Beautiful Bee-ing Me: Ms. Shavonda!

Welcome to the inaugural post for the series I’ve been meaning to introduce for quite some time! Beautiful Bee-ing Me in the reader/fellow blogger photo showcase! It is in this series that you can show off your hair, fab new outfit or make-up look. Wanna show off your new hair cut? That lipstick you’ve been rocking for a month? Show off on Clumps!

“Briiit, what if someone laughs at me?”

Okay, who cares? Have yall seen MY looks….or mistakes? Don’t be shy. This series is about being able to connect with the Clumps of Mascara community and display your new findings in the beauty/fashion world. I welcome all submissions from all ladies (and you too fellas) of all backgrounds and ages! Shoot me an email at

I feel honored to even display Shavonda, a 26 year-old from Sacramento. She has recently BCed (big chopped–this means cutting off relaxed hair) and wanted to show her new look with the Clumps of Mascara family.

After seeing her beautiful hair, I just had to ask her a few questions.

1. When did you BC?
—> November 20, 2008.

2. What do you love most about being natural?
–> I love EVERYTHING about being natural. I love that I can wash my hair everyday. I love that I don’t have to run from the sheer thought of water anymore. I love that it takes me 5 mins to do my hair in the morning. I think the best thing about being natural is that everyday I fall in love with my hair over again. I love that my curls are uniquely mine. No one else has the same curls as me.

3. What are some of the challenges?
–> I don’t think that I have encountered any hair challenges yet only because I’ve recently BC’d. Right now I’m rockin the TWA and even when I think I may be having a bad hair day, you can’t tell because it come across as intentional. Although I will say that I am having kind of a hard time with the whole head scarf, wrap thing, I had never worn wraps or scarfs before I chopped so I have NO IDEA what I’m doing. Plus I have a little head so I don’t really know that they look right on me!

4. What are your favorite products?
I’m really into all natural products so there are the ones that I have discovered and are lovin right now. I co wash pretty much everyday with either Burts Bees More Moisture Raspberry and Brazil Nut Conditioner or Giovanni Deeper Moisture Conditioner. I tend grab the Giovanni more though. It’s amazing because it’s natural and organic which I love and it makes my hair feel so soft and nourished. I have been following a few blogs (including Clumps of Mascara) which have raved of Trader Joe’s conditioner so I actually went out and bought it last night!! I plan on testing it out today. After I wash it I pat dry and spritz with some homemade vegetable glycerin and water spritz. While my hair still damp I apply some of my homemade hair crack (as I call it) which consists of Pure Unrefined Shea Butter, Unrefined Coconut Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, and Jojoba Oil. My hair loves this stuff and it is the most amazing moiturizer ever.. I don’t comb or brush my hair so I finger style and Im out the door. **I usually dont shampoo at all but if I notice buildup I only use one of things. I’ll use either castille soap or I use Giovanni Deeper Moisture Shampoo. Both are Laurel Sulfate free. Ill be trying Trader Joes brand shampoo that goes along with their conditioner since its also Laurel Sulfate free.

5. What do you plan on doing next with the hair?
At this point I have no idea what I plan to do with my hair next!! I know I don’t plan to loc it, though. I love the look of natural hair wild and free so I do plan on doing alot of braid and twist outs. I’m just looking forward to getting to know my hair and its characteristics.

Going natural has sparked a serious transition within me. I’ve developed a major love affair with my hair. I love to wear makeup now and I accessorize like nobody’s business. The bigger the earrings the better!!

How beautiful is she?! She reminds me so much of myself when I did my first BC back in April of 2005. You can find more pictures of Shavonda at her Fotki album.

Okay, so who is going to be the next feature? Don’t make me call you out. :) Beautiful in your own skin and don’t mind letting the world know? Shoot me your shots at

Until next time….

Rock on with you bad self,

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FOTD Friday: Fresh Green Mix (pic heavy!)

Ohhh la laaaa, thanks Jaimie for my new FOTD Friday banner. It is faaaab! FOTD Friday is all about creativity, comparing dupes and stepping outside of the box when it comes to color. Or sometimes we explore the beauty of natural looks. Today’s FOTD was inspired by reader Jamila who sent me her thoughts on MAC’s Fresh Green Mix Mineralized eyeshadow from the ElectroFlash collection.

