21 Vegetarian Recipes – Even Meat Eaters Will Rejoice

21 Vegetarian Recipes

Okay, first things first – I am NOT a vegetarian. I am not a vegan. I can absolutely go meat-free. I just don’t want to. That said, you don’t have to be a vegetarian to really get behind some delicious vegetarian dishes. 

1. Serious Eats – The Best Tabbouleh Salad 
2. Sweet As a Cookie – The Skinny-Vegan Banana Strawberry Oatmeal Bars 
3. Lil Luna – Cheesy Spinach Alfredo Lasagna (make it vegan by using vegan cheese!)
4. Averie Cooks – Roasted Sweet Potato Salad 
5. How Sweet It Is – One Pot Mushroom and Swiss Chard Pasta 
6. Yesterfood – Broccoli Rice Pilaf 
7. The Gardening Cook – Bean Burritos With Vegetables 
8. Snappy Gourmet – Pacific Rim Ginger Mango Slaw 
9. Dishin and Dishes – Roasted Buffalo Chickpeas 
10. Amanda’s Cookin – Cheesy Egg Skillet 
11. Pinch of Yum – Rainbow Vegetarian Pad Thai With Peanuts and Basil 
12. Lexi’s Clean Kitchen – Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Chili 
13. How Sweet It Is – Broiled Fontina Toasts With Roasted Garlic and Poached Eggs 
14. Yesterfood – Mandarin Spinach Salad With Fresh Orange Vinaigrette 
15. The Gardening Cook – Strawberry Almond Cheesecake With Glaze Topping 
16. Snappy Gourmet – Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti Squash 
17. Dishin and Dishes – Baked Herbed Ricotta Spread 
18. Amanda’s Cookin – Low Fat Homemade Flour Tortillas 
19. Pinch of Yum – Spicy Southwestern Salad With Avocado Dressing
20. Lexi’s Clean Kitchen – Berries N Cream Martini Desserts 
21. Cherished Bliss – Fresh Spring Rolls 

I avoid dairy due to allergies so many of the dishes that contain dairy, I’d opt for almond/coconut milk and vegan cheeses. Vegan cheese is far from tasty but hey, it works in a pinch. 

The Most Delicious Food Subscription Box – Love with Food

Love with Food

I snack. I’m not ashamed of this. I struggle with dropping this postpartum weight, yes, but I will never give up my snacks. It’s just not gonna happen. I got the opportunity to review the Love with Food box subscription box of snacks and I just about fell over. I looooove me a subscription box. And especially one surrounding snacks. I mean, look at this…

Love with Food box

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21 Apple Recipes – Un-Domestic Gal friendly

Okay, loves. I’m slowing down. Mentally and physically, that is. Esposo is working out of town for an entire month and if you know anything about our household, you know that he is the primary chef. Yes y’all. I clicked on the right Match.com profile because I managed to snag a dude that cooks everything that I eat at home. Lucky isn’t even the word. There’s really nothing bad about this setup except that when dude leaves, I’m screwed. And not because I don’t know how to cook. The fluff on my hips, thighs and tum tum ain’t all from takeout meals. I’ve become so incredibly spoiled and lazy that having to shop AND cook for my own meals is just, well, a tad bit overwhelming.

Toss a picky toddler in the mix and most days I’m tempted to whip up a protein green smoothie for both Elle and myself. I’m getting it together and between Pinterest and this list of apple recipes, I’m thinking we may survive!

21 Apple Recipes

I have a list of gathered recipes that feature…apples! From savory to deliciously sweet, there really is something for all palates. My goal is to recreate at least 3-4 of these in the next few weeks. Awhile back I whipped up homemade apple sauce (gracias ole’ Crockpot!) and it was such a huge hit in this house. The recipes that I’ve got my eyes on are in bold.

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Life is Better – Thanks to Cotton Candy Grapes

Cotton Candy Grapes

Yes, this blog post is about grapes. I realize you’re probably somewhere laughing at me and I’m totally okay with that. If you told me that at 30 years old, I’d be an accomplished blogger who writes about mascaras and grapes, I too, would have laughed. But seriously, you’ve gotta open up your horizons a little bit and experience the wonderment that are cotton candy grapes.

