Beauty Review: CoverGirl Smoky Shadow Blast

Queen Latifah is one of my favoritest people in the whole world. Like…I LOVE LOVE her. A lot. She is such a inspiration. Yes, I watch Living Single reruns every week. Yes, I have and love her jazz album. And yes I think U.N.I.T.Y. is STILL the jam.

For Superbowl XLIV, Queen rocked this look…

A few weeks ago, Keri Hilson rocked a smoky purple eye at the Grammy’s. Since Queen’s make-up artist Monifa Mortis said that a similar look can be achieved by using CoverGirl’s Smoky Shadow Blast in Purple Plume, I wanted to try! If it’s good enough for the celebs, it’s good enough for me too, right?

You can get these creamy shadow sticks for $9.99 where ever CoverGirl products are sold. Now the question is…do they work?

The Shadow Blast is supposed to help you achieve a colorful smoky eye by providing you with a lid and crease color. It fits right in your hand which makes for great on-the-go shadow touch-ups.

The concept is pretty simple. The light color (step 1) goes right on the lid and the darker color (step 2) goes in the crease and the lower lashline. It is illustrated beautiful on the packaging.

Step 1 of Purple Plume is a creamy pink that isn’t as scary as I thought it would be.


I didn’t have any problems with application. The shadow is creamy and opaque. This is a good thing because tugging on the lids is no bueno. Part 2 is a is burgundy berry. 

You will have to use a blending brush to blend the two colors together for a flawless look. I finished the look with a a highlight, liner and mascara and…


CREASING! Creasing makes me cry. Seriously. It is the worst thing that can ever happen to eye shadow application. I think I would like the Shadow Blast more if it stayed on the lids longer. I have heavy lids and without a base, I crease beyond belief. So I’m not sure if I like Shadow Blast by itself.

But for touching up looks on the go? Perfecto!

Have you tried this yet?

Yay! No more shadow discrimination!

I love palettes. I LOVE them. Like a lot. But what I don’t love is how I am unable to create families with my shadows. MAC shadows can’t fit in Make Up For Ever palettes. L’Oreal HIP shadows don’t even have palettes. And neither do NARS‘. Can Tarte and Stila shadows fit in Milani palettes? Wait–does Milani even have palettes? And does Urban Decay?

See the confusion? Most palettes only provide size and space for their shadow family members. *tears* This ain’t right I tell ya!

Especially for someone like me.

You see…..I’m a neat freak. To the max. Organization is very veryyyy important to me. And so are my eye shadows. And I’m not a palette discriminator either. I love ’em all!

The cheap babies….

The MAC quads…

The big boys (and girls)…

And the hard to find magnetic palettes (still love me some Inglot!)

Oh yes….I LOVE my palettes. They are perfect for traveling and I love being able so swap out when I need to. But what happens if I want to create a look with eye shadows from different brands? You know…like this:

Sure they aren’t from the same family but together they bring me a BANGIN‘ work-appropriate neutral eye. And in a perfect world I would be able to house them in the same palette.

But since Too Faced’s Mocha Meteor is a baked shadow I can’t.

Friggin‘ A..

Um, so bad example..but here’s a better one!

Now look at that!! How many brands can you count in there? There’s Tarte, NARS, Stila, MAC and L’Oreal HIP. All in one palette! Well alriiiight!!

Z palette made this possible, ladies and gentlefolx. Z palette is the ultimate customizable makeup palette designed by an Emmy award-winning Hollywood makeup artist. How genius is this idea? The palettes come in 2-sizes (what you see is the smaller one, $14) and they can house not only shadows but blushes as well. This is ideal for make-up artists or for make-up enthusiasts and collectors who want to keep their collections nice and neat.

Oh yeah…I’m lovin‘ it. I am filling up my large palette (that one runs for $20) as we speak. You can also buy pre-cut magnetic stickers. And guess what? There is FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders. You know you need some of these so head on over to website and place your order.

Love this idea? Are you going to buy one?
Are you a palette lover like moi?

But Black Women Can’t: Wear those colors….

Welcome to another But Black Women Can’t post. The purpose of this series to dispel the many myths and stereotypes that have haunted Black women for centuries. Colors we can’t wear, products we shouldn’t touch….it’s getting old. It’s time we start reclaiming our identities and defining our own beauties. Who’s with me?!! Email your suggestions to

Recently I received an email from a reader regarding my post on MAC’s Peppermint Patti nail polish. Who remembers this polish?

I loved it then and I still love this beautiful color. The reader told me that she thought the color was gorgeous but that it would look better on fair skin. Now….I am a reasonable lady and can understand the miscommunication that can happen with words. I emailed her back just to make sure that I understood what she was saying. She confirmed with this,

“There are just some colors that darker skinned people can’t wear.”

Now before some of you get all crazy, consider how many times you or someone who know may have said or thought this. I know that at one point I didn’t think that brown ladies could wear yellow eyeshadow. Three years ago, I would have never worn a color like Peppermint Patti on my nails.

But to all brown ladies out there who think that they can not wear a color, guess what?

You can.

I like to think that all women of all shades can rock ALL colors beautifully. Do certain colors flatter us better? Of course…but does that mean we should only STICK to those colors? Hell no!

So thank you, dear Reader for your message for it prompted this post. I know your words were not meant to hurt. I also know that brown women have not always been the image of beauty (at least in mainstream media) but times are changing.

I would love to hear the thoughts of all women on this topic. Do you think that there are certain colors that certain shades of women can not wear?

Speak on it!

(Thanks @Nicolette517 for this idea!)

ETA: Ironically enough, one of my favorite nail polish blogger shows off Peppermint Patti today on her blog too. She has fair skin I think this color looks amazing on her! Go check out Nail Juice.

Urban Decay Urban Ammo Eye palette

Ohmigoodness, I can’t believe how little I have talked about Urban Decay here at Clumps of Mascara. What a tragedy considering that UD is one of my favorite brands. I mean, I SWEAR by their eyeliners. I did cartwheels when I first discovered the Primer Potion. And I wanted to marry the eye shadows when I first saw them.

Urban Decay is sheer awesomeness and although they aren’t the cheapest cosmetic brand out there, they are unique and innovative.

I always wanted this palette but never got around to purchasing it. A 15% off coupon from Sephora Beauty Insiders as well as a gift card, however, had to running to Sephora on a lunch break. How beautiful and versatile are these colors?

Sin does well as a browbone color on brown skin! Look out for some of my looks using this palette.

This baby will definitely be going with me on my future travels. I can see myself coming up with quite a few looks be it work appropriate neutral or after 5 fierceness. I am really trying to convince myself that I also need the Deluxe Shadow box.

What do you think? Should I snag it?

In an Urban Decay shopping mode via Snag your goodies, girl!
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Urban Decay Eye shadow
Urban Decay Primer Potion
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