Let It Clump Series: China Glaze polishes

Time for a Let It Clump post! This series where we stop talking about make-up to explore other areas of beauty and beyond. That’s anything! Nails, hair, fashion, jacked up love lives..anything! Any suggestions? Let me know at Brittany@ClumpsOfMascara.com.

Today’s Let It Clump post is about….yesss, nail polishes again. I am finding that China Glaze polishes are seriously my favorite brand. Their colors are vibrant, long lasting and relatively affordable. I can snag them at Sally’s or the beauty supply store for about $3.99 a bottle. And on good weeks, I can buy 2 get 1 for free. Most of the colors I am featuring are colors that I wear on my toes….but I can’t stress how beautiful colors look on brown skin. The first few are from the China Glaze WOW collection.

And I guess I don’t have to tell yall how jacked up my application is…hehe, it’s okay though. I do a better job when I’m applying for real.

Shocking Pink

In The Lime Light

Purple Panic


Turned Up Turquoise

….these are colors that I randomly snagged from beauty supply store.

Coconut Kiss

Yellow Power

That yellow polish is craziness on the toes. I absolutely love it.

My next grab?

MAC’s Phosphor from the Neo Sci-Fi collection. It is such a beautiful color. A bit much for some nail polish, but I’m thinkin’ it’s worth it. I’m on make-up probation until June so I’m just swooning until then.

What’s your take on crazy colors? A french mani girl? A simple and sweet diva? Or are you wild and crazy with colors like me?

Enjoy your long weekends, dolls! I know I will!

[img credits: maccometics.com and chinaglaze.com]