Mascara Monday: COVERGIRL Lash Perfection mascara

Wow wow wow, looks like COVERGIRL is hitting us with not one but TWO new mascaras this summer season. These brands crack me up. They’ll be quiet for months on the mascara front and within month they’ll start releasing a bunch at a time. Not that I’m complaining but it doesn’t make me chuckle a bit.

Word on the beauty bloggin’ street (because you don’t know there’s a street, right? 😉 ) is that Lash Perfection is supposed to be a lot like Max Factor’s Volume Couture mascara; which, by the way, was one of my FAVORITE mascaras of all time. When Max Factor left the States so did my ability to purchase them. Needless to say I was super excited to try Lash Perfection. Is it like my beloved Volume Couture mascara?

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A Classic Summer look thanks to Sam Fine and COVERGIRL!

I had the awesooooome opportunity to chit-chat with celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine. If you don’t know who he is, giiiiirl, pull it together. He is one of the industry’s TOP makeup artists. Aside from being such an amazing beauty resource on Twitter, Mr. Fine also has a beauty DVD that will rock your world.

He’s pretty much all ‘a that and bag of pita chips and I was geeked when we rapped like we’ve been friends since the 3rd grade. We talked about desserts and how cool Queen Latifah is in person and he also designed a face chart for CLUMPS OF MASCARA READERS! This is heee—uuuuge! I came up with the idea, Sam created it and using COVERGIRL products, I made it come to life.

Hit the jump to show you how I turned this…

Into this…

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Mascara Monday: COVERGIRL NatureLuxe mascara

It seems like it’s been forever and a day since I’ve reviewed a mascara from COVERGIRL. They’ve been doin’ splendid things in the lipstick world so I was glad to see that they finally dropped a new lipstick with their NatureLuxe collection. The premise behind this collection (which also includes foundations and lip balms) is that MORE natural ingredients are included and some synthetic ingredients are removed. That’s always a good thing, uh? Let’s see how this kid works…

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COVERGIRL Limited Edition Clean Compacts

I was strolling through CVS and came across these beautiful compacts from COVERGIRL.

How gorgeous are those? I was unable to find any compacts for my complexion but I’m sure I can find them at other drugstores. Not only does each purchase provide a week’s worth of clean water for a child in Africa, but the compact is just absolutely stunning.


Have you seen these yet? Think you’ll be purchasing?

New COVERGIRL Queen lipsticks

Lookin’ to add some new and affordable lippies to your stash? Look no further, Queen. One of my favorite drugstore lines has released a collection of lipsticks that were made with women of color in mind. Hollers!! Brace yourself, beauties. These lipsticks are stunning. And your wallet is at risk.

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