FOTD Friday: The Graduate look

This FOTD Friday is a response to a reader’s email. Check it out!

Dear B,
Hi! so i really love ur blog and love that you do realize that not everyone is good with makeup just yet. i’m one of those people. i am graduating from college in december and i’m excited! i know it’s early but i am thinking about makeup looks that i want to do for the ceremony and reception afterwards. i’ve been playing around with MAC pigments and would like to use some. what kind of look do you suggest? thanks!

Soon 2 B graduate in North Carolina.

Ahhh, this brings back memories. I graduated from college around this time 2 years ago. See!

That was a chubbier B but you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t cute! I remember trying to decide what look I was going to wear. I settled on MAC’s Woodwinked on the lid and MAC’s Sketch in my crease. Can’t believe I remember that.

Oh the memories…

But back to you, Dear reader. I only own 3 full size pigments. Melon, Coco Beach and Vanilla.

And I’ve had these for the longest! I never take the time to use pigments but I do think that these three used together can make for a pretty nice and subtle graduation look. Melon gives you some added shimmer but it isn’t too overwhelming but it will make you shine like the student star that you are!

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW45

-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
L’Oreal HIP cream shadow paint in Witty
-MAC Melon pigment (lid)
-MAC Coco Beach pigment (crease)
-MAC Vanilla pigment (highlight)\
-Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero
-MAC Blacktrack fluidline

-MAC Nightmoth lip liner
-MAC Hot ‘N Saucy tendertone

That lip combo has popped up in a great deal of my FOTDS because ohhh weee, I love it. Balms are great because they keep your lips moisturized without having to re-apply. Graduations can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours and with all of the excitement going on, you really don’t have the time to keep re-applying glosses.

So here’s how it came out:

Not too shabby! So if pigments for your graduation look is where you really want to go, I suggest those three. Congrats again, lady!!

Anyone recommend any slammin’ graduation looks?

Do you remember what you wore for your high school or college graduation?

And happy weekend to all!


Stay beautiful,

80’s Challenge!

Booooo to Mondays. I think it is embedded in our DNA to naturally despise Mondays. But this Monday, we (as in beauty bloggers) have something to look forward to! It’s our 80’s Challenge Post day!

I can’t say this was the easiest look for me to come up with. The 80’s isn’t one of those eras that fascinate me and I remember very little about it. After all, I was only 4 in 1989. I couldn’t find a look that fascinated me enough to want to replicate soooo my look has no real inspiration other than the bright and crazy colors of the 80’s! And as usual….whenever I want a bright look, I pull out those pigments and wet my brush. Nothin’ big but it was fun doing!

Are you peepin’ the crazy funky hair?

I used:


Eyes (all MAC unless otherwise noted):
Artifact paintpot
Delft paintpot
Fuschia pigment
Naval Blue pigment
Vanilla pigment
Clinque Eggplant Cream liner
L’Oreal Voluminous mascara

MAC tinted moisturizer

Check out the looks that my other beauty bloggin’ sisters have come up with. Are we fab or what?

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FOTD Friday

Welcome to Clumps of Mascara’s first installment of FOTD Friday! Aside for bringing some color to my traincase via the beautiful pink packaging, Heatherette has also inspired me to start playing around with pigments again. It has been quite awhile since I’ve even touched any kind of colorful eyeshadows or pigments. I had such a ball dappin’ in Heatherette’s Pink Pearl. What a beautiful and FUN pigment….here’s what I used:

EYES (all MAC unless otherwise noted):
Base: Artifact Paint pot (applied with finger)
Pink Pearl pigment (applied with 242)
Carbon eyeshadow ( applied with 224 and 222)
Vanilla pigment (applied with 275)
Blacktrack Fluid line (applied with 266)
Styli Style eye liner
MAC Prep N Prime Mascara
Maybelline Great Lash mascara

Olay Complete Moisture Lotion
Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick

Lollipop Loving lipstick
Beaux Lustreglass

I’m lovin’ how this looks. It is a bit loud for me. Which is funny because when I first got into make-up, I had no problem rockin’ crazy colors. But now I am more into subtle and professional looks. But Pink Pearl pigment is definitely one that I am glad I added to the collection. If I had more time I would have played around with the middle of the lid adding Nocturnelle or some other pretty purple color. I absolutely adore purples!! But I love Fridays even more!

