Brown and Blushin': NYX Tango Bronzer Powder

Here in the great state of Florida (or Flo’duh if you’ve got that Southern draw..:p) it is still practically summer time. Sure the heat index has gone down a bit and the humidity isn’t at 100% anymore but we are still hitting 80’s and 90’s in Central Florida. So while bronzers are typically used during the summer time, I have found one that I’m going to be sporting during the Fall and Winter.

‘Nuff said, uh? That bad boy is gorgeous! Hit the jump to get the deets.

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Mascara Monday: NYX Doll Eye waterproof mascara

It only took 600 years but I am finally reviewing this mascara!

NYX Doll Eye mascara
Price: 3 out of 5
Packaging (Brush Wand): 5 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5

What it claims: “
Doll Eye mascara offers the latest advanced mascara formula for perfect all-around full lashes. Contains natural oils, vitamin E and fibers to extend and protect lashes.” (source)

The truth: It’s average.

What I loved about it: The wand was pretty groovy. It’s not original but helps with lengthening and separation.

What I didn’t like: While I like fiber mascaras, one of their flaws is the flakiness they tend to give you after you’ve coated your lashes. This isn’t the case with ALL fiber mascaras but it is certainly the case with NYX’s.

Overall:  Fiber mascaras ain’t for everybody. I think they are best suited for ladies who have short ladies. Small strokes and few coats are key for fiber mascaras. And if you have have super sensitive eyes, they may not be the best for you because of the flakiness. Doll Eye does well with one coat but I didn’t find it to be spectacular. The volume was so so but the lengthening wasn’t where it should be for a fiber mascara.The best thing about it is the removal process–simply wet the lashes, massage them and it’s off! It’s like magic!

Lashes without mascara
(did not curl lashes)
Lashes with 1 coats of mascara

You can purchase it for $9 anywhere NYX Cosmetics products are sold. 

Would I recommend it?: Nope. While, it’s not a bad mascara per se, I didn’t find it to be one that I would purchase again.

Until next Monday…

A crazed mascara reviewer,

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Beauty Review: NYX Milk jumbo pencil

I have found such a staple product in NYX’s Milk jumbo pencil. I mean…it’s amazing, y’all! I used it in a FOTD Friday and since then I’ve been experimenting with it. It works beautifully under mattes and chromes. It’s just…what is that Anita Baker song? “The Best Thing Yet”? Oh yeah, girl…it really is all that and then some.

Hit the jump to see what I’m talkin’ about.

Now don’t laugh at the condition of my pencil. I can’t find the top to save my life. The good news is that it hasn’t dried out yet. That’s 12 out of 10 points for NYX! For $4.00, you get this creamy but not too creamy pencil that can be used as a base or eye shadow color all on its own.

My lids are insanely oily so I usually have to wear this on top of Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer. When I first swatched it, I was shocked.

It is REALLY white. I would have never thought that shadows over this white WHITE could compliment me. Wrong! Watch this!

With gentle strokes, I drew all over my eye lid from the lower lash line to the brow.

Would y’all still love me if I walked out of the house like that? HA! I’m jivin’. What comes next is blending with my fingers. Remember to be careful on the eyelids. Too much tugging can lead to crows feet overnight. Seriously.

Not blending enough can leave harsh white lines but blending too much can wipe off the entire application. A few seconds later and viola!

I like how the pencil is creamy enough with the gentle swipe of my finger but a few seconds later, it doesn’t budge. Perfect! I grabbed my 88 eye shadow palette and did a quick blue eye.

Insane how vibrant that is because of the Milk. I approve. And I love it. And I want more of these pencils. NYX has a bunch of them…

Clumps readers have told me to snag Black Bean and French Fries (mouth waters). I actually want ALL of them.

Have you used NYX’s jumbo pencils? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Has anyone tried that Hot Pink? It looks gorgeous!

NYX Cosmetics 10 Year Anniversary Sale

Oh.mi.goodness…check this out!

One of my favorite brands NYX is having a 10 year anniversary sale.

50% off of EVERYTHING from May 1-May 15

Use code: NYX50

For U.S. online purchases only

…and get this: if you click HERE, they have eye shadows singles for $1.25!!! Whaaat?!

If you have ever been interesting about trying this GREAT recession-friendly brand….now is the time. I think I’m going to indulge this time.

What about you?
Passing it by?
Already at the website?

Click HERE to get your shop on!

…..congratulations to Naimah! She is the lucky recipient of a $50 gift certificate to!

NYX Cosmetics–freebie for Clumps readers!

I had the opportunity to link up with a fabulous little lady over in Arizona. Mai is an NYX Representative.

Please tell me that you’ve heard of NYX. If not….what the eggs and cheese are you waiting on? I love this brand!! See my stash…

Oh yes, girl. People compare NYX to MAC Cosmetics for a reason. The quality of their products are amazing and the prices are even better.

Aside from hooking you up with the greatness of NYX products, Mai also takes swatches. Not sure of how a color will look? She can show you!

Here’s some more random stats about Mai:

-She’s a 28 year old YouTube addict who loves to dress her pug up according to the months. Aaaand….she is also a fellow fitness buff who is looking to drop some pounds in 2009. She notes that she enjoys salivating watching her hubby work-out. HA!

Mai, have we met? I don’t know….you seem like the kind of person I would hang around.

Check out my NYX FOTD (face of the day).

NYX Products:
Cotton Candy eyeshadow (inner lid)
Mocha Pearl loose powder (outer lid)
Midnight eyeshadow (crease)
Sapphire eye liner (on waterline and lowerlash line)
Name of lip gloss rubbed off (ack!)

Mai ships internationally (Nikki, tell your girls in the Philipines!!) so to my beautiful ladies overseas and beyond, she can hook you up.

[THIS JUST IN] Clumps of Mascara readers can receive a free goody (eye shadow, lipstick, lipgloss, jumbo eye pencil) with any $30 purchase. Just use coupon code: ILovesBrittanyMascara. How cool is that? And it ain’t hard to spend $30..especially with the shadows only being $3.50.

*does the Bankhead Bounce*

Visit Mai’s site HERE and shoot her an email at should you have any questions. Tell her B from Clumps of sent you.

Because you’re so fly,