Mascara Monday: Wet ‘N Wild MegaPlump mascara

Well, well, well…look what we have here. The last time Wet ‘N Wild and I tangoed in the mascara department, it wasn’t very nice. I was not the biggest fan of Wet ‘N Wild’s MegaVolume mascara. In fact, it got the lowest rating in Clumps of Mascara history. Think her sister can win me back?

Wet ‘N Wild MegaPlump mascara

Price: 5 out of 5 
Packaging (Brush Wand): 4 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5

What it claims: 
From the packaging, which doesn’t say much.

The truth: Have you ever heard that saying, “You get what you pay for?” Uh…it’s pretty much true. 
What I loved about it: Check this out…

Errr, disregard by purchasing of a lollipop (I HAD to have it) but not only did I get the mascara for mega cheap but I had a coupon too. Oh…yeah!
What I didn’t like: The formula was extra thick. And I didn’t like this part…

Overall: Well the good news is that MegaPlump was nowhere near as horrific as MegaVolume. While the formula was pretty thick, applying it wasn’t too much of a challenge. The wand is okay.

It met my expectations as I didn’t expect anything super fancy. Mind if I’m honest? Everything about the mascara feels cheap. From the packaging not giving a lick of details, instructions or showing a picture of the wand, to the actual feel of the mascara in my head. It just didn’t feel sturdy. It reminded me of those “Let’s play make-up kits” that little girls had. Granted, I grew up this sisters but we weren’t THAT girly.
I know I shouldn’t complain as the mascara only cost me a little over $3 but still.

It didn’t seem to last long. A few minutes after application, it was gone with the wind. Exactly how that happened, I don’t know. I just know one minute I had decent volume and the next it was gone.

The volume that the mascara does provide is actually pretty good. My lashes were coated evenly without much clumping. The wand allowed me to separate my lashes with ease while wiggling from root to tip. One coat was great while a second coat really turned things up a notch. Very impressive! But the fact that it seemed to dissolve into thin air within minutes was just sad. Real sad.

Lashes without mascara
(did not curl lashes)

Lashes with 1 Coat

Lashes with 2 Coats

Would I recommend it?: I wouldn’t. It’s just not a good quality mascara. Can it get the job done? Sure. But will it stick around for lunch time and a 4pm meeting? Nope!
Have you tried any Wet ‘N Wild mascaras lately? Is it just me or have you had good experiences with them?

A crazed mascara reviewer,

Mascara Monday: Belvada mascara

It’s been a while since I’ve come across a super cool mascara. Granted, having reviewed over 90, I have come across the best of the best in lengthening and volumizing mascara. But every now and then, I want a mascara to REALLY surprise me. Belvada’s mascara has certainly done that. Check this out…

Belvada Mascara

Price: 1 out of 5 (It can only be purchased online for $24.95. Pretty steep.)
Packaging (Brush Wand): 3 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5

What it claims:
From the website

The truth: Seriously one of the most innovative mascara. Loving the idea!
What I loved about it: Exactly how many times have you read my complaints about “mascara poop” at the end of the wands? Aside from it wasting product, it’s just super messy and unpleasant to work with. I LOVE how this this mascara brings the wand UP for the tube. It’s just genius. 
What I didn’t like: It is a lengthening and curl mascara so while I didn’t expect much length, I would have liked a little more.
Overall: I first heard about Belvada last year some time and it wasn’t until Reader Nicole left a comment on the Clumps’ Facebook wall asking me if I have tried it yet. Fast forward a few months and here we are! Let me preface this by saying, I wish that ALL mascaras took this approach. I find that the mascara loading from tip to bottom can only enhance mascara application. No more wiping the side of the wand to remove excess mascara before applying it to the inner lashes. And the fact that it’s SO easy to do makes the mascara even more attractive.

The mascara comes in a nice little box…

Quite a bit of fanfare for a mascara, uh? I love it though. It gives directions and tips of how to use the mascara. When I first whipped the mascara out I was like, “Whoa…lil mama!” This kid is a little hefty in size. Look how it compares to Maybelline The Falsies’ mascara.

It’s not a good or bad thing. I’ve just never seen a mascara this large. As far as revealing the mascara wand, you first have to unscrew the top and simply snap it on at the bottom of the tube.