It’s Friday, bayyyybeeeeee!!!


*breatheeeee” Jill Scott’s new album has a song on it called “Breathe”…..I really only buy neo-soul and jazz albums. Random fact #15 about B: I HATE MAINSTREAM MUSIC.

Moving on again..the MAC jigsaw facechart inspired me. So I tried to do the same thing. Except I didn’t and ended up with something different. First I tried this ish on my hand.

Here’s the full face. It took at least an hour and you don’t even want to know how many colors I used. A LOT! I don’t feel like posting the 30+ colors I used. I had a great time diggin’ in the pigments though. I very rarely use them. And then I realized how fab the colors are when they are used wet. Loved it!
I used Picasa to make the colors a little more vibrant. I can dig it. It was a fun look to do. And I absolutely love Mattene’s Rapturous. I just have a hard time wearing it outside the house. HA!

Next Up….Rainbow Eye Attempt #3. Every few months I like to do a rainbow/parrot eye. It gives me the opportunity to play around with colors I hardly use and work on my blending skills. Yesterday my Fix + came in and after spraying some on my 242 brush and applying the pigments, I ended up with the most vibrant rainbow eye ever .

I can dig it….went to a Halloween volunteer gig and looked fab with all of my color. It was fun and people were in awe of my colors.

What exactly is Fix + for? I mean…what is its primary use? I haven’t figured it out but it works greeeeat with my pigments. I have a MAC class today. I’m taking my housemate Joy who, like me at one point, doesn’t even own any make-up. Yet she’s got that bomb ass Benefit eyebrow set. Joy is so pretty. She’s Japanese and has beauuuutiful features. Can’t wait to see how she’ll look with a little enhancement.

Peace beauties.

Pigments and more…



Now let’s rap on pigments for a quick second.

I absolutely love them!!! Their versatility is amazing. I have found so much success is virtually all of the pigments I’ve played around with…

Pigments are sooo much fun and you can use them everywhere! Eyes, lips, face, nail polishes, etc. My top 3 favorite so far are:

1) Vanilla….I love this heavenly color. I’ve used it as a highlighter, dabbed it on my lips and even sprinkled some in my lotion for a summer shimmery look. It’s a amazing.

2) Coco Beach…the BEST crease color I’ve come across so far. It blends amazingly with my knock off 224 brush. An absolute gorgeous color.

3) Melon…I loooove this color. In the jar it looks a bit bright, but when applied on my skin, it is a little more toned down. This on my lid with Coco beach as my crease is such a GREAT neutral color. My Mom, who is NC35 looks amazing with this color too.

:: I’ll post pics soon of my pretty piggie combos.

…..I’m still playing around with some other MAC piggies that I have such as Kelly Green, Cornflower, Fuchsia, Golden Lemon, etc. And of course I have the SAMPLE sizes of pigments. I highly suggest purchasing samples instead of spending a whooping $19.50 on a jar of pigment that you won’t use in a lifetime. A little really goes a looong way.

Where can you get samples?
Once upon a time, I believe Ebay users could sell samples, but that has recently stopped. I found a great seller through Specktra who not only has a great selection of pigments, but has GREAT prices, as well. Shoot Cheryl an email at and she’ll email you a list of her colors and prices. She’s amazing for business, friendly and her service is fassst. She lives in Cali, I in Florida and I got my pigments in 3 days! Get up on it!

I think I’m more in love with MAC pigments than the eye shadows. I find myself grabbing for a piggie daily now instead of my palette.

Check out my Wish List:
-UPDD Primer Potion (on sale @ 2, get 1 free. I need to stock up for Cali)
-Naked Lunch
-Novel Twist Basic Brush set
-A brown lip pencil. Probably from Jordana 2/$3. I love this cheap brand!
-Vanilla pigment (don’t have time to order out, so I’ll prolly have to buy the whole thing!)
..that’s it!

Look at the lippie stuffs stash from my purse. Ain’t this sad? Love ’em all too. All under $4. Except that MAC Jellybabe which came in a gift set that I got as a gift. That MAC in 3D has me gettin’ excited so let’s hope it’s worth the hype, ZDazzle. No amazement since C-Shock here!