Grapery Cotton Candy Grapes

They’re exactly what they sound like. Grapes that taste like cotton candy. I first heard about them on Buzzfeed and while intrigued, I figured they were just some funky fruits that those crazy kids in Cali were playing around with. I thought they were a California-exclusive thing and I figured I’d never seen them in my hood. 

Until I saw them in my hood.

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Girlfriend Time and Summer Cocktails with Alizé Passion

Allow me to preface this sponsored post by letting you know that yours truly did not indulge in the alcoholic beverages that you will see in this post. Yes, I know. It’s sad. I’ve put together these gorgeous drinks just to miss out on the opportunity to guzzle them. Don’t feel too badly for me because you better believe after giving birth, I’ll be toasting with a drank of…something. 😎

I’m not a big drinker (remind me to tell you about that time in college…) but I have a few girlfriends who love getting cocktails and fancy drinks. In honor of life…I decided to host a little get together with two of my gal pals with Alizé Passion drinks being the star of the show. This was no easy undertaking, y’all because I’ve never put together a drink in my life. It could not have been easier and based off of everyone’s expressions, I’m guessing I did it right. Woohoo!

Summer cocktails

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Grilled Pineapple Salsa – Love on a Plate

Delicious pineapple salsa

I’ve been trying to be a good pregnant woman and eat healthily. Not gonna lie. It’s not easy. The cravings are out of control  and many times, I don’t even try to control them. I just give in. I’ve always had a sweet tooth and it’ll likely never go away but what I’m trying to do is get my sweets in via fruits and veggies. These are far better picks than the crème brûlée I could eat daily, right? Also, we’re trying to provide more diverse food options in Elle’s diet. For once in her picky toddler life, she is actually open to at least TASTING some new things. So we’re running with this one. Which is why this pineapple salsa is such a fabulous idea.

Pineapple salsa dish

Full of color, nutrients and texture, enjoying this is easy because you can put it on anything. A chip? A cracker? As a side dish? In a salad? It works for so many scenarios and it’s addition makes the entire plate or bowl just that much more appetizing.

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20 Ice Cream Recipes for National Ice Cream Day. Dairy-Free Kids Invited!

National Ice Cream Day

Y’all. I love ice cream. Actually, love is an understatement. I love ice cream so much that I could happily eat just that for the rest of my life and be okay. Buuuut, I’m lactose intolerant. I know. God’s got jokes. Luckily, when I’m pregnant, somehow I can tolerate dairy a bit better and you better believe, I probably over do it more than I should. Carelessly, at that. In honor of National Ice Cream Day (which should be everyday), I’ve compiled a beautiful list of recipes from fabulous folx who love ice cream as much as I do.

This isn’t a dangerous list, though. Many of these are perfect ways to get fruits into picky eaters. And have you ever tossed a frozen banana in your blender, girl? It turns into ice cream. Yes, it’s just a creamy banana but it’s quite reminiscent of ice cream and it.is.heavenly.

Let’s start with the dairy free selections! 

Dairy Free

Non dairy ice cream in a bag-ABC Creative Learning
Dairy-free strawberry banana ice cream-Life Love Liz
Dairy free chocolate ice cream-Real Moms Of Vegas
Vegan carrot cake ice cream with cashew sour cream-Vegan Richa
Snow ice cream for the lactose intolerant-The Nerd’s Wife
Almond milk ice cream-I Am The Maven
Banana blueberry ice cream-The Pretty Bee
Pumpkin ice cream-Scratch Mommy
Pistachio ice cream with dried cranberries– Slap Dash Mom
5-minute very berry ice cream-Not Enough Cinnamon
Rum raisin ice cream-Chocolate Covered Katie

…Dairy Galore!

Cherry cheesecake ice cream-Mom Foodie
Homemade ice cream rocky road-Jade Louise Designs
Toasted coconut ice cream-Flour On My Face

Churn-Free and Easy!

Easy no churn ice cream-Just Us Four
Peppermint snow ice cream-Wife Mom Geek
No melt ice cream-A Mother Thing
Easy chocolate ice cream from pudding mix-Jenny At Dapperhouse
Sea salt and vanilla fudge chunk ice cream-Love And Olive Oil