Pretty easy! And then you slide the slider up…

That’s it! The wand is just okay.

I find it to be a little large and ladies with smaller lids and lashes may have some issues with it. It almost reminds me of L’Oreal Voluminous’ wand. The directions say that the wand is intended to be used as if you are holding a pen.

I can dig it! It’s actually a pretty comfortable hold. You can see a demonstration of that in my video review of the mascara.

Now as far as the mascara’s performance, it’s just so so. I had to keep reminding myself that it was a lengthening mascara. Still, it didn’t give me enough POW. What little bit of length I did get was just average. The good news is that it is a very lightweight mascara. It makes the lashes very wispy, is build-able and doesn’t flake or smudge throughout the day. It is a great longwear mascara!

Would I recommend it?: Even though it wasn’t the best for my lashes, I still think it is one of the top mascaras that I have ever reviewed, if for no reason other than its innovative design. I would have given it a 5 had I gotten better performance from the mascara formula. But, if you are a fan of lengthening mascaras, then yes…I do recommend this kid!
So what do you think? Do you think that Belvada’s mascara is the future of mascaras? Think that all mascaras should take on this design?

Check out my video review here.
A crazed mascara reviewer,
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Mascara Monday: Rimmel The Max Bold Curves mascara

Rimmel managed to sneak another one of their mascaras on the beauty shelves. I almost missed this one! I’m so used to seeing commercials of their newest mascaras but didn’t see any of this one. Then again, I only watch a good 2 hours of television a week. Hahahaa!!

Rimmel very rarely disappoints me in the mascara department. How did they do this go round?

Rimmel The Max Bold Curves
Price: 5 out of 5 (I got it for $5.99 at Target. It was on sale. Holla!)
Packaging (Brush Wand): 2 out of 5
Overall: 2 out of 5

What it claims: 
Per the packaging…

The truth: Am I the only one that would assume that this is a curl mascara? I mean…it IS called “The Max Bold CURVES”. But nope…it’s a volume and lifting mascara. 
What I loved about it: It does just okay with one coat. If you’re not a fan of buildable mascaras and just want to apply one coat and be out, this one may work for you.
What I didn’t like: This needs very little explanation. If any..

I’m just SO over seeing mascaras do this. It’s starting to frustrate me to no end. WHY do these companies continually do this? I think everyone should take the Belvada mascara approach because mascara poop is really irkin’ a sista’s nerves yo. I won’t fault Rimmel solely for this as I’ve seen the same issues with Revlon, L’Oreal and Maybelline mascaras too. Still…it makes mascara application challenging; especially if you’re trying to get in the inner corners of the eyes. Not to mention it is a total waste of product. Boo!

Overall: The wand isn’t the best as I find it too large to actually work with. And then there’s the “curvy-ness” of it. I never understand why brands do that as everyone’s lashes and eye shapes are different. I don’t feel like the shape of the wand in this instance helped me achieve greater volume or lifting. My little trick for lifting the lashes? Doing this…

…and holding it for a good 30 seconds or so.

I don’t think I really like the formula of this one. One coat is just so so but two coats is a nightmare. The formula seems to be so thick and goopy. If goopy is a word. :) It has troubles staying put throughout the day and will flake right on your fingers if you gently wipe your lashes.

Lashes without mascara
(did not curl lashes)

Lashes with 1 Coat

Lashes with 2 Coats

Would I recommend it?: Not at all. Which makes me sad because I usually like Rimmel mascaras. I think they have better ones than this one though. No me gusta.
Have you tried this mascara yet? Whatcha think?
A crazed mascara reviewer,
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Mascara Monday: Almay One Coat Dial Up mascara

One of the best things about reviewing mascaras is trying to guess what brands are going to think of next to get us to buy, buy, buy. I mean, who would have thought that vibrating mascaras would ever be the IT thing? Well, kids…I didn’t see this one comin’. A mascara with dials!

Think I loved it?