Guess who is graduating? Me in 10 days? How I’m going to wear my hair is quite the wonder. Someone mentioned a weave or wig. Okay….looks good on some, but I’m not the type to wear styles like that. Plus, I’m kinda big on my natural hair so to hide it on a big day would be such the contradiction to me. Any ideas? I look dead in this pic, but what about a headwrap UNDER the cap? No?

New look!! If I’m not in the mood to go all out on the eyes, I simply do…eyeliner, fluidline and mascara! That’s it. I’m lovin’ it! What’s goin’ on in your make-up world? Any new finds and whatnot?

Arabian Lights AGAIN!

Hi pretty faces.

I know Specktra’s new look is all pretty, but I’m not feeling it for some reason. The navigation is all jacked up to me. Ah well…

I played with pigments this morning. Melon and Maroon, to be exact. I don’t know what it is about me, but I love looks that have half and half of gold/burgundy. I have a look called Arabian Lights and I mistakingly ALWAYS mimic it. Helllllloooo, can I be more creative?

How good can a make-up blog be WITHOUT a decent camera? LOL, one day I’ll upgrade, yall. I promise.

Not a very clear picture….but my eyebrows don’t look too bad, uh? I’m learning, yall….I’m learning!

Ahhh yes. The “innocent” look. I’m going to head home and play around with some more pigments, colors and work on my brush usage because I still don’t know how to work with them THAT well. Oh, and another thing—I’ve got 2 empty slots in my MAC 15-palette. Drop me 2 must have colors and I’ll run out today and get them.


Stash (pics)

Sooo….time for some updates.

But first….

Glad that you’ve jumped up on the bandwagon of make-up blogs, Ms. Riss!! I can’t wait to learn all the secrets and tricks of the trade from a professional like you!!

Okayyy….so after best friend left, I ran to MAC and picked up:

Some friggin’ Concealer….I have 1 fugly dark spot on my face that I am proud to announce is invisible with this stuff! My very first concealer. A special moment in a young woman’s life. *tear* LOL!

And then I got an eyebrow pencil. Scuse my moment but OMG, it’s like totally the best thing I’ve ever freaking come across! No seriously…..that pencil is the ish. It’s thin and the color is sooo close to my natural eyebrow color. I’m definitely mastering the eyebrows little by little. I’m so proud I could spit. Hehe…

And then I got another StudioFix compact because mine broke during an unfortunate incident at some hood-ass club. But I don’t even know why I purchased it because I’m staying away from face make-up for awhile. Except that concealer which actually looks okay alone. My skin needs a break. And I’ve gone back to my natural face care wash, toner and moisturizer.

Ohhhhhhhhhh……and my pigments came in on last Friday and I was so excited. I ordered 9 from miss lady off of Specktra (1165Cheryl….yall need to look chick up. She’s on point!). Her prices are extremely reasonable and she gives you an amble amount. I was so happy! And she hooked me up with one free piggie. I took a pic of some….

I absolutely love them! And then folx kept ravin’ about Vanilla pigment (which I forgot to order), but I got a sample from MAC when I picked up my other goodies. I am so excited! The Vanilla looks great on the lips. Anyone got any recs on some “must have” piggies for Women of color?

OH….here’s my FOTD for Thursday night’s awful.terrible.will never again go to that damn club experience:

Seee….and I know you can’t tell from this pic, but I was trying to go for some extreme cat eye look that I saw once and it just didn’t work out. I have to do some more practicing.

I ordered MAC’s FIRESPOT today!!!! From the Moothbathe collection. I know. I’m like 10 years late. ‘Bout time. I’ve been wanting that color forever.

Oh….I also purchased NARS’ Emmanuel. Did I mention that I am in LOVE with NARS’ colors. Why are they so beautiful?

I ran into a bump today while putting on some make-up. I’ve come to discover that virtually all of my colors are poooow….in yo face….see how purty my make-up is kind of stuff. Nooo, I don’t want that! I need some tone down colors and looks. Bad, like really bad. So I ended up wearing some boring ole’ Mythology and Vex and called it a day.

Boo and Boo’s Momma…I look boring and boring. HELP, I need some everyday pretty looks.

Deuces for now…..I don’t exactly know what else to buy in terms of products except a good mascara. I think I’ve hit a bump. Until I find some neutal looks, I’m going to be sad, depressed and withdrawn from MAC.

……my dramatic self. I know. The Academy Award goes to……………….