Politically Unpretty: Why I am against SOPA and PIPA

If you’re browsing the innanets today and see a ton of your favorite websites blacked out, here’s why:

According to SOPASTRIKE.com,
“On Jan 24th, Congress will vote to pass internet censorship in the Senate, even though the vast majority of Americans are opposed. We need to kill the bill – PIPA in the Senate and SOPA in the House – to protect our rights to free speech, privacy, and prosperity.” (source)

I was following these bills for awhile. I forgot about them and within the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing a wave of oppositions from fellow Americans. This is a BIG deal, y’all. To bring awareness to the damage that these bills will do, popular sites like Google, Wikipedia, WordPress, Flickr, reddit and TwitPic have done a blackout. Without WordPress, Clumps of Mascara would disappear. Without the freedom of being able to Google WHATEVER I want, my ability to educate myself and future Clumps kids would be limited.

I mean, don’t get me wrong…there are still BOOKS, but come on. No Google? What kind of world is that? Not one I want to live in.

What else could be limited?

-Posting comments on Facebook.
-Updating your status on Facebook.
-Posting pictures on Facebook.
-…and Twitter.
-…and Pinterest.
-…and Tumblr.
-…and Instagram.
-Oh. And videos too.
-Posting videos on YouTube.
-Commenting on blogs.
-Uploading pictures to blogs.
-And Flickr.
-Commenting on forums.
-Posting videos and pictures on forums.
-Checking email.
-Responding to email.
-Sending attachments in email.

Simply put, the only way to stay out of SOPA and PIPA’s way is to not even open browse the net on your computer. Or laptop. Or tablet. Or phone. If this sounds extreme, that’s because it is. Despite having worked in the Florida legislature *shivers* where I had to read many bills, SOPA and PIPA are quite convoluted, even for me. But thank goodness for  the amazing websites and authors who have put what these bills can do to us in laymen’s (and laywomen’s) terms.

Oh! And if these bills pass, who’s to say other countries won’t adopt similar bills? That would suck. In a major way. Freedom on the internet would be gone. So would my day job and my biggest passion. So yeah, I take this personally.

What can you do?

-Educate yourself. And pass that education on to your friends, family and coworkers.
Tell your U.S. Congresspeople just how much you oppose SOPA and PIPA by calling and emailing them.
-Join in a massive internet blackout today on January 18th.
-Tweet like a maniac to help get #STOPSOPA trending.
Sign the End Piracy, Not Liberty petition.

Ways to educate yourself:

Read the SOPA bill in its entirety. Brace yourself.
Find out what SOPA means for PR professionals.
What SOPA is and why it matters
Understand why SOPA is dangerous.
Watch a video posted by WordPress
25 Things You Should Know About SOPA


 Bottom line?

Censorship sucks. I can’t imagine ████what  I █████even though ██████is just ████forever and ██████just do ████that██████exactly █████I ████only██████internet ████you ████government █████sue █████video███████all██████.


Get my point?



Politically Pretty: The Obama Time Capsule

What if you could personally document history? I mean….how cool would that be?

I was heavily involved in the last Presidential election. I watched every debate, tuned in to the Democratic and Republican National conventions, I campaigned for President Obama and I even attended inauguration. I was completely immersed in all things politics at that point. Kia from Yummy 411 and I even did a Politically Pretty challenge. Who says you can’t combine beauty and politics?

While I am able to hold onto those memories, I’ve got something that is tangible and will last a lifetime!

The Obama Time Capsule

Wait….look again. See the last author on there?

Your eyes do not deceive you. That’s me! I am all up and through this book. I created my own personal edition. It talks about President Obama’s journey to the White House. It goes in depth about EVERYTHING. Even things that relate to the new generation–me!


I think it’s SO cool to see the influences social networking had on the election. Especially since I am a social networking nut. And to be able to share this with the future grandkids is just….wow.

See the invitation I got?

….and of course all of his fabulous supporters!

….and Obama art!

This is the PERFECT holiday gift for any one who was involved in the election. I think I’ll get my sister Courtney one aaaand Beauty and the Male’s KP one as well.

Shoot—well, now they know their Christmas gifts. Oh well!

You can find out more about The Obama Time Capsule here. I’m closing the book!

FOTD Friday: Presidential Inauguration Edition

It’s Friday! Ohmigoodness this has been quite a week for me! I have not been home since last Saturday and I can hear my closet calling my name.

For those that don’t know….I have a relationship with my closet. Not sure why I love it so much but I do. I even fall asleep in there sometimes.


And I know I’m not the only one but I digress.

I figured that I would dedicate this FOTD Friday to history!!

The genius in me left my digital camera at home so the following pictures will be from the Blackberry. Which…aren’t that bad. I also purchased a disposable camera but I have yet to get those photos developed.

My view of Capitol Hill…

…I actually had tickets to get IN the event. Blue tickets to be exact. However, I didn’t make it in. Neither did A LOT of ticket holders. I was only able to see him get sworn in via jumbo-tron aka an enormous screen. The crowd of people was breathtaking. Or frightening depending on your point of view.

I walked a good 7 hours that day sans eating/drinking or using the restroom. All were impossible to do with that many people. It was hard to locate anything!

I climbed on top of a barricade just to get this picture. Wow!

We also ran up hills, slid through bushes and broke down fences….desperate to get to a jumbo-tron in time to see the President get sworn in. Even finding one of those was a challenge! There had to have been at least 4 of them. What?! Look at the masses tearing down a fence.

Inauguration Day tweets from Twitter:

7:19 a.m. — Walking to the swearing in ceremony
8:33 a.m. — Walking to the Blue Gate. So many Obamanites
8:44 a.m. — Just saw someone I graduate with. Imagine that!! All of these people.
9:02 a.m. — Gates open. Ticket holders all cheered. We see the promised land!
9:20 a.m. — My hands are freezing. Tweeting is becoming a struggle.
9:38 a.m. — Seriously…there is so much line confusion.
10:24 a.m. —
You think you’re all exclusive b/c you have a ticket just to
realize that 2 million other folx have tickets too.
10:38 a.m. — There’s no way we’re getting in. People are screaming “Let us in.”
10:42 a.m — People are pissed. We aren’t going to see it in person or on T.V. Damn.
11:33 a.m. — I really want to cry.
12: 13 p.m. — We see a screen! Okay, I’m better now. At least I can watch him.

…..around that time I lost service completely. In fact, most people did. I was unable to tweet and make/receive phone calls and text messages until around 3:00 p.m.

But I was there. I participated in history by voting for Barack Obama and witnessed it by being there.

More photographs…and better ones at that.

Look at Sasha Obama. I love her! This is classic. Shows her innocent and admiration of her Father. Tears welled up when I saw this photo.

Darling Malia. She has so much class for a 10-year old. Look at the gaze to her Father. It’s like they are talking with their eyes. *more tears*

No words. I mean….what can you say?

I absolutely love Vice President Biden’s personality. And we won’t even get on the fabulousness that was Dr. Jill Biden’s ball gown.

No matter your party affiliation, you have to have been affected by this event in some way. I even have friends from other countries who have been inspired by the Obamas. Yes we did!

What were some of your thoughts? Did you go? I will be traveling throughout the weekend but hope to catch up on comments and showing my blog family love soon!

Have a great weekend!

…..there’s your gift so leave me alone…lol!]