Lil’ Kim shows how not to wear blush…

Now y’all know it’s not in my nature to ridicule the beauty and fashion choices of celebrities. Or anyone really. I’m too busy trying to work on my own choices. HA! But Lil’ Kim just makes it way too easy. She is one of the reasons why I think many brown girls don’t think they can wear blush.

Hmmm mmmmm, I’ve heard it too.

“I don’t want to wear blush and look like Lil’ Kim.”
Come on, y’all. One glance at Lil’ Kim’s cheeks and it doesn’t take a professional make-up artist to know that she fails to blend. She applies the blush in a quick strip and moves on. FAIL, my sista. FAIL.
Apply your blush with a light hand and blend blend blend!
It really is that simple. Check out my Blush Application post and video here. And her brows? Well that those bad boys are for another post for another day. Kim? I’m gon keep praying for you, sista.

Have any blush tips? Share!

Celeb Spotlight: Glee-ful headwraps

So guess who is like, um….watching a recent TV show? Haha…me! You name a TV show that aired in the past 5 years and chances are I probably haven’t watched it. The Boondocks, The Office, RuPaul’s Drag Race and The Bad Girls Club (so randomly trashy…lol) are the only exceptions. Buuuut, I’m catching up on Glee!! I’m really excited about this because now I have things to talk about with my friends other than beauty news.

Sooo, if you’ve ever watched the show, I’m sure you’ve seen some of the ladies rock fabric headwraps. Like Amber Riley who plays Mercedes for example….

How cute is this? It’s the perfect way to add personality to the hair. In fact, Aussie’s celebrity stylist says, “…you can use a scarf, an old dress you cut up or go to your local fabric store and find your favorite pattern.” Back when I had an afro, I wore fabric headwraps ALL the time.

I may pull one out again for old time’s sake. In the meantime, I’ll be patiently waiting for the next season of Glee.

Yeah….this TV watchin’ thing ain’t so bad!

(photo source)

Brown celebs rock purple lips too!

See….I’m not the only one wearin’ purple lips.

LeToya Luckett has me reallllly wanting to pull out the purple lipsticks again. But since I’ve retired them for awhile, I guess I need to wait. But ain’t this some fierceness?

And Rihanna is killing it with the vampy ultra glossy lip.

You know how celebs supposedly start the trends that us regular people soon follow?

Well, uh…I think I started the purple lip trend this time.

I’m just sayin’….lol. Like these looks?

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Celebrity Lashes: Foxy Brown. Hmm….

I have a little poll on the side (in the left column) of Clumps asking if you all would like to see more celebrity looks and styles.

I’ll be honest, I’m a non-TV watchin’ kind of gal. The only time I will watch a show is if it relates to beauty or fashion (Blush, ANTM, Project Runway) or if it just makes me laugh uncontrollably (Family Guy, The Office, Boondocks). Because of this, I am not too hip on what celebrities are doing or wearing. As a blogger, I have to force myself to be a little more cognizant because I know some of y’all keep up with celeb news.

So let’s kick off this new inclusion with what I think are some pretty out there lashes on Foxy Brown.

Whatcha think? Cute? Daring? A mess?

I really have no room to talk about anyone’s lashes considering I can’t apply fake ones on to save my life but my goodness….what’s really goin’ on here?

The good news is her skin is fabulous. What’s your take on the lashes?

Kim K’s crazy long lashes at the Emmy Awards

For the first time in years I watched an award show. I know, I know….I live under a TV rock and the last time I was out was during the 2008 election and the 2008 Olympics. What can I say? I’ve never really been a huge TV watcher.

But I’m trying to do better….a beauty blogger has to stay top on what beauty trends celebrities are supporting, right?

Soooo I saw photos the lovely Kim Kardashian at the Prime Time Emmy Awards and my eyes were immediately drawn to HER eyes.

I’ve never been a super fan of the gal (what does she do, by the way?) but she can rock a MEAN smokey eye. I mean, she kills it! She isn’t wearing one in this photo but what she is rockin’ is a pair (or are those extensions?) of super long lashes. I don’t think I have ever seen lashes THIS long. They are border-line spider-y and take away from her gorgeous runway eye. At least I think so.

What do y’all think? Are these lashes entirely too long or is it just me?

Can lashes ever be TOO long?


A silver lining on the lid…

I have always been the biggest fan of Jennifer Hudson. You really don’t even want to watch DreamGirls with me. I know every song and every line of that movie. Jennifer Hudson is an amazing actress and even more amazing singer. Her outfit selections make me want to give her the side-eye but I could never deny how awesome her make-up looks.

Just look at this…

Stunning. This is such a gorgeous look and what really gives it that POP is the silver lining tear the tear ducts. Just recently have I begun to do this. In fact a week or so ago while visiting the fam I popped some silver liner in my tear ducts. I did it very subtly because I was going to church and didn’t want to be too blinged out in silver.

Can you see it?

I think that a silver liner needs to be in every lady’s stash. I found that it really opens up the eyes all while appearing glamorous. And it is super simple to do.

L’Oreal HIP’s Silver Lightning is the business! I reviewed those color chrome liners here. Total must haves, kids. And a breeze to apply….

You um…basically you need a silver liner now.

I’ll be sure to incorporate it in this week’s FOTD Friday.

Do you dab a little silver in the inner-V of your eyes?

Let me know!

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