Amor de Lacquer: e.l.f. $5 nail polish set

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You knew it was coming, didn’t you? I’ve reviewed so many other products from e.l.f. that it only makes sense that I review their polishes. You know, with me being obsessed with nail polish and all. This 5-piece nail set costs all of $5. Well, helllloooo there!

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Brushes from E.L.F are all that and then some!

Dear E.L.F. ,
Are you kidding me? Is this a joke? Exactly HOW can these brushes be so soft and apply makeup so beautifully AND be this affordable? Please explain.



I know I’m always dramatical, y’all but I kid you not–these brushes are fabulous. E.L.F. really surprised me with these. First up, let’s rap on the brushes from the Mineral 5 Piece Bamboo Brush Set. Check this out…

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FOTD Friday: Really e.l.f.? 100 for only eyeshadows for $10?

If there is one brand the Clumps kids want to see more reviews of, it would be e.l.f. And rightfully so. After all, Clumps of Mascara is all about products for those new to makeup. And with e.l.f. having products that start at $1, why shouldn’t they be highlighted on the site? Right you are, sugar plums. Check out the video review and quick FOTD (face of the day) of one of my many e.l.f discoveries.

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FOTD Friday: An E.L.F. Look

Hi darlings!!

This FOTD is a mild one. I really just wanted to showcase some products from E.L.F that will be up for review in the coming weeks. I dedicate this post to Reader Elizabeth because she is the one that finally got me to take the E.L.F. plunge.

Well, her and the Buy 5, get 5 free sale. I spent a good $12 (that includes shipping) on my entire order and I got over 10 products. Uh…wow?!

E.L.F. Pink Lemonade All Over Stick Color

E.L.F. Daytime Eyeshadow palette
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
L’Oreal HIP Cream shadow paint in Witty
Urban Decay 24/7 liner Zero
Maybelline Lash Stylist mascara

E.L.F. Candy Shop Lip Gloss in Cherry Bomb


And out…

Look at the HK charm my Mommy made for me!

Meh…I’m still playing around with everything but right now I’m not 100 % sold on anything. Except the All Over Color Stick. That’s pretty groovy. As is Royal Purple nail polish!

What a stunning purple! And for only $1!

I will do a complete review on all of the other products I snagged from E.L.F.–including brushes.

Anyone a fan of E.L.F.?

I hope that you all have a fantabulous 4th of July!!!

Rock on,