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Makeup Wars: 5 Wearable Nude Lipsticks for Brown Girls

Makeup Wars: 5 Wearable Nude Lipsticks for Brown Girls

| May 27, 2014 | 14 Comments

The slacker in me almost missed out on joining in on this Makeup Wars post. But dude…nude? I HAD to jump in and represent for the dark brown girls that feel as if they can’t wear nudes comfortably. Truthfully, though? Nudes aren’t favorite. I hardly tango with any of mine. Why wear nude when you […]

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3 Lipsticks From Cargo. Wait...3 AWESOME Lipsticks From Cargo!

3 Lipsticks From Cargo. Wait…3 AWESOME Lipsticks From Cargo!

| October 31, 2013 | 4 Comments

Need a new brand of lipsticks to try? Duh!! Of course, you do? I mean…who doesn’t? I’m not sure what took them so long but CARGO Cosmetics recently launched their first ever lipstick collection. “Seriously B? They should have done that a long time ago.” Hmm mmm, girl. I said the same thing. I received […]

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Cargo Cosmetics is some kind of awesome…

| April 2, 2013 | 20 Comments
Cargo Cosmetics is some kind of awesome...

So like a realllllllyyyyy long long loooong time ago, I was all obsessed with the brand CARGO. Some people are obsessed with shoes, some folx like hats (you know, like the ones people rock at the Kentucky Derby when they bet on horses), I obsess over cosmetics. Obviously. I’m not sure what happened but my […]

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