Laura Mercier gave me a flawless face!

When approached with the idea of trying out some Laura Mercier products, I so couldn’t say no. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Madam Mercier’s foundations and concealers and was super de duper (name that show) to get the opportunity to review some thangs.

I was asked to test drive the Hydrating Foundation Primer, Creme Smooth Foundation, Secret Camouflage concealer and the Invisible Loose Setting Powder. Now keep this in mind — I am not a regular foundation wearer. Because of my skin’s crazy acne-prone tendencies, I like to keep as much product off of it as possible. Even though I’ve reviewed several foundations before, I am still a wee bit of a foundation newbie. Mascara pro? Yep! Foundation pro? Not even close. Before I go into how everything looked when used together, let’s highlight the team players first.

Coming in at $40 and 1.7 oz is the Foundation Primer.

Okay, I’ll be honest. I never really understand the point of foundation primers. Sure they can smooth out the skin and provide a bit more moisture before applying the foundation, but is it really necessary? I’m not sure if I can answer that question or not still, but I know one thing…this is one dynamic primer. The silky gel-like consistency was lightweight and felt great on my skin.

I like that it’s not silicone-based as primers with that consistency tend to bead up and feel drier on my skin. If I’m going to wear a primer, then I’d much rather rock one that feels hydrating and light.

Then there’s the dual-tone concealer they call Secret Camouflage ($28).

My sample shade is in SC-6 which is described to be best for those with rich, dark with yellow skin tones. I chuckled when I first read that description because yes, while my skin may be rich and dark, I don’t have yellow undertones. Buuuut, I found this concealer to work anyway. While I do wear concealer on a regular basis, it is usually a concealer that is close to my skin tone, not lighter.

Ideally, it is best to go lighter when using concealer and Secret Camouflage did that for. I did, however, find myself only using the darker shade over the lighter one. Still, I think it’s cool that you get two shades. It makes for great mixing for us gals with various shades all over.

Now the star of the show was certainly the Creme Smooth Foundation ($50).

Hold your laughter in, but I don’t think I’ve ever used a cream foundation. How un beauty blogger-ish of me, uh? My biggest fear was that I was going to make a complete mess. But look, Mommy…I’m a big kid! I didn’t make a mess. This creamy dreamy foundation in Toffee Brown was a pleasure to work with. Application was simple and painless. I was shocked at how lightweight the foundation felt throughout the day.

Because it was of a creamy consistency, I was expecting to feel a bit of weight to it. But no, darlings. Nada. In fact, until a coworker complimented me on how luminous my skin looked, I forgot that I had on foundation. For someone who doesn’t wear it on a regular, THIS is the kind of foundation I would prefer. Coverage was phenomenal in that it managed to cover my acne scars and hyperpigmentation. My only gripe with the foundation would be that there doesn’t seem to be many richly hued (coined by Sam Fine) color selections. After my shade, there is only one more. I so think line could cover a few more shades.

And coming in last is the Invisible Loose Setting Powder ($34).

I firmly believe in setting powders. Especially if you’re like me and tend to get a little oily throughout the day. Problem is, most translucent powders end up making me look like a ghost. I still got a bit of a white cast with this powder, but a whole bunch of buffing got rid of it.

Did I buff it all the way off or  is just that good? I don’t knowwww….8)

Now here’s where the magic begins. My skin without foundation.

See that hyperpigmentation?

Application of the Secret Camouflage.

I never feel like I need to applying concealer under my eyes but wanted to give it a try. Looks great!

To apply the foundation, I used a skunk brush…

Dapped the foundation all over.

And bam…

I only applied foundation on one side. Can you tell which side?

Scars covered!

With flash…

In natural light.

Yep, I’m impressed and I see why Laura Mercier has rave reviews all over. While the foundation has a high price point, I’m all about investing in something that I’ll wear every day. Serious foundation wearers may cringe over a price tag, but at the end of the day, if they love it, they’ll buy it and keep buying it. I’ll be going to a few super fancy events this season and can’t wait to rock the foundation and siblings. I’m an eternal fan.

