New York Fashion Week Fall 2011: Caviar Nails

Celebrity nail technician Pattie Yankee for Dashing Diva helped create super cool caviar-esque nails for the Cushnie et Ochs show.

Dashing Diva shares how you can get the same look at home using adhesive nails.

1. Apply 2 coats of Dashing Diva’s Limo Service Polish

2. Apply nail glue all over the nail

3. Dip nails into black seed beads

4. Sprinkle with black glitter

5. Apply and activator spray to adhere

These are super funky. Think you’ll try ’em at home?

Photos by Ann Lawlor

New York Fashion Week S/S 2011: Clumps in the streets!

Oh my…what would I do without the Clumps of Mascara New York Fashion Week team? We would not have any representation if it weren’t for my girls Sarah and Yaya. Yaya is a veteran to helping me out but the lovely Sarah is new to Clumps of Mascara. She is a New York native and I am so glad that we crossed paths. Girlfriend is super talented and she bounced around NYC last week attending New York Fashion Week events.

She did a video about her experience at one of Maybelline New York and CVS Pharmacy pop-up tents and ohmigooodness….let’s just sayin’ I was hatin’ somethin’ serious. I so wish I could have been there! Here’s what Sarah has to say.

It was great to check out the Maybelline New York & CVS Pharmacy
Beauty and Fashion Retreat in the whirlwind that was New York Fashion
Week. What’s better than getting pampered (for free!) and learning
quick tips about looking runway ready from the comfort of your own home? The experience was great, and Gabriel Almodovar was helpful in breaking things down for me.

And the amazing video that she did documenting the event….

Stay tuned for more New York Fashion Week coverage from Clumps’ Sarah and Yaya!

Giveaway! $150 in Maybelline goodies!

Last night I totally teased the Clumps Facebook page with this giveaway. If you ever want to know what Clumps has going on BEFORE it actually hits the dot com, the Facebook page would be the way to go. And we’re just mega silly over there. The other day we were reppin’ our favorite football teams. Because you know…sports and beauty CAN mix.

Okay, I’ll quit stalling. In honor of this season’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Maybelline is giving one Clumps of Mascara reader the following…

 The FALSIES by Volum’ Express Mascara, which I reviewed here.

Aaaaand….The Eye Studio Collection, Color Plush Silk Eyeshadows, Color Pearls Marbleized Eyeshadows, Color Gleam Shadow, The Pearls by Color Sensational Lipstick and Lip Gloss

The entire prize pack retails at $150. Whoa momma! Here’s how you can win it…

Leave a comment telling me one of your hobbies
 AND your email address in THIS POST ONLY. Do you sew,
play the sax, swim, read, volunteer? Tell me! Do not 
forget to include your email address!

Zee Rules:
-For U.S. residents only
-Contest ends  Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 12:00 pm EST
-Have you won a giveaway within the past 6 months? Give someone else a chance, homie. 
-Winner will be selected at random
-Family members/personal friends of B are not eligible
-In the event that a winner does not respond in 3 days, another person will be selected

 If you have any questions, email me at Good luck!

New York Fashion Week S/S 2011: FSL Cosmetics

FSL Cosmetics and B ArtiseHey Clumps fam! Have you missed me? (… maybe not… but I have news!) As you may have heard from Brit’s Tumblr (one of the many – she’s all over the net!), she hasn’t been traveling much. Yes, our travel bug is sedated in the confines of the Floridian borders.

That of course doesn’t mean she doesn’t take her four wheels wherever her imagination may take her, but it sure does mean that she couldn’t grace us with her presence in New York for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. Being that she is deathly irritable with the colds that come here after Thanksgiving, my bet is she won’t be venturing here for the next season either.

Until then, I am the replacement, and I hope I do well enough!

FSL Cosmetics and B Artise

Following suit of the Sista Showoff series, the fashion show I went to had a pretty fresh lip product brand FSL Cosmetics (Feel good, Smell good, Look good), partnered with one of a kind :born again vintage” clothing designer B Artise, and though you would think the story ends there, during my wait for the runway walks to begin, I bumped into makeup artist Robin Parrish from Robin Lynn Artistry, and upon seeing her locs and red lips, I could just hear Britt tugging at my soul and camera to take a couple of snaps and make an introduction.

FSL Cosmetics and B Artise

Though the fashion collection only had four designs being showcased, there were cupcakes, liquor, and lip gloss galore for all to have a good time. The designer had an auction of previous season’s getups and impromptu photo shoots with her models.

Which do you like most – the designs, the locs, or the lips? (It’s okay, I couldn’t make up my mind either)


New York Fashion Week: Ashunta Sheriff does LaQuan Smith’s show

Lady Ashunta is quickly becoming one of my favorite make-up artists in the game. Here’s what she created for LaQuan Smith!

“The look for LaQuan Smith’s Fall 2010 collection was exciting because it was his debut to the fashion world after such huge buzz for the last few years. We wanted to make it special and LaQuan’s concept of water and sand inspired the sun glow goddess look we created using COVERGIRL and COVERGIRL Queen Collection. I applied COVERGIRL Smoky ShadowBlast in Bronze Fire on the lids and completed the eye look with a few coats of COVERGIRL LashBlast Length Mascara and Urban Decay glitter eye liner in the corner of the eye. To make the lips pop with brilliance, I mixed COVERGIRL ShineBlast Lip Gloss  in Flare with MAC Gold pigment. COVERGIRL Queen Collection Natural Hue Minerals Bronzer was the driving force to give glowing radiant 


New York Fashion Week: Fashion for Relief, Nail Polish for Me!

