Mascara Monday: LORAC Multiplex 3D Lashes

It seems like everything is going 3D now, uh? I was in Best Buy the other day (it’s my another toy store…after Sephora, of course) and saw a 3D television. Okay, seriously? I have to sit in front of my TV wearing those ridiculous glasses JUST to see a soccer ball get thisclose to my face? Um…no thank you. But I do think it’s kinda cool that LORAC has taken heed to this trend. They recently released their Multiplex 3D Lashes Volumizing and Thickening mascara and I was SUPER excited to give it a whirl. Hit the jump to see if my lashes were in…3D.

I know. Sounds so weird, uh? :D

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Mascara Monday: Dior DiorShow 360 mascara

It’s been a minute since I’ve reviewed a higher-end mascara. While I blame my cheap my nature inability to spend a mess load of money on a mascara, I know that in order to have a pretty awesome Mascara Bin, I MUST review all mascaras.

And so here it is, darlings. Dior’s newest. And they really tried to impress us with this one. Instead of the mascara vibrating, it rotates.

Oh…and it’s $36. Hit the jump to see if it’s worth your pretty pennies.

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Mascara Monday: L’Oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator mascara

Alright L’Oreal. We haven’t seen each other since that Million Lashes mascara.  A Clumps reader told me about this one and I was a wee bit shocked at my not seeing it for many weeks. To keep up with the trend, L’Oreal is giving us a dual wand mascara. I know, I know. Are you sick of these yet? But wait…it not only has two wands, but it also promises to illuminate your eyes. Oh gosh. Y’all know how I feel about those claims. Let’s take a look see…

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Mascara Monday: Maybelline Hello Kitty Volum’ Express Cat eyes mascara

I thought long and hard about reviewing mascara. Because I love y’all, I didn’t want you to be all upset at me for reviewing a mascara that MOST of you will not be able to find. This mascara is (or was…not sure if they are still selling it or not) exclusive to Asia. And then I thought about it. There have been several mascaras that I’ve reviewed that have been exclusive to the U.S. Which, I’m sure, left my International sisters fuming somethin’ serious.

Plus this mascara is just TOO cute to not be added to the Mascara Bin.

But even with her cuteness, was this mascara a winner?

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Mascara Monday: Revlon CustomEyes Mascara

Every time I see a new mascara from Revlon, I get nervous. And it’s because they have been a steady disappointment in the Mascara World. If it weren’t for y’all requesting that I review them, I would have bid adieu to Revlon and their mascaras many moons ago. But alas, here we are. A new one.

Has Revlon finally won me over? Or are they still on my “Anti” list?

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The Mascara Bin

Reviewing mascaras isn’t an easy job…but someone has to do it. Someone has to be be honest and tell you if that newly released mascara is not worth your dollars.Or if the “most talked about mascara” is really worth the hype.

Below you will a list of all of the mascaras I have reviewed on Clumps of Mascara. Keep in mind that these opinions are based off of MY experiences. If I gave a mascara that you absolutely love low ratings, who knows—maybe I had a bad tube. In which case you are more than welcome to purchase another tube for me. HA! I’m kidding. But no two mascara wearers have the same kind of lashes and different mascaras give us different results. More than anything, my reviews will at least give you a first glance at the the look and feel of the wand, the mascara’s formula and a general assessment on whether or not the mascara may work for you.

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This page is updated with every new mascara review.

Click HERE to visit the Mascara 101: Application video. Don’t be embarrassed. A lot of us don’t know how to put on mascara the right way. I’m here to help! Also, if you have a different mascara application technique, please oh please share it with me!

These reviews are in alphabetical order

Mascara Reviews to Date: 217


~~  means the mascara is paraben-free and/or close to natural (as far as I know)
**  means the mascara is cruelty-free and NOT tested on animals (as far as I know)


























Josie Maran GOGO Instant Natural Argan  ~~**


















Pixi Large Lash









Rimmel Lash Accelerator (the 100th mascara review)











Victoria Secret’s Beauty Rush **




Wet ‘N Wild’s MegaVolume
Wet ‘N Wild MegaLash Clinical 
Wet ‘N Wild MegaPlump







YBF Beauty Xtreme 
Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes
Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Luxurious

Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Singulier Exaggerated Lashes