Laura believes there are four steps to create a flawless face—primer, foundation, concealer, and setting powder. Each product has been specifically developed to allow every woman to achieve an incredibly even, smooth, yet natural-looking complexion.

For more information on Laura’s flawless philosophy and tips on how to use each product within each step is located here.

Have you tried anything from Laura Mercier?




Compensation was provided by Laura Mercier via Glam Media. I received a sample to review as part of the program. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Laura Mercier.


Clinique’s 8 hr-lid smoothie feels amazing. But does it last?


Anything that has the word “smoothie” in it makes me ridiculously happy. Y’all know how much I loooove smothies, don’t you? It was my love for smoothies that had me all giddy about Clinique’s new Lid Smoothie Antioxidant 8-Hour Eye Colour. They are certainly cute enough to be all that and more, uh?

I love anything that allows me to look polished without doing too much work. Clinique describes these Lid Smoothies as…

“Creamy, crease-resistant eye colour wears for 8 hours. Instantly cools thanks to a unique applicator. Nourishing ingredients coax fine lid lines into a blanket of smoothness. Antioxidants help protect eye-area skin.” (source) 

Okay, so I’m not having to battle fine lines (not yet, at least) but I could so using nourishing properties on the lids. Every little bit helps when your skin is drier than the Sahara in the middle of summer. More than the product itself, I absolutely loved the applicator of these Lid Smoothies.



What looks to be a simple spout that emits smoothie goodness is actually a chrome’d out spout. Is chrome’d out a word? Not exactly but  I’m a fan of creating new words as needed. 8) I absolutely love the metal applicator of these things. They feel fantastic on the lids. I’ve never seen anything like this and I can only hope that other brands pick up this idea and do something similar. I would also love to see these on lip balms. Ohmigoodness, can you imagine using a chrome’d out applicator to apply a gloss on a hot day? Cool, uh? So yes. Clinique gets major cool points from me. This applicator is a total winner. While I was only able to check out 5 Lid Smoothies, there are 12 of ’em. Most shades seemed to be a bit pastel-y. Shades like Bit O’ Honey and Cashew Later are perfect as primers as their colors will work great for applying darker eyeshadow colors without changing the colors too much. Then you’ve got shades like Impromtu-Blue and Currant Affair  which will be perfect for layering blue and purple shadows on top of. They have the potential to bring out the color intensity and pay-off.

(from l-r)

Currant Affair, Born Freesia, Cute-cumber, Pinkgo Biloba, Bit O’ Honey


While I’ve got super oily lids, a good creamy eyeshadow base gives me the opportunity to be lazy enough to throw it on the lid and move on and chic enough look like I spent 20 minutes doing my eyes. They are perfect for busy beauties on the go. But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get 8-hours of wear-time with these kids.

Which made me SO sad. I tried wearing these two ways; by themselves and with an eye shadow on top of them. Both tests resulted in creasing within a few hours. Boo and double boo. I was hoping for more longevity but nope, I didn’t get it. That said, while pretty and practical, these aren’t the best for ladies looking to wear their eyeshadow and have it not budge all day. I would also like to see more shades with different finishes. These may do 10x better in a matte finish. If you’re in the mood to try something new from Clinique and don’t require long-lasting eyeshadow bases and shadows, then give these a whirl. Otherwise, if you’re like me and have super oily lids, these smoothies may not be up your alley.

That’s the bad news. But the good news is, green smoothies CAN be up your alley. Woo hoo!

You can buy these 8-hr Lid Smoothies from and at Clinique counters for $19.50.

Urban Decay Primer Potion, the remix

I remember when I first discovered the grand ole’ UDPP. It changed the way I did make-up. The true newbie that was me would apply eye shadow and would be beyond frustrated when I noticed how it would crease and disappear within minutes of stepping outside in Florida’s humidity.

And now I don’t know eye shadow without an eye shadow primer. Which, my darlings, is one of the best investments ever for a make-up lovin’ gal. In the 3 years that I’ve been “in” to make-up, I’ve only purchased three. This stuff seriously lasts forever.

