Newbie Post: Cheap Brushes 101

Ahh yes….it’a another post for “Newbie News”. Brushes!! One of the most common questions I get is, “Where can I get good and cheap brushes?”

Giiiirl, lemme tell you. I know some may say that MAC Cosmetics brushes are the best and that else nothing is comparable, but I don’t think that’s true. While I do love the quality and overall performance of MAC brushes, I think that there are other phenomenal brushes for half the price.

Say hello to my babies…
(from left to right)

-EcoTools retractable Kabuki brush ($7.99)
-Eyebrow grooming comb and brush (I don’t know where I got this from, hmmm…)
-Sonia Kashuk blending brush ($7.99 from Target. Get it HERE)
-Studio Tools concealer brush (around $3 from Target)
-Sonia Kashuk small eyeshadow brush ($9.99 from Target. Get it HERE)
-Studio Tools eyeshadow brush (around $3 from Target)
-The Body Shop lip brush (under $10 from The Body Shop)

First up….

Ecotools retractable Kabuki brush

EcoTools, the company and products will always have my heart. I have yet to be disappointed with any of their products. This Kabuki brush is absolutely wonderful. It works great for an all over face powder and if you squeeze the bristles, it functions well as a blush brush. Got sensitive skin? Don’t worry….these bristles are so amazingly soft. Using this brush is such a treat. And it’s under $10!!

Eyebrow grooming comb and brush

I don’t know where I got this baby from but I know it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. For my naturally bushy brows, this is must! Yes, my comb lost a few teeth…lol, don’t yall laugh at me!

Sonia Kashuk blending brush

Oh yes! This blending brush rocks! It is super soft and does a good job at….blending. With a light hand you can get a nice distribution of color on the crease. With a heavier hand, you can bang out a sexy smokey eye. I also find that it is good at giving me a nice wash of color under the browbone.

Studio Tools concealer brush

Honestly….I don’t see why you would even need to spend an insane amount of money on a concealer brush. This is the only one that I have ever had and it works perfectly! I depend on concealer since I don’t wear foundation and I love that this brush applies smoothly. Rinse it out thoroughly and it can be good at foiling (used wet) shadows or pigments. Heyy!! Yall know I love multi-purpose products.

Studio Tools eyeshadow brush

Any time I wear eyeshadow, I am usually applying it with THIS brush. For it to be so cheap, it applies shadows flawlessly. I usually take this one with me on my travels.

Sonia Kashuk small eye shadow brush

I think this was one of my first brushes! And I’ve still got her around. This brush is perfect for ladies with smaller lids. Or perhaps you like applying shadows on the inner-V. This brush gets it done!

The Body Shop lip brush

This was my first (oh wait….it’s my only) lip brush and I got it on sale at The Body Shop for a good $5. I love it for when I really want to make lips the focus of a look. It allows me to blend my liner and lipstick as well as applying MAC Tendertone balms on the lippies.

There’s my little guide to cheap but amazing brushes. My entire stash of brushes?

The travel brushes are stashed in the traveling case. They apologized for not being able to make a guest appearance. HA! I don’t see myself investing in any more brushes… least not for awhile. If you have good and long-lasting ones, you won’t need to!

Do you have any of these brushes?

Do you normally spend a nice chunk of change on your brushes or do you like ’em cheap?

Readers/Twitter fam also suggest the following cheap brushes:

-E.L.F. brushes
-Coastal Scents
-Crown Brushes (co-sign!! I have some of these that I love…they are so cheap!)
-Sigma Brushes

Beauty Review: EcoTools Brow Grooming Set

Happy Friday!

Fridays are usually dedicated to FOTD Fridays but I wanted to jazz it up a bit instead of just showing you my mug. Well isn’t this funny….just a few days ago we were talking about areas on our body that we stopped fighting with and just started dealing with.

Say hello to my brows.

[NOTE] I forgot to take the silver clip out. I decided to upload the picture
anyway because it’s so ‘Clumps of Mascara’. HA!

They look okay now.

However, next week….

Sure, go ahead. Laugh it up but it really is a serious manner. I am ever so grateful for EcoTools and this handy dandy little brow set. It keeps my brows in check in between my threading sessions.

You know how much I love EcoTools, right? I did a post about them once before and was glad to see that I wasn’t the only EcoTools lova ‘roun here. Ladies all over the world are raving about these eco-friendly, affordable and high performance brushes. Even my girl Nikki in the Philippines is raving about the EcoTools mineral brush set.

So of course I had high hopes for the Brow grooming set. Did it deliever?

Yall like my little Eco-pretty set up, uh?

First…let’s take a look at the deets of the Brow Grooming set.

Soft, cruelty-free bristles
• Natural & recycled materials

This earth-friendly set is packed with quality tools you need to look beautiful. And, it shows respect for the planet:
• Bamboo handle has a low impact on the earth’s resources as it is a highly sustainable plant.
• Synthetic taklon bristles are 100% cruelty free.
• Sleek ferrule is made from recycled aluminum.
• Scirrors & tweezers are made from Recycled Stainless Steel.
• 5X lead-free mirror frame is made from bamboo.

The tools up close..

Oh girl, look at that cute little mirror.

Ec0Tools does it again. Another eco-friendly sweet set for only $9.99. The tweezers are precise and I love the “scoop” edges of the scissors. I have been using my brush every day and I just love the mirror….although it really does show EVERYTHING. Eek!

So what have we learned?

Life + good brows=

Life + bad brows=

Make the right decision.

Cop your EcoTools Brow Grooming Set at drugstores and where ever else EcoTools products are sold.

Happy Friday, family!!

Stay beautiful….and green,

(photo credit)