I have seen these beauties in person but haven’t been compelled to buy anything since I am on this serious “it can be duped” phase. But Jamila may change my mind. I tried to duplicate her beautiful FOTD. She used (all MAC unless otherwise noted):

Pharaoh PP as base.
Fresh Green Mix on lid, the darker side in the crease and outer 1/3
Climate Blue (just a bit) in the crease and outer 1/3
Maybelline Dream Mousse shadow in Vanilla Veil to highlight.
MAC liquidlast in Electrolady to line (top and bottom)
Violet Pigment on top of Elctrolady

My Foundation and blush are some frankens that I put together.

NYX Black Label Lipstick Diva with Korres Pomegranate Lip butter over it.

Beautiful uh? So here is the quad that I used…

Ohh….and here’s the pobre Eyepopping eyeshadow in the jacked up shadows palettes.

And then the diagram….

And then the look…

Looks like I went a little above my crease on the left eye. Urrgghhh, Clumps of Mascara strikes again. Hehehe…

I used (all MAC unless otherwise noted):
Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer
Milani Garden Mist eyeshadow
True Chartreuse pigment
Clinique’s Almost Peach (highlight…love this color!)
Entremauve pigment (for purple lining)–forgot to add it on my waterline.

….that lippie is by NYC but the name rubbed off. I adore that color!

So how did I do? I think my look is a little more vibrant than J’s. But I’m thinking it’s because I used all of my shadows and pigments wet. I still think there are some dimensions to that Fresh Water Mix mineralized shadow that I would like to explore. Jamila has been nice enough to provide some swatch comparisons for us. Yaaaay! Check them out here.

Anyone else own it? Any must haves that you think I should take a look at in the Electro Flash collection?

It’s Friiiiiiiiday!!! I hope that yall are off to a good one!!

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But Black Women Can’t

Welcome to another post from the reader suggested series. Now yall knew this one was comin’ for quite awhile. Today we will bash that whole idea that Black women can’t…….

My sistas, my sistas. Who told you this? Yes, I know…when done unproperly, a blue-eye look can look like a black eye. But that’s because you are doing something wrong!

Here are some of my favorite blue-eye looks.

Not ready to wear a super vibrant blue eye? Try a subtler look. Here, I simply swiped darker blue on the lid and smoked it out with a a bit of black eyeshadow and liner on the lower lash line.

This is more blue-turquoise but I found that keeping the blue RIGHT ON THE LID keeps me lookin’ less “scary”.

Here’s a blue look that I did BEFORE I learned how to work with my eye shape. I took the blue waaaay above the crease. Which wasn’t a good idea because it gives me that clown-ish look. Or so I think. My hair is bangin’ though….ha!

Remember my Cool Heat inspired look? I think this may be my best blue eye look yet.

Now if I haven’t convinced you yet that we CAN wear blue eyeshadow and you are still feelin’ a bit apprehensive, you may want to try something like this.

A blue liner on the eyes. Gives you a pop of color but isn’t “too much”.

And to my light-skinned sisters who feel like that can’t rock the blue….check out my girl Tasha.

Absolutely stunning!! Thanks Dany for showin’ us your skills and an even bigger thank you to Tasha for letting me showcase your beautiful face.

Anyone have any suggestions for those fearful of wearing blue eyeshadow? Or perhaps you’d like to tell me why you feel you can’t wear blues?

Send your suggestions or questions about the But Black Women’t Can’t series to me at

And don’t forget to enter the Bee Contest. It closes on Friday!

Cool Heat ain’t hot…

I’ve been silent on the newest MAC Collection Cool Heat.

Why? Honestly…I’m not impressed. From the moment I saw the promo pictures I thought that every single eyeshadow color was dupe-able. I haven’t even gone to my MAC Pro to see it in person. I just knew I could create a Cool Heat look without…Cool Heat. So check it:

Here’s the palette I used.

These are the only blue/turquoise colors I own. I mean….how many does a gal need?

Here’s a little diagram to show where I placed the colors.