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Primers, primers, primers….

So we all know how important primers are.

Or do you?

If I plan on wearing eyeshadow I ALWAYS have to put down a base. My eyelids are greasier than than a mofo….trust me on this one, y’all. They are just a hot greasy oily mess. Eye shadow primers are lifesavers and my shadow colors vibrant and lasting all day.

The above are my favorite.

What kind of primers do you use? Concealer, pencils, gel liners, potions, paint pots?

Urban Decay revamps Primer Potion

Back in the day when Clumps of Mascara was a baby blog and had a good 2-3 readers, I wrote a post on Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and how the packaging is worse then finding an expired coupon.

I ain’t playing…it was pretty terrible.

I’d like to think that I am responsible for the “cutting UDPP down the middle to reveal more product” idea going mainstream. Nah, I’m jivin’, but ’til this day, that is my most popular post. Ever.

Ain’t that somethin’? You can check it out HERE.

I wrote that post a little over a year ago.
Fast forward to 2009 and guess what Urban Decay has done?

Blackberry coconut zebra!!

(I can’t be the only person that shouts
random words when they get excited…lol)

I feel like Urban Decay should have thrown “New packaging unveiling” parties all over the world. This is such a big deal to me. Many of us beauty bloggers, YouTube gurus and consumers expressed our frustration and outright annoyance with the way that the initial wand went STRAIGHT down in the tube. A LOT of us ended up throwing away what we thought were empty tubes, when in reality, over 60% of the product was left.

*tisk tisk*

Dissatisfaction in large numbers can lead to changes, people. We did it!

I actually STOPPED using this product because I got irritated with always having to do surgery on it just to get my $17 worth of primer. Will I trash my Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer and stock up on UDPP? Hells no. But I don’t mind finally trying the Primer Potion in Sin.

Now that looks hot. Has anyone tried it?

Will the new wand work? We shall seeee! The Primer with the new wand will only be availabile at for now.

Sin shall be mine!

…..the primer, Mom. Not like sin SIN. :)

(photo source)

Primer Comparisons

Happy Thursday, loves!! Can you believe that the weekend is almost here? Yessss!!! I figured I would drop a vid on one of my newest experiments. I haven’t actually compared them side by side like my girl Julie has but one can’t help but be intrigued by the idea that Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance may one up Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.

….to my newbies out there, don’t even think about applying eyeshadow without a primer. The cult fave is Urban Decay Primer Potion (also known as UDPP) but I have also found success in concealer. I just recently purchased Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance and haven’t played around in it much with am glad to see that Julie has done the comparisons.

Check out her video by clicking on the link below.

… you have a preference in primers on your lids?

….and have you checked out Clumps of Mascara’s column on I am so fortunate to be able to contribute to a website by and for Black women.

….I have 3 winners from Monday’s contest but I am lookin’ for oooooone more. Guess where I was born win a Palmer’s Lip Butter. Here is the post.

Big love to JulieG. Her YouTube Channel is amazement!

Stay beautiful, lovelies!

…ooohhh and here’s that wonderful v05 Flirting game again. I’ve already played 6 times today.

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UDPP has been holdin’ out!

Yall see this?
Guess the product.

Now I know I’m a newbie and just learning some things but pleeeease tell me yall knew about this!

We all know Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, right (did you guess right?)? It is one of my HG and most beloved products. Even if I use a Paint Pot, Paint, concealer or even a Shadestick, I still start with UDPP. We all know that it is also a bit pricey and the shape of the bottle is just…..beyond frustrating. The wand can only go straight down into the tube. Never mind the sides. However, my friend showed me how we can get more product by cutting the tube in half. Now when she told and SHOWED me this I was thinking, “Ehhh….okay, a bit more would be nice.” A “bit” is an understatement. Chopping your UDPP in half will give you about 2-3 more months worth of product. Don’t believe me? Lemme show you!

What you’ll need:

UDPP (of course)
A pretty big knife
A not so big knife
Something to put UDPP in. I was going to use an depotted MAC pot but duhhh, it has holes so I settled for a random empty jar thingie. Sample pigment jars would be perfect though.

