Baby Clumps: 15 Weeks

Uggggh! I could just burst out in tears right now. I previously wrote this post yesterday and for whatever reason, it disappeared. I’m over technology.

Haha! Just kidding. As a first time time mom, every day, every week COUNTS. Time has never mattered so much since I’ve been pregnant. In a way, it’s exciting and in other ways, it’s kinda annoying.

Soooo….what’s goin’ on with the Bean?

“Fetal body movements continue to get practice this week, too. But because your baby weighs so little (a bit over two ounces), you won’t feel the calisthenics going on inside your abdominal gym. But don’t let that fool you. Your fetus is holding daily aerobics classes — kicking, curling toes, and moving those little arms and legs. And with each passing week, your fetus is looking more and more like the baby you’re picturing in your dreams. By now, the ears are positioned properly on the sides of the head (they used to be in the neck) and the eyes are moving from the side of the head to the front of the face.” (source)

Bean is good! I had an appointment with my midwife and all vitals are lookin good. Bean’s heartbeat is nice and strong and I actually gained 3 lbs. Now I’ve never been the type to ever want to gain weight but at this point in my pregnancy, loosing and not gaining can be a problem. So I was reallllly excited to step on that scale to see that both Bean and I are getting the nutrients we need.

My belly is getting harder and a bit plumper. So much so that I had to pull out those maternity pants that (Grand)Mama Clumps bought me a while back.

They are far from sexy but these bad boys are so comfy. My pants are getting a bit tight so it looks like I’ll have to invest in more of these. Or at the very least, a belly band. And say nothing about this fugly “Florida tourist” shirt. I’ve been far too lazy to do any laundry this week. And that fatigue seems to be coming back in spurts. I just can’t seem to get enough sleep. Grr!

I still hate food. Having to eat annoys me. The smell of food. The way it goes down my throat. Ugh. I still have a pretty strong gag reflex so if I don’t eat slowly, I’m hacking it up with the quickness. I’ve stopped trying to eat new foods and just stick with the things that I know won’t make me sick: fresh fruit smoothies with greek yogurt, cereal, almond milk, fruit, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, pasta, hummus, raw veggies, popcorn and cheese. Anything outside of that aren’t even options right now. Which annoys me but honestly – every time I try something new, I’m throwing it up. So I’ll go with the flow until my hormones straighten up.

Which needs to be sooner rather than later because I REALLY miss Thai food.

Emotionally, this week was better. The good news from my midwife put me in better spirits. Pregnancy has not been fun for me but at least now I’m getting some joy out of it knowing that the Bean is healthy. I have so much more respect for women who have gone through tough pregnancies. Granted, I’m sure some women have dealt with worse symptoms than I have but to be able to do it and still go to work, parent other children and handle business like normal, just…WOW.

I’ve got this whole newfound pride for being a woman. I don’t think being pregnant or a Mother necessarily means you’re a stronger woman, but being pregnant has certainly brought light to the fact that a woman’s body, what it can do, create and deal with makes us effing rockstars. And that goes for all of us. And if you are a gal who dealt with or deals with extremely painful cycles, I salute you too because giiiiiirl, I know your pain.

I’m going to follow Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point’s format for how she documented her pregnancy. She was already a favorite blogger of mine and I love love LOVED reading her pregnancy updates.

Now for the quick stats…

Weight Gained: 3 lbs (up from the 15 that I lost)

Worst Symptom: Food aversions. Not being able to really eat sucks.

Strangest Symptom: I burp. A lot. And it’s gross. I’m one of those people that think they are too fancy to burp so when it happens, I feel mortified. Ha!

Something to look forward to: ULTRASOUND ON MONDAY!!!!!!!! And yes, I’ll be finding out the gender. Any guesses?

Last Baby Thing Purchased: I actually haven’t purchased one darn thing yet. Is that bad?


Anyone else have a pretty tough pregnancy? Oh! And every time I’m flippin’ channels, I seem to run into the show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant. What…in…the…world? That show just completely baffles me! Has anyone else watched it? 


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I’ve got some pretty awesome news…..!

I’ve got major news and I’ve just been itching to tell y’all. Clumps has been my baby for 5 years but now there’s a new baby in town. And that doesn’t mean that Clumps will get pushed to the side. Noooo. There’s plenty of space for Clumps and for my new earrings.

