Carissa, The Ministering Makeup Artist

Makeup by Carissa


Carissa is a personal friend of mine and she’s one of those women who feels like a breath of fresh air when you chat with her. I felt a sense of calmness when I first met her and I haaaaate that I don’t get to be around her as much as I’d like. She is truly an inspiring lady and one of the most inspiring people that I’ve ever met. She won’t hesitate to tell you her life story and will listen to yours without judgment.


What do you do?
I’m a makeup artist.

Where can we find you?

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Makeup artist Rondell Johnson goes on tour!

Makeup artists and aspiring makeup artists, where are youuuuu? If you’re looking to attend a beauty event that caters to your desire to learn more about all areas of beauty, I’ve got something for you. Talented makeup artist and educator, Rondell Johnson has been hitting the road to educate aspiring and professional makeup artists. He’ll be instructing two classes:

Professional Makeup Artist

The “Professional Makeup Artist” Workshop is all about makeup and how it relates to photography. In this workshop, students will first watch my application as I explain what my approach on makeup customized for photography is. The student will learn and understand what ingredients do and don’t photograph well, color theory, what textures you should work with when doing a photo shoot, film, media, etc. how to effectively accentuate your client/model’s feature in photography and ultimately, perform to deliver results that are raw, and unedited.

Women of Color Master Class

The “Women of Color Master Class” conveys to the student the all of the aspects of makeup customized for Hispanic, Mediterranean, Latin, African, Mexican, Central American, Indian, and many other ethnic women of color. Training consists of skincare assessment, color theory of skin, the creative breakdown of foundation, eye brow enhancement, blush and how it relates to the foundational process, lip care and different lip finishes, and how to effectively create a balance with precise application.

The tour is a nationwide tour that will go on for as long as students are registering. He’s already hit up Washington, DC and Suffolk, Virginia. Where will be go next?

New York City, New York on October 23rd, 2011
Jacksonville, FL on October 30th.

Atlanta, GA and Chicago, IL are very soon to follow. The class in these areas will be “Women of Color Master Class”. For more information about Rondell and his classes, visit Oh! And if you follow him on Twitter, tell him B sent you.

Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Saisha Beecham

Saisha doing makeup for Kandi of Real Housewives of Atlanta

I had the opportunity to interview one of hottest makeup artists in the game. Saisha Beecham has done makeup for several stars including Janelle Monae, Ashley Tisdale, P.Diddy, Usher, Vanessa Hudgens and one of my favorite actresses, Nia Long. Impressive, uh? I had a few minutes to chit-chat with Saisha. Peep the interview. Y’all know me…I couldn’t ask those boring and typical interview questions. 😉

In attempts to not make this a boring interview, I will start with something random. What’s your favorite candy and would you rather use a PC or a Mac?

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