Guest Post: 5 Tips on Applying Mascara the Perfect Way

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5 Tips on Applying Mascara

the Perfect Way

Mascara is probably considered as a staple in makeup for many. However, only few of us know exactly how to apply mascara. Here are some tips I would like to share:

1. Flexi Wand

Bending the wand (not too much!) a little bit is the first thing to do. You can bend it at any angle that you feel comfortable with when applying.

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Mascara Monday: Manic Panic Eye Wear Glossy Mascara

Didn’t know Manic Panic had mascaras, did ya? I didn’t either. I’ve known about Manic Panic since I was a teenager. They were the brand of hair dyes with the crazy colors. You know…oranges and greens and purples. If you wanted a funky hair dye, Manic Panic is where you went. Are their mascaras just as awesome?

Let’s seeee….

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4 Mascaras That Totally Rock

Yeah, I know. 4 is such a random number but you know what? Mascaras just haven’t really been impressing me lately. Some have been good but I haven’t come across any that REALLY rock. And so instead of reviewing one this week, we’ll just check out some of the few that I’ve absolutely loved.

#1 LORAC’s Multiplex 3D Lashes mascara

One of the reasons why I REALLY love this mascara is because of the packaging. Crazy, I know. The mascara’s performance is pretty good for one that is without parabens and all of those yucky synthetic ingredients. But come on, let’s face it. It’s the packaging and wand that really had me lovin’ this mascara.

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