Lining Larger Lips

I love my lips. I really do. But seriously….you really give a girl some issues when it comes to lining. The lack of definition is soooo frustrating. It is hard to achieve the perfect pout with larger lips. You want to make sure that your liner and lip colors compliment your lips and not make them look too crazy. So I attempted to a do a video that would help my girl and other ladies with beautifully full lips.


Brown skinned + Fafi=coooo

I’m hardly on Specktra anymore because I find it hard to keep up with that AND beauty blogging. And since most of yall are good at relaying Specktra news, I have no reason to stroll through there anymore. But I checked out the Fafi for Women of Color thread and found a tutorial done by….duh, a woman of color. She has me thinkin’ that this may not be too bad for us. I still can’t get over how much I loathe pastels on me, but we’ll see.

She didn’t allow users to use the embedded version, so here’s the link.

Shawnta, why did she remind me of you with her beautiful defined
browbone and gorgeous locs? I was like…..dang, twins!

Under Construction!

Hi loves…

Just dropping you a quick message to let you know that Clumps of Mascara will be Under Construction for awhile. So if you are having clicking troubles, clicking on dead dlinks or just having a hard time accessing the page, hang in there! The webmistress and I are almost complete!

Thanks for your patience, understanding and support. Yall is the best (Black English moment).
In the meantime, check out EnKore’s newest video in which he discusses what eyeshadows go with others. Helpful, or what?

Peace & Bobbi Brown (the make-up artist..not Whitney’s crazy man)

Just some stuffff….

So I’m not into the Metal X shadows. I think they require too much work. That and my lids are waaaay too oily. I didn’t even want to purchase those jokas because I knew I’d have some issues. Thankfully, EnKore has posted a video to help some of you who are having some issues with Metal X. And I think it’s mad funny how die hard MAC users still use Urban Decay Primer Potion. Hehe…that’s funny. I’m the same way. Although UDPP has been actin’ crazy lately, for me.

Love this man. He’s great.

Also one of my new and favorite beauty bloggers,

Lani has some stuff up for sale. Stroll on over to her blog and see if you’re interested. She has a GREAT blog. I just love visiting because it’s so festive!

And you’re gonna die when see Francine’s beautiful birthday look. How skilled is she?! Amazing.

And a throwback pic for ya. Because I love me some throwbacks, mon!
Check me out at my first visit to MAC Pro in Orlando.

And me and the baby sisters helping me celebrate my surprise 21st birthday party that my then boyfriend held for me.

I’m about to be 23 on Jan 2nd! Nooooo! I’m getting old! 5 days ’til I go home to Floridaaaaaa. I can’t wait!!!!!!! What can’t you wait for? Tell me!

Peace and congrats to Saleisha!
Another Black woman as ANTM……ya’mon!


My internet access has been trippin’ for the past few days so I haven’t had the chance to do my beauty blog rounds or upate. Updates will be coming slower anyway since I’m heading home to Florida for the holidays. I’ll be hanging with my girls, fighting with the guy, loving my Mom and just realllly enjoying some familiarity.

I did another video. It’s a mess AGAIN. But that’s just me. HA! I’m doing a review of my most recent items…(check the pic below). I reviewed:

Olay’s Age Defying Eye gel
NYC’s Cherrywood lip gloss
MAC’s Prep-N-Prime
CoverGirl’s Last Blash.

I will probably type up an ACTUAL review later.

OH….and it’s official. I’m am discontining usage of all MAC face products; make-up wipes included. I’ll take some before pictures to see if it is in fact MAC products that got my face trippin’. And I will do some holistic/homeopathic remedies as well as detoxing and fasting. So hopefully by March 08, I’ll be back to my clear skin self without using foundations and powders.

Here’s the vid.

And I say, “Anyway…” waaaaaay too much. HA! Funny how you don’t notice annoying quirks about yourself until you SEE yourself.

Click the link below to visit the video.

Reviews, Session 1.

Peace y horchata. Me gustaaaaa.

My Haul

So guess who decided to do a review of her most recent haul?

It ain’t nothin’ spectacular. Just 5 minutes of me rambling about what I got. The camera gets fuzzy….things go sideways. I got mascara clumpy stuff on my face but its all in good fun.

Oh…and I stumble over people’s names, go on tangents and am basically a hot mess.
So yeah….you’ve been warned. LOL!

Enjoy and lemme know what you think.

Peace and Hollywood Blvd.

A Fab Video and other stuffs…

I absolutely love beauty folx who aren’t caught up on just one brand of make-up. I’ve always been a hidden make-up lover, and it was MAC that brought out the obsession. However, I STILL can’t help but have a field day in drugstores and Sephora. Hell, I even get excited to go down beauty aisle in grocery stores! Craziness, I know.

I stumbled upon this video from D0rksta’s Beauty Blog. This man did a wonderful run through of his make-up collection and his essentials. It covered all the basics and as a newbie I found it to be extremely helpful! He even mentioned my Mineralized Skin Finish and I felt so proud. I was like, “Awww, I have that!” Please check out the video below for his tips, recs and reviews of make-up essentials. It’s a good 10 minutes of such wonderfulness!

He’s also on YouTube @ EnKore Make-up. I’m sooo watching all of his vids!