M by Mariah Carey giveaway winners!!!

I kinda like the idea of weekend giveaways. The pressure is on to submit your name and email address and you only have a few hours to do it!

I love it!

Expect to see more weekend giveaways from me. I think I will do one on YouTube as well. My YouTube supporters go bananas over giveaways and the more excited y’all get about giveaways, the more I want to have. Yaaay!!

As mentioned in this post, I had my sister randomly select a winner. Watch the 2-minute video to see if you won!

Untitled from Clumps of Mascara on Vimeo.

Just kidding…I know everyone can’t access a video at any given moment so congratulations to:




Be sure to shoot me an email with your mailing addresses so I can get your fragrances off to you! I enjoyed reading all 73 entries. I may need to go on a Clumps of Mascara Tour and invite myself to some of yall’s homes for dessert. Haha…


Just kidding. Kinda.

Rock on, ladies! And enjoy your upcoming week!

Diamond Cosmetics giveaway winner!

Wow! I got a TON of entries for the Diamond Cosmetics polishes giveaway.

The answer:
“Diamond Cosmetics polishes are numbered 2 through 328“.

Good news:
Everyone had the correct answer!

Bad news:
I can only choose one winner.

assisted in the selection of this winner.

Congratulations tooooo…..


That’s right. You woooon! Shoot me your mailing information so that I can get your polishes off to you. If you didn’t win, don’t hate me. I have one more HUGE giveaway that you will definitely want to try and snag.

Clumps’ 2 Year Anniversary celebration continuessssss!!!

Ms. Pedicure’s Giveaway Winner!

Ah yes….time to show love to winner of the Ms. Pedicure Foot Spaah Giveaway.

It could be you.

That is if your name is Trish D.

Congrats darling!! Be sure to shoot me your mailing information so that I can get your goodies off to you.

Not Trish D? Don’t pout—I’ve got more giveaways with more chances for you to win.

Stay tuned for the next giveaway! Clumps’ 2 Year Anniversary continues……