Fashion Week Fabulousness Spring ’09

Well, it’s that time again, ladies and gents.

Fashion Week has reared its oh so beautiful head in New York City. Yours truly is not in attendance as I have planned one too many trips so close together this season and FORGOT NYFW. No worries. I hope to be there for the showing of the Spring 2010 collections.

Spring 2010. That sound so far away doesn’t it?

Too bad it’s not. Wowsers!

Moving on…I just had to share with you all what one of my favorite cosmetic companies is doing at Fashion Week. I have been in love with NARS for quite some time. Never mind that only own a few products. Never mind that the products are a little too expensive for me. I still and will always love Mr. Francois Nars for his creation of NARS, the company.

Now the following is a little outside of the “make-up newbie’s” world but it is fascinating.


SHOW: Marc Jacobs

LEAD ARTIST: François Nars, Founder and Creative Director of NARS Cosmetics

TREND: Night clubbing – theatrical makeup – strong eyes, porcelain skin

Inspiration: The Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 collection paid homage to the New York night club scene of the 1970s and ‘80s. Drawing inspiration from these decades and the works of Sprouse, St. Laurent, and Halston, François Nars took into consideration each model’s individual beauty before creating a separate edgy look, reminiscent of the past but still very modern. “We are doing quite an eclectic look,” he said. The inspiration for diversity came from Nars’ book XRAY. “[Marc] wanted to keep that feeling,” said Nars, “the variety of looks, the same way we do the campaigns for NARS.” Overall, it was important that each girl look beautiful, even with strong theatrical looks. Much like the fashion, Nars emphasized having fun with makeup for the coming year, despite the times we live in- “It’s a good antidote.”

Look: Focusing on an edgy, night clubbing look, strong eyes and bold color were a major theme. Black shadow laid the foundation for creating the dramatic eye, to which the artists added cobalt blues, deep greens, bright purples, reds, fuchsias, and glitter. “There is a wide variety of color,” said Nars, “it’s whatever looks good on the girl.” For many of the models, porcelain skin was a key component, allowing the black eyes and bright colors to pop. “You want to play with makeup,” says Nars, “makeup is a great accessory – that is the message.”

Look at all of the products used:

Ay, Mr. Nars….can I just get one of those, player?

….the master working on a beautiful model. I love the work he did on her cheekbones!

The un-blended line on the lip is runway fierce! Okay kids…shadow up to the brow is okay ONLY in these kind of instances. Beautiful!

….can I just say that I am loving the diversity of the ladies?

Okay, I don’t know where to start. Lady to the left….I mean, the PERFECT blue lids. Paired with a pale lip. Gorgeous. Lady to the right…what an ingenious decision on Mr. Nars behalf to line her brows with red shadow. And her browbone highlight as a fire-y red color? I can dig it.

This is what make-up art is all about, kids. It’s a waaay out of my league but I can’t help but be in awe.

Are you at Fashion Week?
Don’t really care?
Want to be there?
Staying up on the trends?

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