Stash (pics)

Sooo….time for some updates.

But first….

Glad that you’ve jumped up on the bandwagon of make-up blogs, Ms. Riss!! I can’t wait to learn all the secrets and tricks of the trade from a professional like you!!

Okayyy….so after best friend left, I ran to MAC and picked up:

Some friggin’ Concealer….I have 1 fugly dark spot on my face that I am proud to announce is invisible with this stuff! My very first concealer. A special moment in a young woman’s life. *tear* LOL!

And then I got an eyebrow pencil. Scuse my moment but OMG, it’s like totally the best thing I’ve ever freaking come across! No seriously…..that pencil is the ish. It’s thin and the color is sooo close to my natural eyebrow color. I’m definitely mastering the eyebrows little by little. I’m so proud I could spit. Hehe…

And then I got another StudioFix compact because mine broke during an unfortunate incident at some hood-ass club. But I don’t even know why I purchased it because I’m staying away from face make-up for awhile. Except that concealer which actually looks okay alone. My skin needs a break. And I’ve gone back to my natural face care wash, toner and moisturizer.

Ohhhhhhhhhh……and my pigments came in on last Friday and I was so excited. I ordered 9 from miss lady off of Specktra (1165Cheryl….yall need to look chick up. She’s on point!). Her prices are extremely reasonable and she gives you an amble amount. I was so happy! And she hooked me up with one free piggie. I took a pic of some….

I absolutely love them! And then folx kept ravin’ about Vanilla pigment (which I forgot to order), but I got a sample from MAC when I picked up my other goodies. I am so excited! The Vanilla looks great on the lips. Anyone got any recs on some “must have” piggies for Women of color?

OH….here’s my FOTD for Thursday night’s awful.terrible.will never again go to that damn club experience:

Seee….and I know you can’t tell from this pic, but I was trying to go for some extreme cat eye look that I saw once and it just didn’t work out. I have to do some more practicing.

I ordered MAC’s FIRESPOT today!!!! From the Moothbathe collection. I know. I’m like 10 years late. ‘Bout time. I’ve been wanting that color forever.

Oh….I also purchased NARS’ Emmanuel. Did I mention that I am in LOVE with NARS’ colors. Why are they so beautiful?

I ran into a bump today while putting on some make-up. I’ve come to discover that virtually all of my colors are poooow….in yo face….see how purty my make-up is kind of stuff. Nooo, I don’t want that! I need some tone down colors and looks. Bad, like really bad. So I ended up wearing some boring ole’ Mythology and Vex and called it a day.

Boo and Boo’s Momma…I look boring and boring. HELP, I need some everyday pretty looks.

Deuces for now…..I don’t exactly know what else to buy in terms of products except a good mascara. I think I’ve hit a bump. Until I find some neutal looks, I’m going to be sad, depressed and withdrawn from MAC.

……my dramatic self. I know. The Academy Award goes to……………….

Blue & Passion (pics)

Wooooop! I’m excited because I got some new colors. *doin’ a dance* So excited. It’s about time because it had been a long looong loooong almost 2-3 weeks since I’ve purchased my last color. So thrilled. So, here’s what I got…

Orange (might be going back)
Ricepaper (also might be going back)
Big T


…..and I purchased some color from Milani that is similar to Firespot.

… one has Firespot and I’m sooo saddened because I REALLY want it.

So yeah, I don’t like how Orange feels….doesn’t go too well on my eyes and Ricepaper (WTF was I thinking?) I went a little overboard so instead of exchanging them, I may return them. IF I have THAT much will power….which I doubt I do.

——–Oh, wait. I also got an eyebrow pencil with Milani that is wonderful!! I’m doing so much better with my eyebrows!!!!———-

So I tried 2 new looks which I’ve named Blue and Passion. The quality of the pics are terrible because I used my camera phone, so please beware—for some reason the enlargement of these pics make my face look like HELL. I’m not even lyin’… skin ain’t as good as it normally is, but it certainly doesn’t look as terrible as the damn Sidekick makes it seem.

So……the colors from Blue are all MAC colors which include:
-Electric Eel on lid
-Tilt on crease
-Vex on browbone (yall know I love my Vex up there)
…..this was a BOLD, in yo face…..”check out the chick with the loud ass blue eyeshadow on” kinda look. And of course, I rocked it, loved it, felt confident, got compliments, and smiled at the hatas alllll at the same time. For some reason, I really don’t care what people think about my eyeshadow. I got some funny looks yesterday, but I shrugged it off and came strollin’ anyway.

Not too bad, uh? Here’s a pic with closed eyes….

Here’s a full face pic:

Now remember……my skin is NOT THAT BAD! I have to keep reiterating it because enlarging this picture depresses me. LOL!!

Okay, sooo passion–I absolutely love. I went and played around with C-Shock colors again yesterday and not only can AFFORD to get the entire collection, but I’m just not in love with all of them. Eyepopping…..ehhhh. Fab & Flashy…….ehh. I mean, I like them. But I’m not tryna go bankrupt tryna get them. I’d rather go bankrupt for something I REALLY want. Ahem, like Firespot from the Moonbathe Collection.Anyway…..Passion’s colors include:
Big T-inner V
Romping-outer V (I freakin’ love this damn color!!!!!)
Nocturnelle (liner)
Vex (you know it…..browbone)

…..this is what I got:

*screams* My faaaaace!!! Ugghhhh, I swear I don’t look THAT bad. And of course, I may be being overly critical, but I’d admit if my face looked like I had a flesh eating disease. But it doesn’t—so I don’t know why my phone has to exaggerate to the 194th degree. I’m not wearing any Studio Fix—-remember? I’m trying to ween myself off of foundation. Don’t want to become too dependent on it and feel like I have to wear it every day.When I first got into make-up—-it was supposed to be eye make-up designing. And of course, that entails the WHOLE face (obviously I didn’t know that before) but still….my focus is the eyes.

Ohhhh shooooot……I went in Sephora yesterday and checked out NARS Exhibit A and Taj Mahal blushes and that Taj Mahal is GORGEOUS!!!! Exhibit A is nice, but it looks a little orange. I’m defintely going to have to indulge in that some day.

And then I checked out Urban Decay’s Heat which is a RED (okayyyy, I thought for the longest that red shadows didn’t even exist!) that I absolutely love. I’m going to go back and get it one day. It’s intense. More intense than NARS’ Emmanuel.

So yeah….that’s that!