InStyle Ultimate Beauty Secrets book

I’ve got some from Iman, Sam Fine and Bobbi Brown. I just have this THING for beauty books. And I guess it’s because I’m a reader. And these books are always so full of bright pictures. Don’t give me that look. Sometimes books are better with pictures. Ask your 4-year old. I’m just sayin’…

And here’s what I’m lovin’ about InStyle’s Ultimate Beauty Secrets Book…

…it has a stain-proof flexibind cover so if you’re checking out tips while applying make-up, that open tube of lipstick that you slammed on top of the book will not mess up the cover. Hollerrr! But what REALLY makes this book more unique from the other beauty books we’ve seen?

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Dear NY Fashion Week, Can Brown Stick Around?

I have still yet to actually attend any real deal New York fashion shows…a complete faux pas for the seasoned beauty or fashion blogger. Every season I endure an influx of blog posts, articles and features all done by those who have been so fortunate to attend the NYFW festivities.

Sometimes I cry silently as I click here and there, being mesmerized by the models and the designers’ pieces.

You see, I cry for many reasons, fam. I cry for not being an attendee at these shows AND I cry for the lack of brown girls on the runway. The latter is just down right annoying. Flipping through Essence’s History of Black Models slideshow made me feel a little better though. My favorite?

Um, yes!! You better work it Chanel, Sessilee, Jourdan and Arlenis. The pulled back hair, loud lips and beautiful expressions? Loves. It! I hope that we see more diversity this time around. In the meantime, view Essence’s slideshow here. I didn’t know there were so many popular Black runway models. That Kiara Kubukuru was absolutely stunning!

Let It Clump: Magazine Fab!

Time for a Let It Clump post! This series where we stop talking about make-up to explore other areas of beauty and beyond. That’s anything! Nails, hair, fashion, jacked up love lives..anything! Any suggestions? Let me know at

So let’s talk magazines. Growing up I was an avid Seventeen and CosmoGirl reader. I also stole….I mean snagged my parents’ Ebony, Essence and Jet mags. But I never felt like I related to those magazines. Seventeen was great for reading on airplanes or on long road trips and Ebony felt like it was geared more to “grown folx”.

I am currently subscribed to Allure magazine but mainly just to keep up with the newest beauty fads and products on a commercial level. Yet I still don’t FEEL a connection with that magazine.

I even copped that highly coveted Vogue Italian Black Issue.

I agree with Seymone. The sistas are baring it a little too much for me. And yes the ads…well, let’s just say I forgot it was the “Black Issue”. HA! But it is what it is. I’ll save that rant for the personal blog.

But there is one magazine that I adore. I mean…I am truly in love with this magazine. It incorporates everything! Fashion, beauty, hair, culture, hobbies and lifestyle by and for the modern Black woman.

Let me introduce you to……

Colures Magazine;
a UK publication

I purchased this copy at a Borders in Los Angeles and have struggled to find another one since!

Colures is impeccable. Check out some of the spreads…

do you see the abudance of nappturals sistas?

Ahhh, look at the make-up! That silver glitter on the lips is hottttt!

….and the ads aren’t bad either.

And some culture talk too?

I flippin’ love this magazine! But can’t find it anywhere in Florida. Urgh! Anyone else familiar with Colures?

I went to MAC’s Cult of Cherry party at my MAC Pro and had a ball. Of course I leave my camera but I’ll post some pictures of my 1 lippie and 1 lip glass haul on the laters. I would have loved to snag some of those palettes but yall know I’m the dupe queen. I think everything is a dupe. But I’m all over the vampy burgundy matte lipstick.

And a random video posting…

I know this is a jam packed post. My bad, beautiful people! Have a wonderful hump day!