Almay One Coat Dial Up mascara

Price: 5 out of 5 (I got it for $7.99 at Target)
Packaging (Brush Wand): 5 out of 5
Overall: 3.5 out of 5

What it claims: 
Per the packaging…
The truth: Wait, I’m confused. Exactly HOW is this supposed to work?
What I loved about it: The wand kinda rocks! 
What I didn’t like: For starters, the packaging doesn’t tell you a thing about how this mascara works. I find the concept interesting and gimmicky but to leave the consumer wondering what to do is just a total fail, in my opinion. At least tell us on the packaging how this works, Almay! 
Overall: The concept seems simple enough. Within one mascara tube, you can get three effects: full, fuller, and super duper full lashes with the simple click of the dial. The move from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 and back is easy. You won’t have to do much tugging of the dial.
Q: So how does turning the dial give you greater volume?
A: I know, right? I wondered the same thing when I first saw the commercial. Which, by the way, was insanely vague. As you go from Dial 1 to Dial 2, the hole of wand widens. It gets even wider when you turn to Dial 3. As the hole gets wider, more mascara ends up on the wand. More mascara on a wand means more mascara on your lashes, which=volume. Yes, mascaras have equations…work with me, kids. 
Q: So B…do you think this works?
A: Actually, I do! It’s a pretty genius idea. IF, and only IF you stick with the one coat rule and don’t cheat. You go against the point of this mascara if you apply three coats on Dial 1. But since I believe the average mascara user, applies more than one coat, the goal of this mascara may fail among many.
Q: What about the quality of the mascara?
A: Well…it’s just so so. I experienced flakiness throughout the day. By the end of the day, the mascara was practically gone with the wind. Womp. The formula also felt different. My lashes weren’t stiff. In fact they were soft. Too soft.

Lashes without mascara
(did not curl lashes)
Lashes with Dial 1 

Lashes at Dial 2

Lashes at Dial 3

Would I recommend it?: Umm….only if you feel the need to play around with a new mascara. Chances are your favorite mascara is better. But I am giving it a 3.5 because I think the idea is pretty cool.
Have you tried this mascara yet? Whatcha think?
Well, I get a D+ in Mascara History 101. After receiving several emails from readers, it turns out that this “dial” concept is not new. It made its debut in the 80’s among brands like Maybelline. Check out this commercial.

A crazed mascara reviewer,
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Mascara Monday: tarte multiplEYE natural lash waterproof mascara

Lately I’ve been getting a TON of requests for green mascaras. And by green, I mean mascaras that don’t contain those yucky parabens and the like. I’ve got a nice little list of natural mascaras and here’s another kid to add to the bunch. If anyone knows how to make eco-friendly, green cosmetics, it’s tarte!

tarte multiplEYE natural lash 
enhancing waterproof mascara

Price: 2 out of 5 ($24)
Packaging (Brush Wand): 3 out of 5
Overall: 3.5 out of 5

What it claims:
“Our new multiplEYE™ natural lash enhancing waterproof mascara is perfect for those wanting to fortify lashes while increasing the appearance of lash length and growth. “ (source)

The truth: It does pretty good in the volumizing department.

What I loved about it: Totally love the following:

formulated without mineral oil & petrolatum
formulated without paraben
cruelty free
formulated without synthetic dye
formulated without synthetic fragrance
dermatologist tested
clinically tested
What I didn’t like: The wand isn’t the best thing kicking.

The mascara tends to gather at the tip of the wand and gets all gunky. And the bristles aren’t as stiff as I’d like them to be. That makes root to tip application challenging. And if you apply more than one coat, go ahead and prepare for the clumps.

Overall: This mascara is the first and final step of 3 products that promise stronger and longer lashes. Step 1 is the Natural Lash Enhancer ($65) and Step 2 is the MultiplEYE primer ($22). If you wanted the trio, you’re looking at paying over $100. I’ve seen lash growth serums that cost that alone so as far as pricing, I don’t think tarte is too far off. Keep in mind that a mascara like this is intended to be used with the other two products over time for maximum results. Due to my inability to review mascaras for months at a time, I’ve only been reviewing for under two weeks and did not notice a difference in my lashes’ length or condition. My review is based off of the mascara’s application, everyday wear and performance.