[STEP 1]
Start by cutting a knife straight through your UDPP. It may take some time. Make sure you use a cutting board. Forgot to take a pic of this. Sorrryyy..

[STEP 2]
Pull apart your UDPP and get angry at how Urban Decay has been ripping us off.

[STEP 3]
Scoop what you can OUT and place in your new jar. Hmmm, ice cream.

[STEP 4]
But girl, you ain’t done yet. Start slicing the base of the packaging too.

[STEP 5]
Scoop like hell and place everything in your new jar.

Can you believe this? Look how much of the product was still stuck inside of there. This took me all of 5 minutes to do. I say we all start emailing Urban Decay and suggest they find some new packaging for UDPP because this doesn’t make sense. What do you think?

Random post, I know. But in the midst of packing, I got into a depotting mode and then UDPP scooping mode and decided to share with my blog fam. Have a fab weekend, yall!

Peace and fists to Urban Decay!

[thanks Ms. Riss. Get back on the blog updating thang, sis b/c I miss you!]

[EDIT – 4/20/2009] The people have spoken and Urban Decay has revamped the packaging. It now has an angled wand. Check it out HERE. Yay!

Pucker Up!

So yeah….pimples are back. And they brought a little partner called Seborrheic dermatitis. It’s the most random thing ever. My face gets all hot and it looks like a flesh eating bacteria has taken over. It’s awful. Hydrocortisone cream helps. Anywho. I’m getting patches of that again. So in the next few pictures you may see that. I think I’ve gotten it under control for the most part, but still….

OH—and for those that are using MAC’s Prep-N-Prime, I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. I honestly like the product, but it’s leaving my face a bit ghostly lookin’. It looks white after I put it on….I’m using a brush and applying it as lightly as I can. What’s the prob, mayn? Anyone got any application ideas? Or maybe this just isn’t for me….I don’t know. The next time I go to MAC to ask questions about this, but I’m getting a bit pissed off at MAC in the Skincare department. First the Strobe Cream now me. I can’t the pearly shimmer stuff they put in some of their skincare products. Definitely not brown skinned folx friendly—-or it could be me. I don’t know. We’ll see.

So….I tried something different the other day. A colored liner on my waterline (or is that the lower lash line? I get an F in facial terminology). It’s pretty fun…

And here are shots of me after getting’ my lips done at MAC Pro.

Oh…and there is Stylistics.

I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money on products that didn’t really WOW me. Or maybe I’m in denial because I’m a broke ass and just can’t afford it. Who knows. Maybe Santa will bring me something. But if not, life will move on. Passing on Metal X and The Stylistics ain’t THAT hard.

On to the lips….
I’ve decided to return my Chestnut Lip pencil. Don’t think I have much use for that. Especially since I have a pretty decent brown from Milani.
Here are my FOTDs… have been warned of the dermatitis on the left cheek (your right) so yeah….it sucks. So sad. Still blaming the harsh elements of LA smog. I can’t do this city thing. I need to go back to my clean Floridian air. Ha!

Mommy’s Homemade Honey cleanser
Olay Complete moisturizer
MAC’s Prep-N-Prime
Mineralized Skinfinish in Deep Dark
Fix +

Revlon Colorstay eyeliner
Loreal Cream liner in Blue
MAC Fibre Rich mascara

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm
Night Moth lip pencil
Culture Class lipstick/Ultra Madame in last pic
Contessa Lipglass

(yikes…Blurville. My bad, peeps)

I really like not putting a mess load of products on my eyes. I never realized how time consuming it is. I have 20 minutes more in the morning!

On a good note….the brows are growing back! I’m elated. They are looking better. It’s 34 days since the incident and I’m so happy at how fast they are growing. Still not perfect but at least I don’t walk around looking super duper surprised anymore. And I seriously don’t want to draw them in anymore. Because my brows are so thick, I am confident in thinking that I can have decent arched brows without the assistance of liners, stencils and things like that. But we’ll see how I feel in a month or two. Ha.

Peace and Decision Making