I used UDPP as a base. I found that using a colored primer (I tried Delft paint pot and a L’Oreal HIP creme liner) made the colors pop TOO much. Because these eyeshadow colors are so highly pigmented and blendable, I found that there was no need for colored bases.

I also used:
Vanilla pigment as a highlight
Clinique purple liner on waterline
Milani liquid liner on lower lash line
SpinLash mascara

Urgent Slimshine (thanks Nywele!)

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45
Bobbi Brown Brownie Shimmerbrick
(I seriously don’t see myself ever wearing foundation again. Is that bad? Heheheee….)

LOL, my flared nostrils. Cracks me up. I am really satisfied with passing on everything in the Cool Heat collection. However, if you are new to make-up or blues in general, this may be the perfect collection for you! I would love to hear your thoughts on this collection. And my look. Is there something I MUST take a look at? Whatcha thank?

Ciao chicas! Stay beautiful!

Brown and Blushin’ Series: Types of Blushes

[NOTE] I’m workin’ on some HTML/CSS so the page may be lookin’ funky for a day or two. Excuse the messs.
Welcome to another post of the Brown & Blushin’ series. I am excited to see many of you involved in sending me your pictures, requests and proclaiming your love for all things blush! Remember, you can send me pictures of you wearing your favorite blush at If your blog has posts about blush for women of color and you’d like me to link you, I am more than willing to do so. Hit me up!

This post is about the different types of blushes out on the market. I know you didn’t think that powder was the only kind. Come on, girlfriend…get with the program. But since you are so in hip with the powder blush, I guess we’ll start there.

The most traditional form of blush, powder, is great for for all skin types, but especially oily/combination skin.

Plus, it’s the most dense of all blushes which means it will give you long lasting color. I absolutely adore powder blushes (well shoot, it’s the only kind of blush I’ve ever used) because I find that if you apply too much, you can always “take a step back”. How? By dusting a bit of translucent face powder or bronzer on your cheeks. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

My favorite powder blush? NARS Cosmetics make the BEST blushes ever. But for a beauty on a budget, I recommend Milani.

Gel Blushes

Ohh la laaa….I am swooning over Tarte’s Cheekstains. How beautiful are they? They have won awards as “the best blush” from Cosmo, InStyle and Self magazines. I hear that the color payoff is intense and long lasting and get this….many of them are water resistant. Now that’s hot for Floridian beauties who like to jump in a pool at a moment’s notice. And since the cheekstains are oil-free, you don’t have to worry about getting that oily face look. That also means that they won’t be clogging your pores. Definitely adding this to my long list of “beauty products to cop”.

Cream Blushes

One of the products that I was always afraid to try when I first got into MAC Cosmetics was their cream blushes. Now that I have this slight obsession with blushes, in general, I think that I may give them a try sooner rather than later. Cream blushes usually offer more color than powder blushes but since the color pay off is so rich, it takes a bit more effort to blend in. The great thing about cream blushes is that they are ideal for those of us with drier skin. They are a bit more emollient and therefore provide more moisture than powder blushes. This would be perfect for the winter months. I don’t wear foundation but if I did, I would imagine that a cream blush would be absolutely divine for a nice evening look.


Let’s have a moment of silence for the fabulousness that is bronzers. If you’ve been a reader of Clumps of Mascara for awhile, you know how much I Iove Bobbi Brown’s Shimmerbricks. When I tell you this product is love at first swipe (to be taken literally), I’m not even playin’. Bronzers look absolutely beautiful on brown skin. It gives us a nice and natural glow. On days when I want to feel pretty without much effort, I swipe bronzer on the cheeks. Instant glow!!

This site will also give you more information about other types of blushes. It is a great resource for newbies. My girl Erin from The MAC Fetish (and has a post here where she shows us that you can wear eye shadows as blush. I’ve also heard that you can swipe lipsticks on your cheeks for added color too. Who would have thoooought? Yall know I’m going to be trying that out.

And for this post’s Brown & Blushin’ Beauty, my lovely author, PBW from Forty is the New 20 shows us her beautiful FOTD with her wearing Dior Sunset Fiesta blush.

Lookin’ gorgeous, uh? Love it! Send me yours at Stay tuned for more posts from the Brown & Blushin’ series. Smooches!

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