I’ll give it up to multiplEYE! It does darn good in the waterproofing department. Which, of course, makes it a perfect summer mascara. Especially for ladies who sweat on a dime; such as myself. Volumizing was good, but not incredible. I tried to push it to the limit and get two coats but this mascara seems to work best with only one coat. It doesn’t flake or smudge. If I wasn’t a regular mascara user, I’d be inclined to use use it overtime to see the results. But man…I’d love some extra length.

Lashes without mascara
(did not curl lashes)

Lashes with 2 coats of mascara

Would I recommend it?: Sure ’nuff!

Have you tried this mascara yet? Whatcha think?

A crazed mascara reviewer,

This review contains a sample product sent for post consideration. Read our disclosure policy here.

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Discount mascaras for my UK girls

The U.S. ladies have beauty discount sites like Beauty Crunch and Beauty Ticket. But what about my UK girlies who want the same discounts without paying an arm and a leg in shipping?

Ta da…Beauty 21!

Beauty 21 is a UK based online beauty boutique offering top brands at discounted prices. Beauty21 offer makeup, skincare, perfumes, self tan and hair extension from a range of brands including Lancome, Clinique, Clarins, Stila, Elizabeth Arden, Maybelline, Rimmel and many more. Beauty21 offer a hassle-free ordering and delivery service, allowing you to order all your favourite beauty products online, delivered to your door. Delivery is only £1.50 in the UK and £4 worldwide.

Beauty21 specialise in finding products that are now difficult to get hold of. So many popular products are discontinued, with loyal shoppers left looking for them. Beauty21 have a wide range of mascara’s – currently over 35 different mascara’s in store including the discontinued Lancome Fatale Mascara and Maybelline Lash Stylist.

And we ALL know how wonderful Maybelline Lash Stylist mascara was.

Get your shop on!

Mascara Monday: Lancôme’s Définicils Precious Cells mascara giveaway!!

Hi lovelies!

With me being sick and all, I just didn’t get around to reviewing any mascaras. But don’t you worry, mon…I’ve got a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for ya.

TWO lucky ladies will have the opportunity to score Lancôme’s Définicils Precious Cells mascara.

Remember when I reviewed it here? I’m still lovin’ every bit of it and my friends at Lancôme want to treat TWO lucky Clumps gals with the opportunity to try it out.

Leave a comment telling me your favorite Lancôme product 
(if you can choose) AND your email address in THIS POST ONLY.

Zee Rules:
-International friendly! From London to Liberia and from Tallahassee to Thailand!

-Contest ends  Monday, July 19, 2010 at 12:00 pm EST
-Have you won a giveaway within the past 6 months? Give someone else a chance, homie. 
-Winner will be selected at random
-Family members/personal friends of B are not eligible
-In the event that a winner does not respond in 3 days, another person will be selected

Ready, set…go!! If you have any questions, email me at Good luck!

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Mascara Monday: NYX Doll Eye waterproof mascara

It only took 600 years but I am finally reviewing this mascara!

NYX Doll Eye mascara
Price: 3 out of 5
Packaging (Brush Wand): 5 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5

What it claims: “
Doll Eye mascara offers the latest advanced mascara formula for perfect all-around full lashes. Contains natural oils, vitamin E and fibers to extend and protect lashes.” (source)

The truth: It’s average.

What I loved about it: The wand was pretty groovy. It’s not original but helps with lengthening and separation.

What I didn’t like: While I like fiber mascaras, one of their flaws is the flakiness they tend to give you after you’ve coated your lashes. This isn’t the case with ALL fiber mascaras but it is certainly the case with NYX’s.

Overall:  Fiber mascaras ain’t for everybody. I think they are best suited for ladies who have short ladies. Small strokes and few coats are key for fiber mascaras. And if you have have super sensitive eyes, they may not be the best for you because of the flakiness. Doll Eye does well with one coat but I didn’t find it to be spectacular. The volume was so so but the lengthening wasn’t where it should be for a fiber mascara.The best thing about it is the removal process–simply wet the lashes, massage them and it’s off! It’s like magic!

Lashes without mascara
(did not curl lashes)
Lashes with 1 coats of mascara

You can purchase it for $9 anywhere NYX Cosmetics products are sold. 

Would I recommend it?: Nope. While, it’s not a bad mascara per se, I didn’t find it to be one that I would purchase again.

Until next Monday…

A crazed mascara reviewer,

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