Aren’t they darling? I scooped these up from Forever 21 some moons ago and I just re-discovered then while rummaging through my jewelry stash the other day. FACT: I love rainbows. Like….a lot. Check out my socks.

Hello Kitty’d and rainbow’d OUT. Gotta love the $1 bin at Target and a Mommy who still buys her 27-year old daughter HK goodies.

Oh, I’ve got other news too…

Esposo and I are expecting!

A real baby at that!!

I know, right? I knowwwww! I am 14.5 weeks pregnant. Which is so weird to type/say. Of course I’ve always known I’d be pregnant one day but it’s kinda amazingly freaky that it’s actually happening. I’ll do a quick Q&A in this post and then follow up with weekly posts of Baby Clumps. Despite being pretty private in a lot of areas of my life, I’m okay with being open about my pregnancy.

Q: How long have you known?
A: I found out that I was pregnant when I was 5 weeks along. Remember when I talked about my irregular cycle? It has straightened up over the months and when it was late, I just assumed it was all stress-related. It was actually Esposo who bought the pregnancy tests and made me take them.

Q: What was your reaction when you found out?
A: Shocked! Esposo and I were planning this baby but I didn’t “feel” pregnant. And I just KNEW I wasn’t pregnant because I was getting mild cramps; just like I do before my period comes. The shock eventually turned into this insane amount of love for Baby Clumps.

Q: Has your pregnancy been pretty good so far?
A: How can I say this nicely? Heeeeeelllllls NO! First trimester, for me, was awful. I lost 15 lbs due to morning sickness (which would last all day) and food aversions. Fatigue made doing anything more than breathing difficult. Then I had a miscarriage scare at 6 weeks (remind me to tell y’all that story) and was bedridden. All day nausea turned into vomiting. Even riding in a car made me sick. Doing anything other than getting out of my bed was a struggle. Even now, I still have a hard time eating anything other than carbs and fruits. I’m doing 10x better than I was a month ago but my hormones are still a bit wacky.

For example: Last week I craved homemade chicken noodle soup. Esposo made a pot. I ate it. And then spent 5 minutes throwing it up. Insane.

Q: Waiiiiiit, you don’t LOOK pregnant!
A: I’m sure I won’t show for quite sometime. I wasn’t a skinny minnie before pregnancy, ya know? I already had a belly and since I lost 15 lbs, it’ll take time before I show. I’m okay with that though.

Q: Do you guys have a birth plan yet?
A: We do! Long story short, we are having our baby at a beautiful birthing center here in Central Florida. In fact, I see my midwife again next week! I also have an amazing doula and lactation consultant as my righthand WOman. She also happens to be one of my very best friends.

Q: A natural birth? WTF! Aren’t you afraid of the pain? 
A: I am so grateful to live in a nation where there are plenty of options available for pregnant women. A natural birth outside of a hospital is the best fit for Esposo and I. And I don’t know why but the pain aspect of labor and delivery doesn’t terrify me. That epidural needle and recovery from c-sections, however, freak me ouuuuuuut. And I hate hospitals. Plus, I’m a bit of hippie so is it really a surprise? C’mon y’all…I wear homemade deodorant and make my own laundry detergent. But I’m not stupid. If for any reason, my midwife and her team think I need to go to the hospital and have medical intervention, I won’t hesitate to do what I have to do.

Q: Wait a minute, you said you and Esposo were going to wait to have kids. Aren’t you guys newlyweds? 
A: What can I say? When you’re ready, you’re ready. We were ready. I didn’t think that Baby Clumps was going to be conceived THIS quickly. This was my first time trying to get pregnant and I had these negative thoughts that it would take awhile. But it didn’t and for that we feel blessed. Still, it is kinda crazy that these two nuts are going to be parents…

I think that about covers it for now. Do know that Clumps of Mascara will continue to be a beauty blog and I have no intentions of turning it into a mommy blog. But considering many of y’all are Mommies out there, I may do reviews of baby stuffs that I come across. But yep…that’s my big ole’ news. Many of you saw this post and sent me emails asking if I was pregnant and I giggled because just how in the world did you ladies guess?

That said, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions. I’m the type that has always found pregnancy fascinating. Oh! And who knows…maybe somewhere down the line we’ll have a giveaway for those who guess the baby’s gender correctly.

And I am sooooo open to any pregnancy advice. Mommies, Grandmommies, Godmommies, Aunties and sisters, if you’ve got any, share ‘em!

Woot! Have a fantastic weekend!