Too lazy to wash your face at night? Me too.

One of a travelin’ beauty’s best friends is makeup wipes. Words can not express how much I love these things, y’all. They are just SO practical. They take up very little space and are an all-in-one when it comes to makeup removing and cleansing the skin. Take Lumene’s Sensitive Touch Cleansing Wipes.

I have been in LOVE with these and they’ve been coming in handy on my road trips.

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Hotel Hoppin': Hyatt Place in ATL is a winner

It’s been a while since I’ve stayed at a Hyatt. And for no specific reason either. When I travel, I usually stay at hotels where the conferences I am attending are. It just makes everything so much easier. But every now and then I need a quick (but safe and nice because I do have standards) hotel for a night or so.

Insert Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport North.

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Around Orlando: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Guess who went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge for the first time? Meeeee! As a Florida native, I’ve spent a lot at the Disney theme parks. And I am pleased to announce that they are just as much fun as an adult as they were when I was a kid. That doesn’t say much coming from a big kid like myself but humor me, will ya?

Even visiting one of the many gorgeous Disney resorts is an experience. I mean, where else can you go take a peek outside of your hotel room and see giraffes only a few feet from you?

Hit the jump to see why you may want to consider booking your next family trip at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

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Around Orlando: Wonderworks, Indoor Theme Park

Most Orlando locals stay far away from the infamous International Drive. But lately I’ve been slightly obsessed with hitting I-Drive to check out some of the restaurants and attractions. And I just knew it was meant to be when Groupon had a deal of discount tickets to Wonderworks.

Hollers! I’ve been eyeing this upside down joint for years. And I finally ventured inside.

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Bringin’ in 2011 and my birthday!

Happy New Year from Doral! Have you ever heard of Doral, Florida? It’s just a minutes outside of Miami and according to Wikipedia, it is considered upscale suburb. Uh…I would agree. It is beautiful out here! I’ve been to Doral before. After all, the school that was named after my Grandma isn’t too far from the resort. But man oh man…I just had to share with you beauty that is the City of Doral and Marriott’s Doral Villas. And perhaps you’ll consider it for you next vacation getaway.

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My OnStar Road Trip experience: The Trip

I love traveling so much that I started a travel blog. But then gas got high, I stopped traveling and so now it’s a photography/cool stuff I find on Tumblr blog. This post is going to be a series of posts about how awesome OnStar is. And how they rock as a company. Because any brand that realizes that bloggers have a voice is a brand that I want to roll with. Last weekend they asked me if I would like to test drive one of their vehicles to an event in Miami.


I had conveniently taken a few days off from work to attend Shecky’s Girls Night Out so when I saw a 2011 Chevy Cruze waiting for me in the parking lot, I felt like a kid who got a bike for Christmas.

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Travel Beauty: RCA Home Charging Station

Veteran Clumps readers know that I love to travel. Whether it be up and down Florida’s highways, to New York City, quaint cities like Savannah, Georgia or the Bahamas, I am always movin’ around.

And I’m not one of those people who can leave all of their gadgets behind either. When I travel, I take…

-My cell phone (of course)
-My iPod
-My camera
-My Flip camera

….and all of those kids need to be charged up. So what’s a girl to do?


The RCA Home Charging Station is a travelin’ gals best friend. No more fighting with my sisters over 2 of the 4 outlets in a hotel room. I can charge everything up in one spot.

Granted, I could stand to consolidate. I don’t really have to take my iPod since both my MacBook and phone have music on it. And I don’t have to take my Flip since both my phone and camera can shoot video. And I don’t have to take my MacBook since I can use the internet on my phone, but what can I say? I’m a tech geek that loves options.

The only thing I’m not digging about the station is that it takes up an entire outlet. Which, I suppose makes sense. If it’s going to be charging 5 gadgets, it needs as much energy as possible. Since I try to be energy conscious, I only pull this out once a day on my trip. I charge everything up and then unplug it and keep on truckin’. And of course it can work beautifully in the kitchen or at work but I find it most useful for when I travel.

You can snag it anywhere electronics are sold. has it listed for $23.76 but I spy a listing for it at for $17.54. Score! Get more deeds about the kid here.

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I’m on vacation!

It’s the time again…I’m going on a vacation. It’s a family vacation to Washington, D.C. We usually go to some tropical island so this is a different change. Posts will be slow but if you want all of the details of my trip, you can follow me on Twitter and my travel blog.

Ciao bellas!