decent”, but me not wearing foundation is for a personal reason. When I put it on, I feel like I look so….beautiful. But also so fake. Of course, Big T and Romping eye shadow isn’t natural but foundation, for me…..makes me really wish my skin was the way the make-up makes it. Perfect. And I’m on this self-acceptance tip. I don’t have flawless skin and that’s fine. Covering up my flaws everyday, in a sense, denies myself of my true self. Sounds deep, but that’s me.
2 out and about pics and I’m out. Deucesssss.

At my friend’s surprise birthday party. I had on a black shirt, but was bored, so hooked up my eyes up with some Firespot, Cranberry and Vex. The eyelashes are popping thanks to that Loreal Telescopic mascara! Wooooot!

Yesss, I never ever am normal when taking pictures. I can’t just smile and move on. I always have to do something silly. This was at a club and I have over 5 colors goin’ on here. If you look, the shirt that I’m wearing isn’t exactly color-less. So I tried to play up all of the colors from it.


So guess WHO went to the MAC store 2 days ago and walked out empty-handed?


…..and it was so difficult. I went in the store and played around with C-Shock and absolutely LOVE the colors. So so soooo much. One of the Make-Up Artists was sooo nice and he helped me decide what colors to get WHEN I get the money. As much as I am starting to love make-up, I need to be more responsible with my money. I am now broker than broke because of my impulsive MAC runs. Welllll, you live and sho nuff learn. I tell ya that much.

So anyway…..I’m decided to buy only one MAC brush right now. And that’s #224. I keep hearing great things about it. It’s $28….that’s a lot of dern money just for a brush. And I’ve been doin‘ pretty well with my watercolor brushes, so I ain’t ‘gon fix what ain’t broke. ‘Gon work wit what I got and chhhhhyeahhh…..go from there.

I found a pic of myself that I took on New Year’s Day before I went to some party:

You’ll have to click on it to see the eye make-up. I’m feelin‘ the design and will re-create and name it soon. Pretty HOT colors. Wait….here’s a close-up.

Not bad for a beginner, uh? I love the gold. Defintely gotta do this one again.

…..sooo, while I found so much success with parrot eyes, I have to keep in mind that designs like that are JUST for fun. As much as I’d like to, I can’t go walking around everyday with 6 different colors of make-up on my eyes. Sooo I’m in the process of finding everyday looks. Something subtle, but noticeable enough that you can still say, “Hey! Her eyes look nice.” And so I did a tri-color look from my MAC drawer using:

Amberlights for the lids

Trax for the crease
…..and Vex for the highlight (or some call it the browbone)

…..these colors are absolutely BEAUTIFUL on my skin. I love it. And they look so well together. Trax alone is the best dern color in the world.

Here’s what I created:

Do you see the three colors? (remember you have to click on the photo to get a better view) I lik it!! And look how good the colors STILL look even after I spent 2 hours out in the sun at the beach…not only was I in the water, but I was sweatin’ somethin’ serious out there and the color is still on.

Here’s what it looks like after I got all cleaned up and refreshed my face:

And one with a smile….

And how ’bout JUST the eyes?

Noooot bad, hmmm? I could have blended a little better, but not bad at all. I think this is a great “everyday” look. I shall call this look: DOXICAL!!!!

…..I’m also noticing myself feeling like I HAVE to put on my Studio Fix everyday. This is exactly what I did NOT want to do. I’ve always indulged in my beauty without enhancements, but I don’t want to become dependent on it and feel like I NEED it. I think that’s a problem. I should feel just as confident without make-up as I feel WITH it. That’s really important to me.

So to bring myself back down to earth…..I’m not wearing any foundation this upcoming week. Which shouldn’t be too hard.

A plan

June 11, 2007
WOW, I spent over 2 hours today doing some research….and it almost depressed me. LOL! I have a loooong way to go and a lot to learn before I perfect eye make-up designing. But I’m up to the challenge. I made a wish list. And I really can’t do much until I get these essential items…..Well, that’s not entirely true. But I REALLY have to get the primer. That’s the #1 list on the list.
From MAC:
239 eye shading brush $24
249 large shader brush $26.50
272 small angled shading brush $24
217 blending brush $21.50
Blitz & Glitz $14.50
Shadows: Steamy (bright bluish-green with golden shimmer-Frost)
Embark (intense reddish brown-Matte)
Woodwinked (warm antique gold-Veluxe Pearl)
Not from MAC:
Michael’s or JoAnn Fabrics for paint set brushes
Eyeshadow Primer Potion from Urban is such a great source! I’m lovin’ it and they have a section of Women of Color. Thank the Lord!! I don’t know how to act, I’m so excited!
I tried a combo yesterday called Jay’s Array which was gorgeous, but the colors were not as rich as I would have liked them to be. Hence the reason why I need that primer. I also tried another called Iraqian Blues which was HOT!!
I need to write down the colors of these combos. I’m makin’ them up myself. I can not believe how much I am into this make-up thing. Goodness….

Seeeeee…..the concept for Jay’s Array is gorgeous, but I need to work on my blending and defintely need to get some primer so that the colors will POP out more.

Jay’s Array