Food Yum: Lunch at CRAVE

It may look like it but I promise I don’t eat out THAT much. I prepare most, if not all of my lunches before I head to work and for dinner…I usually wing it.

But I enjoy exploring some of Orlando’s restaurants and sharin’ them with y’all. Especially with Orlando being a hot tourist spot. If you’ve never been, you should definitely start planning a family trip or getaway with the girls. I’ve been to CRAVE 2 or 3 times before and have never been disappointed. I mean…just look at how delicious this pasta looks.

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Food Yum: Slow-cooker turkey chili

I found this recipe on A Black Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss and just had to try it.

I wanted to skip the turkey but I figured I needed a double dose of protein since I worked out HARD the previous week. This recipe yielded quite a few servings in my 3-quart Crockpot. I had enough for lunch and dinner for at least 3 days. I also had enough to freeze too!

I really should have used more chili powder as I  2 tbsp didn’t give it enough of a “chili” taste to me.

I used all organic vegetables and skipped the cheese because, well…y’all know my cheese issues. 8) And of course you can skip the rice but I’m not one of those anti-carbs kid, so rice it was!

Hit the jump to check out the recipe. Let me know if you try it!

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Food Yum: My Open Letter to Cheese

Dear Cheese,

Yo! What’s up, homie? Can I be honest? I wanted to write this letter to you to express how I’m feelin’ about you. Simply put….I miss you. I miss having you in my life. I’m not sure when and why we stopped being friends but I’m really starting to take it personally. Why must you abuse me the way you do? Why do our meetings always end with me being doubled over in pain? It’s just not fair. Especially when you seem to be so prevalent in a lot of my favorite dishes. And especially since you come in so many variations. It’s just not right. Granted I still love a good piece of cheese pizza. But it comes with a price. And it ain’t pretty.

So I’m asking you…can we call a truce? Please? Think it over. In the meantime, I’ll be staring aimlessly at your siblings at the Whole Foods in Phillips Crossing.

Love you always,

Food Yum: California Pizza Kitchen’s veggie pizza

A lot of people assume it, but I’m not a vegetarian. Once upon a time I used to be one. And although I consume (and love) poultry and fish twice a week or so, I still choose vegetarian options when they are available. Such was the case at California Pizza Kitchen. I’ve tried several of their pizzas but the roasted veggies with goat cheese was by far the best!

Girlfriend, yes. This pizza rocked my world.

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Food Yum: Bahama Breeze, take me away!

Since I’ve been wanting to incorporate more food posts on Clumps, I guess I should give the unofficial series a name. Food Yum it is!

The other night I had dinner at Bahama Breeze. For the first time in years! I went down to the one off of International Drive in Orlando. I-Drive is also known as Restaurant Row and is always swarming of tourists. Us locals usually stay far away. But Bahama Breeze’s Creole Baked Goat Cheese made dodgin’ the bad driving tourists worth it.

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