Guest Post: 5 Tips on Applying Mascara the Perfect Way

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5 Tips on Applying Mascara

the Perfect Way

Mascara is probably considered as a staple in makeup for many. However, only few of us know exactly how to apply mascara. Here are some tips I would like to share:

1. Flexi Wand

Bending the wand (not too much!) a little bit is the first thing to do. You can bend it at any angle that you feel comfortable with when applying.

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Mascara Monday: Manic Panic Eye Wear Glossy Mascara

Didn’t know Manic Panic had mascaras, did ya? I didn’t either. I’ve known about Manic Panic since I was a teenager. They were the brand of hair dyes with the crazy colors. You know…oranges and greens and purples. If you wanted a funky hair dye, Manic Panic is where you went. Are their mascaras just as awesome?

Let’s seeee….

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