My Auntie Naomi Campbell is nothing short of fierce. Yes, she’s a diva and may toss her cell phone at your head but let’s be honest…most of us are like that, right?
On Friday, February 12, Ms. Campbell hosted the Fashion for Relief runway show and proceeds went to Haiti’s earthquake victims. I just love when celebrities can incorporate their talents and passions for good causes. Her show was also a good reminder that Haiti STILL needs our help. Good for you, Auntie. And yes, she’s really my Aunt. She just doesn’t know it yet though.

And I have more good news…Dashing Diva nail polish adorned some of the models’ nails with the ever so lovely Diamond District.

Diamond District may very well be getting hauled by me. Look at its fabulousness of the nails of the models.  



I need this color now!

Photo Credit: Ann Lawlor

New York Fashion Week: the Vessel by Lois

MOJ and COM team up for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion WeekRemember when Meryl Streep was in The Devil Wears Prada? To be more specific? When she was explaining to Anne Hathaway how designers and the fashion industry as a whole contribute to her decision of even a belt? That’s how I feel sometimes when I’m at these shows.

the Vessel by Lois is a great collection of womenswear with a masculine twist. Tailored to a T, the dresses and suits combine the angles of menswear with just a smidge of a feminine touch. Let’s just say this is what I would consider the difference to be between going into the Men’s Wearhouse and getting myself a men’s blazer in my size, and getting a similar blazer with bold shoulders and lines, but tailored with consideration to the female body. We have fabulous curves for a reason you know.

This show started on the first day of the forsaken snowstorm. It was actually a shame that many people lost the opportunity to witness this show in person. But at the same time – my socks were drying for half a day after my adventure to the venue, so if they stayed warm as an alternative? God bless ’em.

Being that the fashion industry is a bit ahead of the commercial industry, these presentations are a year ahead. This is where trends start to surface, along with what your favorite stores choose to purchase for the following seasons. The slightly less than year in between? Spent on ordering, producing, shipping, marketing, and selling. Fall 2010 so far has been true to autumnal nature. Earth tones, knits, high collars, heavy fabrics (tweeds, wool, etc.), and of course, layering.

MOJ and COM team up for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

Before the show

Check out after the jump for more pictures and the makeup details.

MOJ and COM team up for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

After the show

My humble opinion? I really liked the line. It didn’t veer too far from the safe side (but then again, not everyone is Lady Gaga in their day to day life), but it still had plenty of personality to distinguish it from every other line with a blazer or a suit in their collection. The black coat on the right (above) was my favorite piece, and there was a similar one in purple. Made me think of a grown up Red Riding Hood – you know, when she leaves the forest and enters corporate world. My other favorite? The diversity of the models. Beyond that, the fact that every model had strong features that made you notice them, instead of dismiss ’em as a walking hanger.

MOJ and COM team up for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week

The designer (middle) posing with models.

MOJ and COM team up for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion WeekThe hair and makeup teams for the show were Cutler and Youngblood, respectively. I have to admit, yours truly, the Yayameister came a little too late to catch the details about hair. There was much snow in the way of my advance arrival. I did get a chance to speak to the Creative Director of Makeup (and fellow blogger) for the show, Felicia Walker Benson of

Felicia described the look as “traditional” and consistent with the mood of the line and the past collections. Clean with a masculine influence. Being that this season’s presentation was for fall, the colors were amped up a bit and shades customary to autumn, like purple and berry were used. To recreate the look, check out the following eyeshadows: halo, alabaster, storm, bordeaux (pressed shadows), and heather smoke (mineral shadow). The lip was created by using the color bistro as a stain. The brow artist set was used to finely craft the brows, and a heavy contour was used to sculpt the face. Instead of blush, splendor was used as a highlighter on the face. To be true to the “clean” look, no lashes were used for this look.

Want to recreate the lip stain look? Use bistro, or your favorite cranberry color on hand to apply freely to the lips (make sure to moisturize and prep lips first). Blot the color with a tissue (blot not wipe) or a makeup sponge, and apply mineral powder over it to mattify the color. If you choose to leave out the last step, or add clear gloss, you will have created three versions of a traditional, but always appropriate fall look.

Like this review? Want different coverage? Lovin’ Lois? Spill!

Clumps of Mascara goes to NY Fashion Week..sort of!

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz Fashion WeekIf the Miss Clumps can’t come to the mountain, then in a perfect world the mountain can come to her right? Well this world ain’t so bad so Miss Yaya of – your guest fashion writer on COM has brought the mountain to y’all Clumpheads!

So while the weather may be frightful (that image is the morning shot before starting my travels to the shows), the reporting will be delightful. Especially for Miss Britt who is enjoying her warm weather (and don’t think I don’t know some of y’all are enjoying the sun too!).

What might I be talking about? I forget sometimes that people like to forsaken New Yorkers occasionally… us being New Yorkers and all :)~ so here’s the golden nugget:

This Fall and Winter 2010 presentation is the last of its kind. This is the last season at Bryant Park. Next year? At Lincoln Center! Click here for the official schedule and give Britt a shout for which shows you’re dying to hear about. Want to know something specific? Nails? Hair? Ethnic diversity? Colors? Shoes? Let it out and the mountain shall come to you!

MOJ Covers Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Disclaimer: This is a real car (thus the secretive license plate). This car also neither belongs to myself or Brittany… but now they know where to surf. :)